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Bound2Burst: What's New

Monica Jade
Added: March 26
Monica Jade: From Start To Finish
From Start To Finish (MP4)
Time: 49 minutes 54 seconds
This video reveals what it is like during a shoot, from the moment a girl announces that she needs to pee until she can't hold it any longer. We were just about to start a bondage video, with Monica already dressed in the appropriate outfit, when she pointed out the bulge in her abdomen and admitted that she had been holding it since she arrived. Things were advancing faster than she expected. We decided to switch over to a desperation video because it seemed unlikely that she could wait for the entire time it would take to film the bondage video. We follow Monica as she chooses the outfit to wear, goes in search of towels to stop the puddle spreading, and also got her to drink more liquid while she waited. The jeans she selected were very tight and she was not permitted to unbutton them, so the pressure was on, in more ways than one. Monica is a girl with a fairly small bladder, so when she really soaked her jeans at the end, it was clear we had got her to a state where she was very desperate to go.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,329.3 GB

Scarlett Storm
Added: March 23
Scarlett Storm: Time To Go 10 Remastered
Time To Go 10 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 29 minutes 24 seconds
Scarlett is playing the game where she needs to pee, but can only release a little at a time into a small cup. Moreover, she is only permitted to release once every five minutes. Each time she fills the cup and cuts off the flow, it becomes more difficult to maintain control, despite her bladder being a little less full. The amount of liquid she has imbibed makes sure that her bladder is filling quickly, which more or less offsets whatever she lets out. Scarlett keeps repeating this cycle until the strain on her muscles is too great and she can't stop herself peeing when she fills the cup, with pee overflowing the top and pouring onto the floor. By way of punishment, Scarlett has to clean up her own mess.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,382.6 GB

Jasmine St James
Added: March 19
Jasmine St James: Too Desperate To Hold It
Too Desperate To Hold It (MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 51 seconds
Jasmine has spent the morning taking a lot of liquid on board, then she arrives and chats for a while while continuing to sip at water or tea. Then she stands up and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, she is desperate to pee. She is usually faced with having to change her clothes at this point, and struggles to control herself while cameras and lights are set up. Today is no exception, but the desperation is truly extreme. She is frantic to pee but one delay follows another, and she resorts to holding her crotch while pee dancing around the room. The plan, on the part of the cameraman, is to made a reasonably long video, but Jasmine is far too desperation to hold it that long. In a panic, because she feels herself losing it, she dashes into the kitchen, and barely in time. She stands there wetting her panties and pantyhose. Subsequently, she shows off the wet panties.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 793.1 GB


Sativa Verte (with Danielle)
Added: March 16
Sativa Verte & Danielle: Back To School & The Longest Pee Remastered (MP4)
Back To School & The Longest Pee Remastered (MP4)
Time: 33 minutes 04 seconds
Danielle is a recalcitrant student who is sitting a mathematics test in her teacher's office, having missed the main event earlier in the day. Sativa is the long-suffering teacher who has to try to enforce discipline, but with "a little snot" like Danielle, this is far from easy. Background information: Savita turned up for an afternoon shoot several hours earlier, her bladder full since she had been drinking water during her journey. We filmed Flood at the Office fairly quickly so that she could gain some relief from a very urgent situation. An hour later, we are filming Back to School, and although she tries not to show it, Sativa is desperate to pee again, easily as desperate as Danielle. For over twenty minutes, she tries to act as if she doesn't need to go, while in fact she is fast becoming frantic. The last few minutes of this clip show the conversation between the two woman after the story is finished. It now becomes apparent that Sativa has been desperate to pee the entire time we were filming and can no longer stand still. She had topped herself up with water in anticipation of another story, but now she is in a serious hurry to get started, saying she doesn't think she can hold on for another ten minutes, possibly not even five.

We attempt a second scenario, but it has to be very quick. Sativa is about to go home after a long and difficult day. Anxious to be on the road, she neglects to use the bathroom before leaving. No sooner has she climbed into her car when Danielle appears, seemingly ashamed and apologizing for her bad behavior. Then, before Sativa knows what is happening, Danielle secures the woman's left wrist to the steering wheel with a plastic tie, and as Sativa sits stunned at what is going on, Danielle secures her right wrist too. Danielle wishes Savita a good evening and walks off, leaving Sativa the desperate-to-pee stuck in her car and unable to get clear of her seat if she loses control. Sativa thinks she might be able to drive home and uses her foot to try to retrieve and insert the key into the ignition. She fails, and after calling futilely for help, the poor bursting woman has no choice but to wet herself through her panties on the brand new car seat. Background information: Sativa pees for about 75 seconds. It goes without saying that she was unbelievably desperate.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,555.3 MB
Sativa Verte
Added: March 16
Sativa Verte: Flood At The Office Remastered (MP4)
Flood At The Office Remastered (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 26 seconds
Sativa Verte plays an unfortunate secretary who is robbed and left duct-taped to her chair at the office. It's Friday night, every one else has gone, and if she can't free herself she faces the prospect of being stuck there for the whole weekend. To make her situation even worse, her bladder has been filling and she now badly needs to squirt (as she puts it). Sativa was dressed in tan-colored trousers to show the damage to the greatest possible extent. This movie was filmed soon after she arrived, following a three-hour drive during which she drank several bottles of water. She had the hardest time putting on her makeup and changing her clothes in the bathroom (door open to ensure that she did not weaken), standing just a few steps away from a toilet and relief. By the time she was taped up, she was absolutely bursting. The wetting accident occurs fairly early on in the movie, and then we see Sativa working herself partially free of her bonds and trying to summon help. There's plenty of time to study her soaking wet pants as she bends and kneels and does everything she can to liberate herself.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 773.9 MB
Sativa Verte
Added: March 16
Sativa Verte: Full On Desperation Remastered (MP4)
Full On Desperation Remastered (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 27 seconds
Sativa has been driving for hours, and the last hour of this with a full bladder. She arrives and jumps out of her car hopping around because she needs to pee so badly. She is prepared to wet herself but needs to change into different clothes. We watch her doing so and hear the shake in her voice as she struggles to hold it just a little bit longer. Back outside, Sativa tries to pee and finds that her muscles are locked up. She's bursting but she can't go! In a desperate attempt to start the flow, she pulls down her jeans and squats, rubbing her vagina and pressing on her bladder. At last, she starts to pee. Her moans and gasps of relief are heard as she gradually empties out. Quite a lot of the peeing sequence is filmed at close range. Mostly, Sativa's pee streams sideways and runs across the top of her thigh, some of it spilling onto the jeans which otherwise remain dry. Emptying out takes a surprisingly long time, indicative of very strong muscles.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 489.8 MB

Sativa Verte
Added: March 16
Sativa Verte: Sativa Waits And Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered (MP4)
Sativa Waits And Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered (MP4)
Time: 29 minutes 33 seconds
Sativa talks extensively about real-life desperation situations she has been in while waiting to pee. She starts out with a full bladder and is already fidgeting; this grows steadily more noticeable as time passes. On several occasions, Sativa pulls up her dress because she is ready to pee, but the cameraman persuades her to continue waiting. Her expression at one point clearly shows how desperate to pee she is becoming. When she can't hold on any longer, Sativa pulls up her dress again, but instead of pulling down her panties, she pulls them aside to show off her vagina as she pees. She does not produce a rapid stream but instead pees intermittently for more than five minutes. She squeezes her own bladder to make her pee jet forward (aiming, as she calls it), and the sounds which emerge from her during this performance can only be described as erotic. When she final finishes peeing, Sativa pulls her dress back into place and shows off her slim figure, demonstrating how much bladder bulge she had while holding it. She finally takes off her dress and panties and spends the last few minutes of the video playfully shows off her body. Sativa's entire performance is demonstrative and she really does have fun with the whole situation.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,392.1 MB
Sativa Verte
Added: March 16
Sativa Verte Remastered (MP4)
Sativa Verte Remastered (MP4)
Time: 89 minutes 30 seconds

1. Back To School & The Longest Pee Remastered
2. Flood At The Office Remastered
3. Full On Desperation Remastered
4. Sativa Waits And Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered

Added: March 9
Compilation: Time & Permission Highlights: Volume 2 enhanced
Time & Permission Highlights: Volume 2 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 65 minutes 48 seconds
This compilation features further highlights from the Time To Go and Permission To Pee series of movies. Each sequence is approximately 8 minutes long and features the girls' catastrophic loss of control wherever this actually occurs. There are some very dramatic pee jets here. In most cases, the pee jet is filmed at fairly close range. Content derives from the following movies:
  1. Paige Turner & Becky LeSabre: Permission To Pee 5
  2. Candle Boxxx: Time To Go 11
  3. Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm: Permission to Pee 7
  4. Star Nine: Time to Go 12
  5. Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Permission To Pee 8
  6. Scarlett Storm: Time To Go 8
  7. Tina Lee Comet: Time To Go 13
  8. Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm: Permission to Pee 6

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,080.3 GB


Sinthia Bee
Added: February 26
Sinthia Bee: Made To Wait (MP4)
Made To Wait (MP4)
Time: 48 minutes 28 seconds
Her ankle chained to the wood stove, wearing tight jeans, and needing to pee with no way to reach an area where she can relieve herself. This is Sinthia's dilemma, made worse when she drinks three bottles of water during this video, and this is in addition to several more she consumed before we started). She is compelled to wait until she is given a key which will unlock only one of the three padlocks securing her, the one that will allow the chain to unfurl and give her access to the wooden floor, so close but so far away. She will have to convince the key holder that she really can't wait any longer, but that's not as easy as it might seem. A number of times, Sinthia declares she can't wait any longer, but the key is withheld and she somehow must continue to control herself.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,263.7 MB
Sinthia Bee
Added: February 26
Sinthia Bee: Huge Relief  (MP4)
Huge Relief (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 39 seconds
More than an hour has passed since Sinthia drank three bottles of water during the filming of "Made To Wait". All that liquid has passed through her system and has hit her bladder, hard! She is struggling to hold her pee, and looks worried as cameras are still being set up ready for filming. The plan was to enact a scenario where she arrives home to face an intruder who won't let her use the bathroom, something we have done many times over the years because it's one of the few ways to prevent a girl gaining relief without restraining her. However, Sinthia is far too desperate to concentrate on anything, so we talk about desperation for a while until she is about to burst. Finally, unable to wait any longer, Sinthia wets herself. A nearby camera records pee streaming down her legs and streaking across the width of the room. This process goes on for quite some time as she empties her very full bladder.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 825.3 MB
Sinthia Bee
Added: February 26
Sinthia Bee: Set 8 (MP4)
Sinthia Bee: Set 8 (MP4)
Time: 66 minutes 07 seconds

1. Made To Wait
2. Huge Relief


Jasmine St Jamese
Added: February 16
Maci Wilde: One Last Wait With Jasmine
One Last Wait With Jasmine (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 13 seconds
After Cadence's departure, Jasmine, who has been drinking liquids steadily for hours, needs to pee again. She can't end the day by running to the bathroom, however; that would be too easy. Instead, she sits in front of a camera and waits. She squirms more and more as her desperation to pee increases until she is finally made to stand up. Everything shifts in her bladder and she is now bursting. Allowed to enter the bathroom, she is asked to sit on the closed lid of the toilet and wait a bit longer. This makes her situation even worse and she starts to plead for the use of the toilet. When approval finally comes, she tears down her underwear and drops onto the toilet seat, tense for a few moments until the flow begins, following by enormous relief.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 757.3 GB

Maci Wilde
Added: February 13
Maci Wilde: Maci Wilde Collection
Maci Wilde Collection (MP4)
Time: 58 minutes 42 seconds
This collection includes five complete Maci Wilde videos remastered from the original recordings.

1. Maci's Relief
Like all the girls who come to work at Bound2Burst, they always have a drive of several hours and they are always instructed to drink on the way so that they need to pee when they arrive. Sometimes they turn up very desperate indeed, having resisted the urge to stop at a gas station en-route. So it is with Maci who is taken to a garden seat and asked to sit and wait for a while. She badly needs to go and looks hugely relieved when she is told that she can pull down her panties and squat to empty her full bladder. He pee comes out in a loud rush and Maci's features relax now that she is no longer under pressure. Her reprieve is short-lived because, naturally, we get her drinking again right away to get her desperate once more.

2. One On One With Maci
Enjoy a one-on-one session with Maci as she addresses you direct via the camera, telling you all about her desperate desire to pee and how she is holding it for you so that you can watch her struggle and suffer. Let her tell you about how badly she needs to pee as she holds herself and wiggles her legs, all the while gasping and moaning as she battles the urge to empty her very full bladder. She tells you that she doesn't know how much longer she can hold it, but she promises to do her best to keep it in and keep you on the edge of her seat, watching this beautiful girl in such a desperate state. She says she knows much you enjoy watching her almost bursting. Maci becomes frantic as the time passes until she really can't wait any longer.

3. Peeing Down Her Legs
After recovering from the desperation during her trip, Maci starts drinking water and very soon needs to pee again. We keep her waiting for a little while and it is clear that she does urgently need to pee. This is the aftermath of all the drinking she did while driving. This is a more formal introduction to Maci and includes a welcome to Bound2Burst, something which always comes with mixed blessings for the model. Maci is also persuaded to talk a little about real-life desperation, something she obviously wants to do while needing to pee rather badly. When it looks as if she can't wait much longer, sheis asked to turn around and just release her pee down her legs, and there's plenty of it. She pees for almost a minute, during which and the camera travels up and down her legs.

4. Measuring Maci
Based on how much she peed in her first two videos, it is clear that Maci has a fairly large bladder. But how large? What is it's capacity? We asked Maci to hold her pee as long as possible and then release it into a graduated cylinder. Maci already needed to pee at the start of the video, but there seemed no harm in getting her to drink two and a half bottles of water while we were filming. Maci drinks and squirms during the first half of the video, then the camera is switched off for about ten minutes to allow her desperation to build. When we return, Maci is really desperate to go. She is crossing and uncrossing her legs while sitting down, then pee dancin after she stands up. Her desperation is mounting fast and she starts asking if she can pee yet.

5. Having to Wait
This movies follows on from Measuring Maci, during which she drank 2.5 bottles of water. A lot of this liquid didn't reach her bladder then of course, so when she is given a bondage escape challenge where she was tied to a chair for 40 minutes, her bladder filled rapidly and left her bursting for a pee before the challenge was over. To make the situation worse, she failed to escape! Getting her out of the ropes took some time, making her wait even longer. When she could finally move, Maci realized just how bad things had become and remarked, "We're going to have to make this quick!" The camera follows her as she stiffly climbs the stairs on her way to the bathroom. Once there, she quickly pulls down her underwear and drops down onto the toilet, finally able to release.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,743.6 GB

Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux
Added: February 9
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux: Jasmine & Cadence Desperation Quiz 2023 (MP4)
Jasmine & Cadence Desperation Quiz 2023 (MP4)
Time: 56 minutes 45 seconds
The girls are back together again to participate in their favorite type of desperation, holding it while answering questions in a quiz and wearing only bra and panties. Naturally, there is a penalty for getting an answer wrong, which is to take a sip of water. Over time, this means a lot of sips and some very full bladders. Jasmine and Cadence find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on providing answers as the urge to pee takes over their concentration, until they finally can't cope any longer and one of them gives way, peeing in her panties. Which of them folds first?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,661.1 MB

Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux
Added: February 9
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux: She Who Caves First Goes Last (MP4)
She Who Caves First Goes Last (MP4)
Time: 22 minutes 05 seconds
Jasmine and Cadence both need to pee badly, but they are holding it in to see who can last the longest before caving and running to the bathroom. There is also another reason for not succumbing first; the first person who gives up will be the last to pee, and the other will get to use the toilet in from of them while they struggle to continue waiting. Cadence looks the most desperate to pee, but she manages to resist the urge, making Jasmine cave first. The result is that Cadence is able to pee in the toilet while Jasmine, hearing her go, loses control and pees herself on the bathroom floor. Now there is some seriously cleaning up to do!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,030.2 MB
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux
Added: February 9
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux: Jasmine Takes Revenge (MP4)
Jasmine Takes Revenge (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 34 seconds
After Cadence made Jasmine pee herself on the bathroom floor, Jasmine decides to take revenge. She waits until Cadence is desperate to pee again and torments her for a while before taking her into a bathroom and compelling her to stand there and hold it. Jasmine even sits on the toilet to prevent Cadence being able to use it, making her wait even longer. Ultimately, Jasmine lets her use the toilet, but only just in time.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 777.2 MB
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux
Added: February 9
Jasmine & Cadence: Set 3 (MP4)
Jasmine & Cadence: Set 3 (MP4)
Time: 95 minutes 24 seconds

1. Jasmine & Cadence Desperation Quiz 2023
2. She Who Caves First Goes Last
3. Jasmine Takes Revenge


Vonka Romanov
Added: February 2
Vonka Romanov: Desperation Panic (MP4)
Desperation Panic (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 31 seconds
Vonka has anxiety about being desperate to pee in public places, concerned that she might not make it to the bathroom in time and suffer the humiliation of wetting herself. She has sought advice from a counselor to help her overcome her panic attacks, and to help her learn to stay calm while needing to pee, he has asked her to load up on liquids before each session so that her bladder is fairly full. On this occasion, however, Vonka has over-prepared and has a very full bladder. She does her best to get through the session without panicking, but she really is so desperate to pee that she is seriously worried that she won't make it through until the end of her time. She knows the counselor keeps the bathroom door locked during her visits, and that he won't unlock it until the end of the session. Try as she may, Vonka just can't hold it this time, and wets herself in the man's office, thoroughly embarrassing herself. The video concludes with a brief behind the scenes sequence.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 774.8 MB
Vonka Romanov
Added: February 2
Vonka Romanov: The Struggle Within (MP4)
The Struggle Within (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 25 seconds
Vonka sits on a stool with a full bladder, determined to put off a visit to the bathroom for as long as possible. She crosses and recrosses her legs, and rubs her thighs, trying to distract herself from her acute desperation. We hear her thoughts as her resolve starts to weaken, worrying that she will lose control, that she won't be able to wait much longer. Only when she feels she is in danger of losing control does she jump up and run to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet now, pee explodes out of her and relief washes over her.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 441.3 MB
Vonka Romanov
Added: February 2
Vonka Romanov: Level Of Desire (MP4)
Level Of Desire (MP4)
Time: 28 minutes 06 seconds
Wearing jeans and starting out with a full bladder, Vonka talks about the levels of desperation a girl experiences, and how the frequency of using the bathroom will determine how much she will pee when she releases. Those who typically hold their pee for extended periods are more capable of a large bladder capacity, something she herself enjoys. While she is talking, Vonka is rocking back and forth, and then stands and unbuttons her jeans to ease the pressure on her expanding bladder. After almost twenty minutes of a rising desire to pee, Vonka was reckless enough to ask how much longer she had to hold it, and was told another ten minutes. The expression on her face suggests this is going to be a struggle, but the ultimate benefit is a soaked pair of jeans.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,318.5 MB

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