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Bound2Burst: The First Five Years
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Bound2Burst: The First Five Years
I'd like to make it clear that the movies listed here have not been remastered. Many of them only survive in WMV format from a time when it seemed nothing else would ever be needed. Master copies were not preserved. In most cases, these MP4 videos have been created by coverting the WMV files. During the conversion, all files have been deinterlaced. Brightness, contrast and colour have been tweaked to improve the picture. Where necessary, the sound has been elevated by a few percent. In all cases, the videos have been enlarged from 640x480 pixels to 960x640 pixels (in other words, the pixels have been stretched); the result is surprisingly good. The teasers are excerpts from these MP4 versions; they are a little smaller in dimensions than the full video because they were created using different software which does not offer an exact size match. All videos cost $5 or less. More videos will be added to this page periodically.

Emily: The Perverted Professor (MP4)
The Perverted Professor (MP4)
Time: 33 minutes 03 seconds
Emily sat an examination while desperate to pee and the invigilating professor would not let her leave to use the toilet. As a result, her grade was poor. Emily's family subsequently attempted to sue the professor but failed. Now Emily is back in the Professor's office because she badly needs a reference from him in order to get a fantastic job, a reference explaining her poor performance in her final exam, a reference only he can provide. Unfortunately for Emily, he does not feel kindly disposed towards her for attempting legal action against him for simply doing his job. Emily is in even more trouble because, in her hurry to catch the professor before he leaves for the day, she had to forgo a visit to the bathroom. She sits fidgeting as she tries to reason with her former mentor, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she fights the urge to pee. After some argument, the Professor offers Emily a deal: he will give her the reference she needs if she will accompany him to the school basement and control her full bladder until he gives her permission to run to the toilet and relieve herself. Reluctantly, Emily agrees.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 1,035.8 MB
Emily: Accidents Will Happen (MP4)
Accidents Will Happen (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 57 seconds
Emily and her significant other are to attend a charity dinner to which they were invited in thanks for contributions they have made. The bathroom is occupied and Emily would really like to empty her bladder before hitting the road. Unfortunately they are running late and, in the end, she has no choice but to try holding it until they reach their destination. Growing really desperate during the drive, Emily wants to find somewhere discrete to pull over where she can lift her skirt, pull down her panties and pantyhose and enjoy a nice long, relieving piss, but there just doesn't seem to be anywhere safe to pull over. The converstion between the couple becomes increasingly strained as Emily gets closer and closer to wetting herself. In a state of agitation, she finally pulls the car over onto the roadside, climbs out and loses control, wetting her skirt and underwear. The video concluded with an aborted scene where we turned into the carpark of a restaurant and foiund it full of bikers, so we decided to stop filming. At the very end is a sequence from before the car journey began where Emily is eating and drinking will holding her pee.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 468.5 MB
Jayne: Bistro Embarrassment (MP4)
Bistro Embarrassment (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 43 seconds
It's Jayne birthday and she is lunching out with a good friend, enjoying Italian food and good wine. There is just one problem: she needs to pee and the ladies is closed because there is a problem. She tries several times to visit it, but each time she comes back with remarks about some people doing something in there. She continues eating and drinking, but by now her bladder is very full and she badly needed to relieve the pressure on it. She and her companion trying to finish everything quickly so that Jayne can leave and find a bathroom elsewhere, but these things always take so much time, and for her time is fast running out. Her friend goes off to find the waitress to get the bill to pay, and while he is going, Jayne finally succumbs to her desperation and pees on the floor. She lifts her dress to keep it dry, hoping that no one noticed. When her friend returns, he sees the huge puddle on the floor, and Jayne advocates leaving quickly before anyone else sees it. She hurries off, leaving her friend to settle the bill and offer explanations. The video concludes with a second camera peeing sequence shown in its entirety, showing just how much Jayne released.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 447.3 MB

Lola Lynn & Nyxon
Lola Lynn & Nyxon: Salon Desperation (MP4)
Salon Desperation (MP4)
Time: 26 minutes 32 seconds
Lola and Nyxon are in a salon to have their hair done. The salon owner, Bruno is working on Lola's hair, but Nyxon is still waiting for Bradley, her stylist, to turn up. Her mood is not improved by the need to pee, and looking somewhat annoyed, she sits squirming in her seat as she waits for attention. They can't use the salon's bathroom because, as Bruno explains, "a big beefy guy came in and blocked them up!" The women have to listen to him bemoaning his boyfriend's behaviour, and they become steadily more agitated as Lola too experiences an urge to pee. Growing desperate for relief, Nyxon tries going out to look for public restrooms on the strip mall where the salon is located, but after a few minutes she returns to report that everything is closed. She has no choice but to go on waiting. Ordinarily, she would leave, but this is her last chance to have her hair done before catching a flight early the next morning to start a vacation. Unable to endure much more holding, Nyxon goes to take a look at the salon's blocked toilets to see if there is any way she can go. In her absence, Lola reaches her limit, and standing up with the intention of leaving, she loses control and pees all over the floor. Nyxon returns, and seeing what Lola is doing, she too loses control and the girls make a huge puddle on the floor. Nyxon pees for at least a minute, and holds a conversation with Lola while she empties her bladder. The girls then leave a furious Bruno to clean up after them.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 629.9 MB
Danielle: Extreme Desperation (MP4)
Extreme Desperation (MP4)
Time: 24 minutes 01 seconds
Intended as a story where a couple are going out for lunch and the male contrives ways to make his girlfriend hold on to a full bladder, this movie quickly turned into a real race against time for Danielle. Already wanting to pee when we started out, her desperation was acute before we even reached the town where we planned to do most of the filming. The story called for Danielle and her friend to leave the vehicle and walk around for a while, but when the moment came, Danielle said that she didn't want to walk around because she needed to pee "really, really, really badly." Rather than turn back, however, we continued traveling away from home in order to get enough video for the movie. Danielle kept trying to persuade the driver to "just stop -- anywhere!" -- so that she could get out and relieve herself, but we kept going. In fact, there really wasn't anywhere suitable for her to lift her dress and pull her panties down anyway - there was a lot of traffic and the roadside either inaccessible or populated by houses. We finally turned around and drove back through the town, running into one red light after another. Danielle's exclamations of frustration became steadily more frantic as she fought a massive build-up of pee. She even threatened to let it go on the seat, she was so incredibly desperate. She squirmed and gasped and continued to beg for the driver to stop and let her out, but of course he didn't. The peeing sequence is filmed looking between Danielle's legs.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 752.2 MB
ReVay: Telemarketer (MP4)
Telemarketer (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 15 seconds
ReVay is a telemarketer for a big insurance company. She has a daily quota of sales she has to meet, but today she has fallen behind because so many people keep hanging up on her! Her boss is not pleased and tells her she will have to work a longer shift until she has met her quota. ReVay has another problem: She has been working non-stop for hours and needs a bathroom break. She asks her supervisor to send someone to relieve her for a minute, but he refuses and tells her she will have to wait. Time passes and ReVay still can't seem to get anyone to buy her policies. All this talking has made her thirsty, so despite her already full bladder, she drinks a mug of coffee. Her desperation is worsening in leaps and bounds, and she tries twice more to persuade her supervisor to let her have a break. He is steadfast in his refusal. ReVay continues making calls, but now she cannot even sit still. The strain of holding an extremely full bladder is telling in her voice, and her sentences are becoming less coherent as her urgent condition distracts her. She is absolutely bursting to piss but has no choice other than to keep holding it, somehow. Except, she can't. Finally, pee explodes from her and pours down her legs, streaming off the hem of her skirt as she continues to maintain her seat.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 423.3 MB

Tabitha & Sienna
Tabitha & Sienna: Holding Cell (MP4)
Holding Cell (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 08 seconds
It's a busy Saturday night and the girls have been arrested after turning out from a nightclub and attempting to pee in a shop doorway. Several cops interupt them before they can let loose and transport them to the police station. There, they are placed in a holding cell until someone has time to process them. Both of them still need to pee, and by this time they are seriously desperate to go. The cell has no toilet, something they complain about as being inhumane and a violation of their rights. Despite their shouts for help, no one comes. They squirm desperately, trying to not wet themselves. It isn't long, however, before Tabitha loses control and pisses herself. Seeing this, Sienna can't hold her pee any longer and pee in her clothes as well. They may be spending the night standing there in wet panties, but at least they can both relax now.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 377.9 MB
Sama: Waiting in White (MP4)
Waiting in White (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 25 seconds
Sama, wearing a white dress, tells us how badly she needs to pee. She starts out by showing everyone all the pairs of panties she peed in earlier before taking a walk around the garden. Here she admits that she has already started to wet her panties. On a whim, she picks up the hose and starts to squirt water around, making herself even more uncomfortable, but anything for a laugh with Same. Finally, she goes down to the lower garden and sits on swing where we see she is wearing red panties. The camera watches in close up and she pees herself, the stream pouring through her panties and along part of her inner thigh. This emptying out takes quite some time, demonstrating that Sama did indeed have a full bladder.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 293.1 MB
Nichole & Kelsey
Nichole & Kelsey: Difficult Client (MP4)
Difficult Client (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 10 seconds
Nichole is a masseur who works out of her basement. One of her clients, Kelsey, really doesn't like the basement environment and keeps complaining about it. Eventually, Nichiole has had enough and applies a neck pinch that makes Kelsey sleep. While the girl is out of it, Nichole handcuffs her to the bed and ties her ankles to the bed with rope. When Kelsey wakes, she is furious but there is nothing she can do. She also needs to pee but Nichole doesn't care about that. We got this far before the storyline completely disintegrated - Kelsey could not pee lying on her back; Nichole, who shouldn't have needed togo yet, declare that she was desperate. Everything had to change. Nichole spends some time shackled to a chair, but she manages to get partially free to squat down and piss through her panties and skirt. Kelsey, meanwhile, is lying on the bed drinking water, trying to get herself desperate enough to pee through her panties while lying down. It was pure chaos.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 588.5 MB

Jayne & Diana
Jayne & Diana: Still Life (MP4)
Still Life (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 14 seconds
Imagine being a still life model who has to sit motionless for hours at a time, and needing to pee. Jayne is posing for artist Diana who chastizes her for fidgeting. At the same time, Diana does not want Jayne to break the pose and refuses to let her use the bathroom. Jayne does her best to stay still, and asks several more times about a visit to the bathroom, but each time Diana refuses to let her go. In the end, Jayne can't hold it any longer and wets her beautiful blue dress. Jayne started to wet herself when she had to go, so the camera was not ideally positioned to catch the start of the fast-flowing stream that poured off the chair. The sound of her pee hitting the floor is very loud, however, a measure of how urgent it was.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 333.7 MB
Emily: Finishing School (MP4)
Finishing School (MP4)
Time: 21 minutes 52 seconds
Emily is just concluding a year at finishing school where she has learned to comport herself with grace and dignity, to be tactful conversationalist, and to exercise self-control when there is nothing she would rather do than leave a social event and go home to relax in front of the TV. On this, the final day of Emily's training, she has one final test to pass. It is saved until last because it is, in many ways, the hardest one where one is required to remain composed and polite, even when dealing with a very full bladder. Emily has already been drinking, and now has a glass in her hand to be socialable, although she would rather do anything except drink the contents. That might be perceived as rude, so she makes herself drink and keep up her end of a conversation. As the minutes pass, her desire to pee becomes very insistent and she is having difficulty when it comes to resisting the urge to wiggle her legs. Her instructor cautions her that she must get this urge under control, no matter how full her bladder, and so Emily redoubles her efforts. She is really bursting, however, and can't take much more of this torture. Finally, she sacrifices her diploma in order to gain relief through wetting herself in front of the instructor.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 993.0 MB
Ginger: To Pee Or Not To Pee (MP4)
To Pee Or Not To Pee (MP4)
Time: 20 minutes 08 seconds
Collecting Ginger and her boyfriend from the bus station, she has done as requested and arrived with an uncomfortably-full bladder. She then faces a 30-minute drive, and in what is half-desperation, half play-acting, she makes a dash for the front door and dances around as she waits for someone to unlock it. Once inside, Ginger is directed to the kitchen and asked to hold on for a further hour for extra money. The question she asks herself is, of course, to pee or not to pee. She decides to hold it, and after we get her to change into jeans so that any leaking will be visible, she sets about waiting and watching the clock. The movie covers the highlights of this wait, and I'm happy to report that she started leaking five minutes before the deadline, and soaked herself with just a few minutes to go. There were a few tense moments when I actually thought she might make it! Several minutes are devoted to filming Ginger's wet jeans at the end.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 619.5 MB

Alexa: Scheming Chauffer (MP4)
Scheming Chauffer (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 57 seconds
Alexa needs to get to the airport for catch an 11:45 a.m. flight. Unfortunately, she gets up late and, in her hurry, neglects to use the bathroom, and has to endure a full bladder on the drive to the airport. In a hurry because she's late, and because she really needs to relieve herself, Alexa instructs the chauffer Anthony to find a shorter route. Aware of her situation, Anthony manages to lose his way. Alexa grows more and more irate as her desperation becomes acute. Finally, she orders Anthony to get off the busy road and stop because she simply has to get out of the car to go. Can she get out of the car in time, and will Anthony do the decent thing and turn his back?

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 562.3 MB
Nichole & Kelsey
Nichole & Kelsey: Pee in the Park (MP4)
Pee in the Park (MP4)
Time: 34 minutes 42 seconds
This was an ambitious video, to drive with the two girls into a public park and have one or both of them piss their jeans. There were risks involved, but this was 2007, far less of an issue than it would be today. Both girls needed to pee when we set out, but it was soon clear that Kelsey needed to go a lot more than Nichole. We drove around in the park looking for some toilets, and eventually found them. Kelsey had to wait a while in order to capture several camera shots of her running towards the lavatories. She was way too desperate really and was locked up, as both she an Nichole frequently were, so she had to go in and actually use the toilet to relieve some of the pressure. This enabled her to pee in the jeans so some degree before walking back to the car about a hundred yards away. She was worried that someone would see her. It became apparent that Nichole still didn't need to go badly enough so the girls drove home. By the time we got there, Nichole was in trouble, so we contrived a way to make her wait until she pissed her jeans. A surprisingly good result from two girls who were seldom all that cooperative or generous with a new producer.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 806.6 MB
Lisa: Up To Her Limit (MP4)
Up To Her Limit (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 10 seconds
Lisa has been plied with a lot of water and coffee and has been holding on for a long time. As she approaches her absolute limit, we slip some handcuffs on her so that she can't undo the button on her skirt to stop the waistband squeezing her bladder, then we watch her hopping around until she loses control and wets herself. It does not take long before the pressure becomes to extreme and pee gushes out from beneath the hem of her skirt.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 337.5 MB

Danielle: First Pee Of The Day (MP4)
First Pee Of The Day (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 07 seconds
Danielle needs her first pee of the day, but her husband is in the only bathroom with a bad stomach. To take her mind off needing to go so badly, Danielle starts cleaning up the kitchen. She is soon reduced to pounding on the bathroom door and pleading with her spouse to come out before she wets her nightdress. Alas, her chances are not good. This video contains various behind the scenes sequences where Danielle is tanking up on liquids, and explaining how bad things are getting for her bladder as filming drags on. She was certainly glad when she could finally let loose, even if it was in her nightdress.

960x640 pixels - bitrate 4 Mbps - MP4: 868.4 MB

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