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Bound2Burst: Multi-Model Movies

Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James: Holding Contest With Quiz - Cadence, Juliette & Jasmine (MP4)
Holding Contest With Quiz - Cadence, Juliette & Jasmine (MP4)
Time: 76 minutes 33 seconds
All three girls start out needing to pee, naturally, and the questions begin. The rule is, whoever ends up wetting herself first has to take over asking the quiz questions, sitting in her wet clothes rather than going off to shower and change. Look upon it as a punishment for not waiting long enough. Cadence is the wettest link in this one, and when she takes over, the questions flow thick and fast. The advantage is that the questions serve as a distraction which helps the remaining girls hold it because they can ignore their bladders to some degree. The quiz runs for well over an hour, leading to some serious squirming, especially towards the end.

Part 1: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,925.5 MB

Part 2: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,663.7 MB
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James: Held Without Compassion (MP4)
Held Without Compassion (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 19 seconds
Jasmine and Cadence are being held prisoner during the early stages of an investigation, handcuffed to a pole to prevent them getting away. They are being guarded by Officer Juliette March who drew the short straw in the investigation. It has already been a while and both Jasmine and Cadence could really do with a visit to the bathroom, but when Jasmine asks Juliette for a break, she refuses to let them go to relieve themselves. Juliette also has a problem: She cannot leave her prisoners unguarded, yet she desperately needs to pee as well. The restrained girls do their best to persuade their guard to let them use the toilet, until Juliette is tired of hearing the word "pee", because it is making her own situation worse. Finally, Juliette decides to solve her own problem. She finds a discarded can and, placing it on the floor, pulls down her jeans in front of her two prisoners, squats down and pees noisily into the can. The sound drives both Jasmine and Cadence crazy, and it sends them over the edge. In less than a minute, the two restrained girls lose control and soak their jeans. Juliette is very much amused by their situation, and now refuses to let them clean themselves up.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 672.4 MB
Jasmine St James, Cadence Lux, Erin
Tilly McReese, Lydia Lael & Claire Irons

Jasmine St James, Cadence Lux, Erin, Tilly McReese, Lydia Lael & Claire Irons: Too Many Girls (MP4)
Too Many Girls (MP4)
Time: 22 minutes 32 seconds
It's a big shoot with six models. Four of them, Jasmine, Cadence, Erin and Tilly, have to travel a long way so they stay overnight to be ready bright and early on the day. Claire arrives during the night and sleeps in her car, while Lydia plans to arrive with a full bladder in the morning. Everyone has prepared for a day of desperation by increasing their fluid intake. Claire is first to give in to the urge for relief and climbs from her car, planning to go in the woods, but the sound of something big nearby dissuades her from this and she hurries to the house, hoping it is not too early to gain entry. Inside the house, the girls wake one after another with a full bladder, and all need to get into a bathroom. The problem is, there are only two bathrooms, and once in there a woman can take such a long time to do what she needs to do. It's a recipe for a lot of holding and frustrated squirming.

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Available in 1080p and 4k formats. Both versions are included in your purchase.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,293.8 MB

3840x2160 pixels - M4V: 2,561.0 MB

Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine: Restricted Access (MP4)
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine: Restricted Access (MP4)
Time: 48 minutes 20 seconds
set images    
The video opens with a few minutes of behind the scenes footage. Vonka and Cadence are about to start filming a forced stripping video, so Jasmine, who already needs to pee pretty badly, has to just wait it out. She is squirming and almost seems to be looking for an excuse to visit the bathroom, so one of us has to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't give in. Vonka also declares that she needs to pee, but feels sure than she can hold it. We then pick up where Vonka and Jasmine are attached to the wood stove by locked ankle cuffs, and Cadence has one of her wrists handcuffed to one of Vonka's, making sure she can't go anywhere either. The girls are all in various stages of desperation, with Jasmine evidently the worst off. They are periodically tormented with a vase and a graduated cylinder, things that they would pee into if they only could. Along the way, Jasmine is allowed to have her cup of iced tea because she is thirsty, but we're all keeping a careful eye on her to make sure she doesn't use it for other purposes. Despite their need to pee, the girls are having fun with each other, clearly enjoying themselves as they face a common foe. When Jasmine puts a hand up her dress and begins pressing a finger against her pee hole, it is clear that she is not going to last too much longer. Both Cadence and Vonka are pee dancing now and starting to look anxious. Who will get to go first, and can the others bear to watch as the first of the group gains relief? Pee output is measured for all three. Care to take a guess at the volume for each, and consider if their collective output would fill that two-litre cylinder.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,060.6 MB
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine: The Chosen (MP4)
The Chosen (MP4)
Time: 29 minutes 07 seconds
set images    
This video does have a storyline, although you would never know it. It contains around 6 minutes of what would normally be outtakes where the girls just lose the plot and start laughing. I decided it would be best to release the full 29-minute version with all the digressions, together with an edited 23-minute version for those who want to focus on the story and the desperation. Frankly, the girls laughed so much it's amazing they didn't wet their jeans in the first five minutes.

The story: Dave has made a lucrative movie deal with a foreign dignitary of middle eastern origins, but the only way the dignitary is willing to go forward with negotiations is if he gets three American girls to clinch the deal. He has even picked them from the social media profiles: their names are Jasmine, Cadence and Vonka. Dave dispatches his assistant, Asher, to track down the girls and bring them to the house where the dignitary will send his men to collect them. At the start of the movie, we see Asher leading the three girls through the snow, their hands bound behind their back to maintain control of them. Once at Dave's house, their hands are freed and they are made to stand together in a room. A call is made to inform the dignitary that the girls are ready for pick up. Naturally, the girls object to what is going on, but they are constantly watched and covered and can do nothing to improve their situation. They have all been in transit for hours and all claim that they need to use the bathroom. Neither Dave nor Asher is willing to let any of the girls out of their sight and keep them where they are. The girls squirm, getting really desperate to pee, but they are simply not allowed to use the toilet. Before the pick up occurs, the inevitable happens; one of the girls wets herself, setting off the other two. In the space of just a few minutes, they are all standing there in soaking wet jeans, unable to take them off or clean themselves up. That's when the dignitary's men arrive to take them away.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,341.1 MB (edited version: 1,054.9 MB)
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine Set (MP4)
Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine Set (MP4)
Total time: 77 minutes 27 seconds

1. Restricted Access
2. The Chosen
3. The Chosen Edited


Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux
Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux: Holding Contest
Holding Contest
Time: 41 minutes 20 seconds
set images    
We bring together three of the best models in the business to compete against one another in a holding contest. It's not the first time they have competed, but they have not done so in those sexy fishnet dresses which allow the breasts to be clearly seen. All three girls need to pee as we get started, but it's not serious yet. They've loaded up on liquids and they continue to sip as things get underway, ensuring that in less than half an hour we will have three very full bladders. The girls spend the first half of the video sitting and chatting and their urge to pee increases and they start to fidget. Just when things are starting to get bad, they all stand and pee dance as they struggle with the growing need for relief. They talk a lot about needing to pee in various situations. Cali recounts at some length a very desperate and extended drive where she was stuck in traffic for hours and bursting to pee. She filmed some of it with her iPhone and posted the results on Clips4Sale. It's called "Traffic!!" and can be found by clicking here. Back to the contest, and things are becoming very serious for the girls - lots of leg bending, crotch holding and gasping as they get close to peeing their panties. Who will be the first to lose control, and who will hold on the longest?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,590.0 MB
Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux
Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux: Bladder Burst
Bladder Burst
Time: 17 minutes 15 seconds
set images    
A pub on the outskirts of town has a weekly feature called Bladder Burst. Basically, at the barman's discretion, he will announce: "Drinks are free until someone pees." Obviously, anyone who tries to use the toilets or attempts to leave is blocked from doing so, because as soon as either of those things occurs, everyone in the pub has to pay for their drinks again. Enter Cali, Hannah and cadence, all trying this pub for the first time and unaware that it is a Bladder Burst evening. This is very unfortunate for cali who badly needs to pee. When the barman blocks her from visiting the ladies, explaining that letting her go would start a riot, Cali has no choice but to hold her pee or incur the wrath of everyone in the pub. She decides to make the best of the situation, saying to her friends, "It's okay. I can hold it. Let's get some free beers!" The barman obliges, bringing out three pint glasses brimming with beer. The girls drink and chat and have a great time. After a while, Cali starts to look very anxious. She had been hoping that someone else in the bar would need to pee more than she does and break ranks. However, no one has used the bathroom and now she is bursting. She decides to leave, but the barman blocks the exist, warning her that the last person who did that got handcuffed to a post outside and was left there for the entire evening. Cali complains about the conduct but has to yield and carry on waiting. She orders another beer, saying, "If I'm going to suffer, I might at least make it worth my while." She drinks a little more, but it's a mistake. She leaks a little into her jeans and her two friends gape in horror at the wet patch on the back of her jeans. Cali pee dances, desperately trying to hold on, but it's no good. She's forced to wet herself in front of the entire bar, a situation made even worse by the barman announcing, "We've got a pisser. Free drinks is over."

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 798.0 MB
Candle, Hannah, Carissa & Autumn
Compilation: Mind Over Bladder enhancedd (MP4)
Mind Over Bladder enhanced (MP4)
Time: 73 minutes 07 seconds
Change from the first release: the video was reimported from the original, enhanced and exported at 1920x1080 pixels and a bitrate of 5Mbps. The video is supplied in two parts to avoid download problems. When played in sequence, the join is clean (no opening or closing credits).

Original description: Candle, Hannah, Carissa and Autumn line up for a holding contest to see who can wait the longest and who can pee the most, not necessarily the same girl. Of the four, the first two to lose control will have to wet themselves; the remaining contenders will each pee into a glass cylinder to see how much they were holding. All four women had started drinking fluids before filming began to make sure they would get desperate to pee before too much time passed. There is plenty of chat about pee-related matters, and it is not long before the first signs of squirming begin. Desperation mounts as the minutes pass and it becomes a battle to see who will have to give in first, and who will last the longest. There is also a personal challenge for Candle to beat her previous record of 1.2 litres of pee.

1920x1080 pixels MP4: 2,832.6 MB

Cadence Lux, Tilly McReese & Keri Spectrum
Cadence Lux, Tilly McReese & Keri Spectrum: The Clinic enhanced
The Clinic enhanced
Time: 14 minutes 46 seconds
set images    
We visit the Marshall-Taylor Sonography Clinic where young ladies come for scans which require them to have a full bladder. Today, things are not running smoothly: One of the doctor's is away on vacation and the second receptionist is away ill, leaving Keri to deal with everything. The doctor doesn't like the front desk left unattended, so by the time cadence arrives for her two-thirty appointment, Keri has not been able to visit the bathroom since she started work that morning. Keri explains that things are running late and that cadence should take a seat. Keri checks with her that she has arrived with a full bladder then resumes her work. Cadence sits and fidgets as she wait, and at three she is still waiting. Growing rather desperate to pee by this time, Cadence asks how much longer and considers making another appointment, but the next available date is almost two months in the future, so she decides to continue waiting. While Keri is on the phone trying to persuade her colleague to come in for just half an hour to relieve her, Tilly arrives for her three o' clock appointment. She receives the same news as cadence and takes a seat beside the girl. Two two women sit and struggle with their discomfort as the minutes slowly pass. By three-twenty Cadence is bursting and can't hold her pee any longer. She wets her jeans and then goes up to the desk to make another appointment. This peeing accident has not helped Keri who really could do with a visit to the bathroom herself, especially when she has to call maintenance to order a clean up in the waiting room. After Cadence leaves, Tilly sits really struggling; she has been waiting over twenty minutes for her appointment and she was dying to pee when she arrived. She does her best, aware that re-scheduling is not really an option for her, but she simply can't control her bladder muscles any longer. She too wets herself all over the waiting room floor, then humiliated by what has happened, she jumps up and runs out, leaving Keri alone and on the verge of peeing herself too. Keri struggles to deal with an incoming call but she is badly distracted. During the conversation, she loses control of her bladder and releases a huge puddle of pee onto the floor beneath her seat. She calls maintenance back and explains that three cleans up are now required, then buries her face in her hands as she wonders how the day could possibly get any worse.
Cadence Lux, Cali Logan & Hannah Perez
Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez: Desperation Challenge 4
Desperation Challenge 4
Time: 47 minutes 31 seconds
set images    
Cali, Cadence and Hannah all need to pee as they engage in a quiz where each of them in turn asks the other two girls a question; if one gets the answer right she doesn't have to drink any liquid, but the girl who didn't answer in time or did not know the correct answer had to consume a shot of water from a cup. The girls rotate their positions as they take turns in posing questions and hence making their opponents drink water. As time passes, concentration becomes harder as bladders fill and the girls begin to squirm as they play. Soon, signs of real desperation start to appear as more and more water is drunk until the girls feel they really can't consume any more; the only solution to that is to answers all of the questions correctly... except, of course, they can't! Watch as these three beauties each struggle not to be the first to wet herself and lose the challenge.
Cadence Lux, Laci Star & Niki Lee Young
Holding Contest: Niki, Cadence & Laci
Holding Contest: Niki, Cadence & Laci
Time: 48 minutes
set images    
Niki, Cadence and Laci get together to see which of them can hold her pee the longest. They start out fairly comfortable, drinking as they chat, and soon the leg wiggling and distressed expressions begin. Desperation builds as we watch the girls squirming and making ever more urgent moves to suppress the urge to relieve the pressure on their bladders. All dressed in black panties and Hustler fishnet dresses with hem fringes, they all look very sexy. They can't seem to resist touching their own breasts as they struggle not to pee, almost as if they are trying to distract themselves from the urgent desire to go. Who loses control first and who wins the contest? Enjoy finding out as you watch these three blondes battling it out.

Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4)
Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4)
Time: 37 minutes 03 seconds
Three girls desperate to pee, each of them wearing a pair of jeans. The most desperate of the three is Jasmine who starts out (in her estimation) and 9.5 on the desperation scale. This recording coincided with her twenty-first birthday, an occasion that was not lost on her two companions who decided to give her 21 birthday spanks on the backside, sheer torture for Jasmine whose bladder was almost bursting at this point. Jasmine struggles to keep holding on, but less than half way through the video she simply can't wait any longer and wets her jeans. They do get wet too! She produced a huge quantity of pee for her, so that the back of her jeans got completely drenched. We kept Jasmine sitting on set in her wet jeans for a few minutes, but she was clearly getting cold and needs a hot shower. She ran upstairs and turned on the water, not a sound her two companions want to hear, but this was a suitable revenge for the torturous spanking they took so much delight in doling out. Candle's desperation increases fast and she is the next to yield. She decides to pee into a 32-ounce cup that she's been drinking from all morning, just to see if she can fill it. She succeeded with plenty to spare because she subsequently pulled her jeans back up and continued peeing, still managing to give the jeans a good soaking. In her antics, she managed to kick over the cup full of pee, but then, that's life with Candle. Dixie, who doesn't usually manage to hold out the longest, was seriously pee dancing by this time so urgent was her need to pee. Like Jasmine, she let it all go into her jeans, giving them a very thorough soaking indeed. Jasmine returned, clean and wearing dry clothes, to watch the remaining action. She even joined Candle and Dixie on set for the last couple of minutes of their performance.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,705.3 MB
Jasmine St James, Tina Lee Comet & Candle Boxxx
Time: 10 minutes 35 seconds
Candle and Jasmine are spies in this scenario, caught by FBI agent Dixie and handcuffed while retaining only their bra and panties. Both girls have been captives for some hours and they both need to pee, but they refuse to give up any information even with the lure of using the bathroom in exchange. To increase their torture still further, Dixie decides to pee into a cup in front of them, her stream making a loud hissing noise as she lets go. This is awful for the two, near-naked prisoners who are both bursting to go. Soon after this exhibition, Candle stands up and wets her panties, her stream going on and on and on as she empties her very full bladder. Jasmine has to stand beside her and watch her companion's pee flowing past her bare feet. The whole sensation is too much and a minute later Jasmine wets her panties too, her urine spraying through the material while rivulets of pee stream down her thighs like wriggling snakes. Dixie makes the two girls sit back down in their wet underwear as she receives a call to say the information the agency needs has been procured from another source. Dixie leaves the room with Candle and Dixie still handcuffed sitting in a lake of their own pee. (Note the precautionary towels on the floor; they were certainly needed when the flood started!)
Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance
Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee

The Wettest Link Remastered
The Wettest Link Remastered
Time: 112 minutes
Features Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance, Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee. Eight models battle it out answering multiple-choice questions to win a cash prize, with the penalty of being asked to drink an 8-ounce bottle of water each time they answer a question incorrectly. The girls all needed to pee to some extent before starting. The entire game is like a real quiz show with the added component of having a lot of women all desperate to pee as they try to concentrate on the questions being posed. Inevitably, there are a number of wrong answers as concentration drifts which results in a lot of water being consumed (some 30 pints altogether) and a lot of squirming and fidgeting. Most of the girls are vocal about the state of their filling bladders, and standing still as they drink the next bottle becomes more and more of a challenge as the game unfolds. The ways in which the models cope with their mounting discomfort are many and varied, with some happy to overtly show how badly they need to pee, while others present a cool facade as if nothing is wrong. The girls have a wonderful time despite experiencing full bladder discomfort and good humour abounds.

Lily Anna, Amber Wells, Ten Amorette
Lola Lynn & Carissa Montgomery

Lily, Amber, Ten Amorette, Lola & Carissa: Holding Contest 7 Remastered (MP4)
Holding Contest 7 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 90 minutes
set images    
This March 2011 video has been re-imported from the original tapes, re-edited and exported at 1280x960 pixels at a bitrate of 5 Mbps. The result is a vastly improved picture (plus a lot bigger since the original was only 640x480 pixels) and a clearer soundtrack. Owing to the total running time of 91 minutes and consequent large size, the movie has been split into two parts: Part 1 includes all 5 models and shows the three who give up the fight and pee in their jeans; Part 2 shows only the finalists, Lola and Carissa, as they battle it out to bursting point and then pee into the graduated cylinders. If your interest is in one part more than the other, you have the option to buy that only. If you buy the entire thing, both parts will appear in your download folder in the B2B Store, not a single file - please do not download these parts simultaneously because OpenCart is very inefficient at handling large files and you may crash the server if the RAM is exhausted.

Original description:
Five girls join in our seventh holding content, all with drinks in their hands and all wearing jeans which will show any leaks and wet spots. They share stories about desperation events that have happened in their lives as they drink and wait for that full bladder feeling to kick in. An hour into the proceedings, they are all made to stand up. When they unbutton and unzip their jeans to ease the pressure on their abdomens, they are soon told to zip them back up again. Several of them show off tummy bulges as their bladders really start to swell. There is a lot of gasping and moaning, crossing of legs and holding of crotches. There is even a brief visit from Bruno who deliberately asks if he can use the bathroom, eliciting squeals of annoyance from the girls. He takes great delight in flushing the toilet afterwards and popping back in to see how everyone is doing as he washes his hands in the kitchen sink, subjecting the girls to the sound of running water! Things are getting serious for the ladies now and, one after another, they approach their limits. The three who yield first to their desperation have to wet their jeans and then depart, losing their shot at a $100 bonus for holding it the longest. The lure of that bonus keeps the two finalists holding on for more than 2 hours until they are both about to explode! (The contest actually lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes).


Lola Lynn, Amber Wells, Lily Anna
Ten Amorette & Carissa Montgomery

Lola Lynn, Amber Wells, Lily Anna, Ten Amorette & Carissa Montgomery: Girls Night Out Remastered
Girls Night Out Remastered (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 54 seconds
The footage from both cameras was imported from the original recordings and then treated to all the tricks I know to improve the picture, making the output from the two cameras match as closely as possible. This is a new edit, and it is likely that my choices for the camera angles are different from the original. The native aspect ratio is 4x3 of course, but with a little sharpening and the addition of noise (helps to preserve information), the upscaled picture is not at all bad. All told, it has taken over a day of work to massage this video into its present form, so I hope you enjoy it anew. Original description: It's a girls night out at the club, and after dancing and drinking, they need to use the ladies. The nightclub has only one toilet for men and one for women, breaking numerous regulations, but it's a popular place and the patrons put up with it. This particular evening, however, a girl is already in the bathroom and she has been there sometime, feeling ill. She refuses to come out, and in no time at all a long line is forming outside the door. The waiting girls fidget and complain, periodically hammering on the door in an attempt to get the occupant to come out. They soon resort to trying the door to the men's room, but they find this either occupied or locked. They have no choice but to go on waiting. A bouncer comes down the stairs to make sure everything is alright, and the waiting girls complain to him about the situation. He tries the men's room door and finds that it is indeed locked; he promises to return soon with a key so that the desperate girls can go in there instead. The minutes pass and the girl in the ladies bathroom still doesn't emerge, and the bouncer does not return with a key. The girls are approaching bursting point, and despite their best efforts to avoid humiliating themselves they start having accidents in their pretty evening dresses.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 646.3 MB
Lola Lynn, Jayne, Beverly, Madison, Danielle
Nyxon, Jynx, Ten Amorette & Tabitha

Jayne, Lola Lynn, Beverly, Madison, Danielle, Nyxon, Jynx, Ten Amorette & Tabitha: Bursting In The Boardroom Remastered (MP4)
Bursting In The Boardroom Remastered (MP4)
Time: 27 minutes 47 seconds
The original version was 22 minutes long. The additional time comes from the inclusion of almost all behind the scenes material, and serves to illustrate that, no matter how well a shoot may be planned, it is unlikely to turn out as expected, even with just one girl. This uncertainty was increased by an order of magnitude by having eight women present. It transpires in the add-on sequence, where the girls are all using the toilet, that every one of them needed to pee to a greater or lesser extent, and yet, in the boardroom sequence, only two of them managed to let loose. The others, for one reason or another, could not do it. This is particularly surprising in the case of Nyxon (who peed for a very long time on the toilet) and an old hand like Jayne, but the presence of so many others really changed the dynamic. The BTS material shows how the story is being adapted on the fly to accommodate the necessary plot changes. Here particularly, Beverly demonstrates why she was selected to be the company boss; her ability to ad-lib loads of dialogue is truly amazing, given that she started with just a few paragraphs and an outline prepared by me. The one thing she would never be able to do, however, is to pee in front of everyone else, which is why she did not stick around for the afternoon shoot.

Original description: Beverley is the CEO of a fashion magazine whose profits have been falling, and she summons her staff for a stern dressing down in the board room. Bev's rant goes on and on and some of the ladies around the table would really like a visit to the bathroom, but given the mood the boss is in at the moment it seems unwise to mention it. As her desperation grows, Lola finally asks for permission to leave for a visit to the bathroom. Beverley delivers a scathing speech about how they are all acting like children, telling them "there is no P in fashion." As Lola tries to hold it, Tabitha is also clearly in trouble. As section heads, they have to set an example and must try to maintain control. Both women fail miserably, and Beverley is so incensed by their conduct that she dismisses them both. Seeing that others in the room are fidgeting, she tells them to take a break and visit the bathroom to "empty your tiny bladders!" while she keeps Jayne and Rachael behind to discuss their promotion to section heads. (We witness Madison, Danielle, Nyxon, Jynx, Rachael and Jayne all using the toilet at the end.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,292.6 MB
Jayne, Lola Lynn, Beverly, Madison, Danielle
Nyxon, Jynx, Ten Amorette & Tabitha

Line at the Ladies Remastered (MP4)    
Line at the Ladies Remastered (MP4)
Time: 22 minutes 51 seconds
To re-present this 2009 classic featuring 9 models (Lola, Nyxon, Madison, Tabitha, Jayne, Ten Amorette, Jynx, Danielle, and just a glimpse of Beverly), we went back to the original tapes and re-imported everything. The event was recorded by two cameras, and this new edit (while containing all of the original material) presents different angles for some of the sequences. The color and sound have been balanced between the two cameras, and the finished product was exported at 1280x960 pixels. This version also contains several extras sequences: The video opens with an introduction from Jayne filmed the day before the main shoot, followed by a 7-minute sequence not previously published where the girls all stand in a line and each recounts a desperation anecdote. This was originally filmed for a gentleman named Paul as a reward for donating the largest sum of money towards making this nine-model shoot happen. After all these years, we're sure he won't mind sharing this unique line-up of desperate ladies with the rest of the world. The storyline itself shows a lot of girls waiting in line for the use of a toilet: Some make it, some wet themselves and one even runs away because she can't stand it any longer. Voyeuristic sequences of three of the girls peeing in the Porta-Potty are filmed from above. The light levels are low during these sequences because they were not staged afterwards but filmed in real time while the remaining ladies waited outside to relieve themselves. The last seconds of the 7-minute sequences also makes it clear why Nyxon could not participate in the bulk of the movie; she was bursting and just could not wait so we had to let her pee almost right away, and that's why she only appears briefly at the start of the story.

Lola, Nyxon, Madison, Jynx, Tabitha
Jayne, Danielle & Ten Amorette

Lola, Nyxon, Madison, Jynx, Tabitha, Jayne, Danielle & Rachael: Going Up (Remastered)
Going Up (Remastered)
Time: 20 minutes 04 seconds
We have re-imported the raw data from the original tapes and re-edited. Two cameras were used during filming, and the viewpoint switches between the two to gain the best shot of each scene. The color has been matched between the two cameras and the color and sound have both been enhanced. This new version has been exported at 1280x960 pixels, although this is not true HD because the cameras recorded at SD. The bitrate has been set to 6 Mbps to make the movie run as smoothly as possible, minimizing any imperfections in the original.

Original Description:
After a birthday lunch at the pub involving plenty of drinks, eight women return to work and step into an elevator with a man who works in the same building. The elevator breaks down between floors, and it isn't long before the effects of all that alcohol begins to play havoc with the girls' bladders. As time passes and no help comes, the interior inside the elevator grows warm. At least, the girls start complaining about feeling hot, perhaps because of the effort required to resist the urge to pee. The situation for most of the girls soon becomes desperate, and a number of them suffer the humiliation of wetting themselves in front of this male stranger. Others continue struggling the hold on in the hope that the elevator will soon start to move again and they can make a dash to the bathroom before it is too late. When the elevator does move again and the doors open, the girls all make a run for it, leaving the man to step over puddles of pee in order to exit. (Technical information: 1280x960 pixels - 6 Mbps bitrate - WMV: 928.1 MB; MP4: 929.9 MB).

Lola, Nyxon, Madison, Tabitha
Danielle & Ten Amorette
Dicing With Desperation
Dicing With Desperation
21 minutes
For the final movie of the set, we sat all the models around a table in the garden, gave them a cup with two die, and a number of little paper cups to use for drinking water. The game: the first player throws the die and tries to throw the number set by the referee. If she fails, she must drink a cup of water, pass the cup and die to the next player and tell her which number she must throw. If the player throws the correct number, of throws snake eyes, she gets to leave the table and visit the bathroom; if not, she drinks a cup of water and continues playing. The game continues until the last one holding it at the table is the winner.
Lily Anna & Tina
Lily Anna & Tina: Permission To Pee 4 Remastered (MP4)
Permission To Pee 4 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 36 minutes 09 seconds
Now we have three girls competing with and torturing one another as the either give or withhold permission for their competitors to pee. Things are more complicated now because permission must be given by two before the third one can pee, and of course any girl can issue an instruction to drink more. As time passes, the level of squirming increases and the ability to cut off the flow becomes increasingly erratic. As a first timer on Bound2Burst, Tina does very well competing against her two more experienced companions, establishing herself as a model willing to return for more desperation struggles in the future. (The dynamics of a permission to pee situation is certainly different when three models are present instead of two. Lily hosts this movie (there is no narration from the cameraman) since she has participated in the very first of these with Amber (see Permission to Pee. Each girl comes to the front when she pees into the cup (although Lily does so less than Carissa and Tina), and these sequences are mostly filmed in close-up).

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio 4x3) - MP4: 1,660.6 MB

Lily Anna & Tina
Lily Anna & Tina: Pee Panic Remastered (MP4)
Pee Panic Remastered (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 52 seconds
This version is several minutes longer than the original, showing more of the chaos behind the scenes. The re-edit means that the cuts are not in exactly the same places as before, but the changes are fairly minor.

Carissa, Lily, Tina and Madison all work together at the same company and car pool to save money. Today, they all left work in a bit of a hurry and did not take the time to pay a visit to the bathroom before climbing into the car and heading home, first to Lily's house since she lives the closest. By the time the girls arrive, they are all bursting to pee and rush into the house, all clamoring to reach the bathroom first. Lily, who unlocks the front door, is first in, leaving her three companions standing in the corridor squirming in desperation while she relieves herself. Tina is so close to losing control and wetting her panties that she urgently dances around, struggling to hold on. When Lily finally emerges, Tina dashes in and jiggling her body up and down in a mad panic as she lifts her skirt and tugs down her panties, barely planting her butt on the toilet before she starts to pee. Outside the door, Carissa and Madison are complaining about their desperate condition.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio 4x3) - MP4: 467.4 MB

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