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Bound2Burst: What's New

Cadence Lux
Added: June 6
Cadence Lux: Confined Without A Bathroom (MP4)
Confined Without A Bathroom (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 24 seconds
Cadence is being held prisoner in a locked room without facilities. She is being watched via a security camera to ensure that she does not make any attempts to get out. She is restless from the start because her captors have not given her a chance to use a bathroom, and now she needs to pee quite badly with nowhere to go. As she grows increasingly desperate, Cadence fidgets and paces up and down, trying to control herself as her bladder sends signals that it needs attention. Finally, in desperation, she starts writing messages and holding up to the camera explaining her predicament. No one comes to help her, so she finally has no choice - she pulls up her skirt and squats down... before pulling her hose and panties down, however, she realizes that she is visible on the security camera. She needs to cover it but has nothing with which to do so. Her only recourse is to remove her shirt and drape it over the camera for some privacy. The only problem is that she is not wearing a bra, so for some seconds, anyone watching can see her exposed breasts. It's a sacrifice Cadence is willing to make to gain relief, and when she squats to empty her bladder this time, pee gushes out in a powerful stream. She has barely finished when one of her captors enters to find out why the camera has stopped working. He removes her shirt and tells her not to mess with the camera again, leaving her with no top to wear and the embarrassment of a huge puddle of pee on the floor.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 628.9 MB
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Added: June 6
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: Two Girls About To Wet Themselves (MP4)
Two Girls About To Wet Themselves (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 04 seconds
Filmed about forty minutes after concluding the quiz, where the girls drank almost three pints of water each plus a few sips of an energy drink. They were both bursting again and badly wanted to get into the bathroom to pee. Instead, they had to spend the next ten minutes acting out a scenario where the come home desperate to pee (!) and have to wait because the bathroom is occupied. The girl inside the bathroom, Lydia, seems oblivious to their plight and just keeps them waiting until they genuinely are in danger of wetting themselves where they stand. Finally, Lydia opens the bathroom door and the girls push past her, each wanting to be the first to use the toilet. Jasmine gets there first, making Cadence stand listening to her urinate, her own bladder bulging under her skirt.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 517.0 MB
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Added: June 6
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: Cadence & Jasmine Desperation Quiz (MP4)
Cadence & Jasmine Desperation Quiz (MP4)
Time: 46 minutes 38 seconds
While Cadence and Jasmine have worked together a number of times, this is the first time they have gone up against one another in a quiz. They really get into the game no matter how much water they have to drink. Consuming a gulp of liquid every minute or so, and having recently finished "Confined Without A Bathroom: Part 2" (their first video of the day where they both came prepared and were in a hurry to get started), their bladders filled rather quickly. They shows signs of needing to pee early on, and this casual fidgeting grows a lot more intense as the questions unfold and quite a few of the answers are wrong. Soon, they are dying to pee and trying hard to concentrate on the questions, but a full bladder is a huge distraction. Jasmine is enjoying the game so much, despite her increasing discomfort, that she asks for it to continue, despite the risk of having to drink more water. The object of the quiz is to see who can hold it the longest, and that tends to be the person who gets most of the questions right.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,191.8 MB

Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Added: June 6
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: Confined Without A Bathroom - Part 2 (MP4)
Confined Without A Bathroom: Part 2 (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 48 seconds
Following on from the first part featuring only Cadence, the bad guys have now got two girls to keep locked up in a room where there are no windows and not toilet. They have both been made to drink liquids (of course, they did this to themselves before they arrived, but the effect is the same) and are left there under the watchful eye of a security camera. Cadence has been warned not to cover the camera again. Jasmine is more confused by the situation, having not had this experience before, and wants to know what is going on. Cadence, distracted by an urge desire to pee and not wishing to talk about it, tries to avoid the conversation. As desperation grows, both girls wave at the security camera attempting to attract attention, to convey their predicament to their captors. Naturally, the captors know very well that they will soon be forced to piss in their jeans, or give them a peep show by pulling down their jeans and squatting on the floor to relieve themselves. Neither girl wants to expose herself to the unknown audience and elect to just hold it, until they can't. As soon as one of the girls starts to wet herself, the other is triggered to do the same.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 833.5 MB
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Added: June 6
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James Set (MP4)
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James Set (MP4)
Total time: 88 minutes 54 seconds

1. Confined Without A Bathroom
2. Two Girls About To Wet Themselves
3. Cadence & Jasmine Desperation Quiz
4. Confined Without A Bathroom: Part 2

Jasmine St James
Added: May 28
Jasmine St James: One Last Walkthrough (MP4)
One Last Walkthrough (MP4)
Time: 23 minutes 20 seconds
Jasmine is a real estate agent who has been showing a couple around a house with a view to purchasing. At the end of the tour, they decide they would like to look around again on their own to avoid feeling pressured. Jasmine agrees and waits for them in the basement. She's dying to pee but feels she can't use the lavatory in front of them, it just isn't professional. She tries to distract herself by reading her notes and checking her phone, but her bladder is so full she can barely stand still. As the minutes pass, she begins to seriously worry that she might wet herself if she can't get to the bathroom soon, and even contemplates breaking her cardinal rule, but she manages to control herself. The couple are taking their time, and she is absolutely bursting. How much longer are they going to be? Jasmine is mortified when she leaks a little through her panties. She quickly wipes the little streams of pee from her legs and tries to compose herself again. It's no good; she can't hold it any longer. She feels warm pee streaming through her underwear and down her legs, splattering onto the floor at her feet. She has barely finished going when, to her surprise, the basement door opens and the man comes in to say they are going to look around the grounds now. He sees the puddle, and Jasmine quickly explains that she has discovered a leak coming through the ceiling, and will definitely have it attended to. The man seems satisfied with her explanation and departs, leaving Jasmine utterly mortified.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,091.3 MB

Jasmine St James
Added: May 28
Jasmine St James: Making Such A Mess (MP4)
Making Such A Mess (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 39 seconds
This is a custom video, Jasmine is asked to sit on a chair in a pair of short, hugely desperate to pee from the start, and then hold it for as long as possible. She chats to the camera about her situation, explaining that she is not very good at sitting and holding, but she has to. She talks about how desperate she is, and how she gets herself into this situation. She says, "I do not want to film this again, so I have to hold out. Oh my gosh! I have to pee so bad." And she does make herself hold out, though it's obvious she is bursting. Jasmine talks to you throughout to tell you how she is feeling, how close she is to wetting herself, and what a relief it is when it finally happens. She concludes by standing up and showing off her wet shorts to the camera.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 592.7 MB
Jasmine St James
Added: May 28
Jasmine St James: Set 32 (MP4)
Jasmine St James: Set 32 (MP4)
Total time: 35 minutes 59 seconds

1. One Last Walkthrough
2. Making Such A Mess

Monica Jade
Added: May 23
Monica Jade: I Started To Wet Myself (MP4)
I Started To Wet Myself (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 07 seconds
Monica was warned the day before the shoot that she needed to hydrate herself. This backfired during her drive because her GPS sent her in the wrong direction, delaying her arrival. She was driving with an extremely full bladder, and before she could reach us, she started to wet herself in her car. When she came to the door, her shorts were already wet. It was time to grab the camera and follow her outside and film her trying to hold on just a little bit longer. She manages a few minutes before she loses control completely and finishes peeing in her clothes. She was so distracted by her desperation that she even needed a prompt to take off her shoes before she released. Having models turn up so desperate to pee, perhaps we should be glad that the GPS system has trouble locating us.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 330.5 MB

Monica Jade
Added: May 23
Monica Jade: Beginning To Panic (MP4)
Beginning To Panic (MP4)
Time: 17 minutes 35 seconds
Despite being very hydrated, Monica risks drinking another bottle of water. After chatting to her for a while, she declares that the urge to pee has returned with a vengeance. Can she just use the bathroom? No, absolutely not. Instead, she has her ankle chained to the wood stove (an old trick now, but a very effective one just the same), and she is compelled to wait while able to see a vase into which she could pee, if only she could reach it. Monica is clearly desperate and growing anxious that she might lose control on the carpet. Her anxiety turns to outright panic when I walk away to do something else, leaving her alone and unable to reach the vase. She stretches out on the floor and frantically tries to reach it, but it is definitely out of reach. She is about to wet herself for the second time today, and she doesn't know what to do with herself. Will she get the vase in time?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 820.2 MB
Monica Jade
Added: May 23
Monica Jade: Exercising Self-Control (MP4)
Exercising Self-Control (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 28 seconds
Monica has an appointment with a Mr. North, but she is early and is shown into a room where she can wait until he is available. Soon after being left alone, Monica realizes she should have asked for the bathroom. She is not too worried, she can exercise some self-control until the man returns. Except, she really does need to go quite badly. She finds a chair and sits down, crossing her legs. She concentrates on controlling her bladder, shifting her legs and clenching her thighs together, trying to hold on. She becomes desperate to pee and begins to feel anxious that she might have an accident before anyone comes back to attend to her. Should she go looking for a bathroom? She decides to tough it out and make herself keep waiting. She is starting to seriously worry about wetting herself when the man who first greeted her returns to apologize for the delay. This time, she makes sure to ask for access to a bathroom. Shown the way, as soon as the bathroom door is closed, Monica frantically drags the hem of her skirt up her thighs and tugs down her hose and panties, dropping onto the toilet just in time. Immense relief floods her body as she finally lets it all go.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 580.2 MB
Monica Jade
Added: May 23
Monica Jade: Set 4 (MP4)
Monica Jade: Set 4 (MP4)
Total time: 37 minutes 10 seconds

1. I Started To Wet Myself
2. Beginning To Panic
3. Exercising Self-Control


Cali Logan, Hannah Perez, Cadence Lux, Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov
Added: May 13
Cali Logan, Hannah Perez, Cadence Lux, Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov: Bladder Burst & The Chosen together (MP4)
Bladder Burst & The Chosen together (MP4)
Time: 45 minutes 56 seconds
1. Bladder Burst
A pub on the outskirts of town has a weekly feature called Bladder Burst. Basically, at the barman's discretion, he will announce: "Drinks are free until someone pees." Obviously, anyone who tries to use the toilets or attempts to leave is blocked from doing so, because as soon as either of those things occurs, everyone in the pub has to pay for their drinks again. Enter Cali, Hannah and cadence, all trying this pub for the first time and unaware that it is a Bladder Burst evening. This is very unfortunate for Cali who badly needs to pee. When the barman blocks her from visiting the ladies, explaining that letting her go would start a riot, Cali has no choice but to hold her pee or incur the wrath of everyone in the pub. She decides to make the best of the situation, saying to her friends, "It's okay. I can hold it. Let's get some free beers!" The barman obliges, bringing out three pint glasses brimming with beer. The girls drink and chat and have a great time. After a while, Cali starts to look very anxious. She had been hoping that someone else in the bar would need to pee more than she does and break ranks. However, no one has used the bathroom and now she is bursting. She decides to leave, but the barman blocks the exist, warning her that the last person who did that got handcuffed to a post outside and was left there for the entire evening. Cali complains about the conduct but has to yield and carry on waiting. She orders another beer, saying, "If I'm going to suffer, I might at least make it worth my while." She drinks a little more, but it's a mistake. She leaks a little into her jeans and her two friends gape in horror at the wet patch on the back of her jeans. Cali pee dances, desperately trying to hold on, but it's no good. She's forced to wet herself in front of the entire bar, a situation made even worse by the barman announcing, "We've got a pisser. Free drinks is over."

2. The Chosen
This video does have a storyline, although you would never know it. It contains around 6 minutes of what would normally be outtakes where the girls just lose the plot and start laughing. I decided it would be best to release the full 29-minute version with all the digressions, together with an edited 23-minute version for those who want to focus on the story and the desperation. Frankly, the girls laughed so much it's amazing they didn't wet their jeans in the first five minutes.

The story: Dave has made a lucrative movie deal with a foreign dignitary of middle eastern origins, but the only way the dignitary is willing to go forward with negotiations is if he gets three American girls to clinch the deal. He has even picked them from the social media profiles: their names are Jasmine, Cadence and Vonka. Dave dispatches his assistant, Asher, to track down the girls and bring them to the house where the dignitary will send his men to collect them. At the start of the movie, we see Asher leading the three girls through the snow, their hands bound behind their back to maintain control of them. Once at Dave's house, their hands are freed and they are made to stand together in a room. A call is made to inform the dignitary that the girls are ready for pick up. Naturally, the girls object to what is going on, but they are constantly watched and covered and can do nothing to improve their situation. They have all been in transit for hours and all claim that they need to use the bathroom. Neither Dave nor Asher is willing to let any of the girls out of their sight and keep them where they are. The girls squirm, getting really desperate to pee, but they are simply not allowed to use the toilet. Before the pick up occurs, the inevitable happens; one of the girls wets herself, setting off the other two. In the space of just a few minutes, they are all standing there in soaking wet jeans, unable to take them off or clean themselves up. That's when the dignitary's men arrive to take them away.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,144.4 MB
Added: May 9
Compilation: Just Made It 14 enhanced (MP4)
Just Made It 14 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 59 minutes 48 seconds
This video has been filtered for noise reduction, picture sharpness, color balance and sound augmentation. It has been upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels from the original Quicktime 10 GB file. It contains a collection of scenes where the girls are desperate to pee and just make it to the bathroom in time, or have to pee outside. The excerpts are typically 5 minutes long and derive from the following movies:
  1. Cali Logan: Cali's First Time
  2. Tina Lee Comet: Sit On Toilet & Hold
  3. Jasmine St James: Desperate Jasmine 1
  4. Kim: I Want You to Wait
  5. Gianna Love: Relief in a Car
  6. Caroline: Huge Relief
  7. Cadence Lux: Awkward Moment
  8. Tilly McReese: Watching the Game
  9. Niki Lee Young: The Doors Won't Unlock
  10. Jasmine St James: Desperate Jasmine 3
  11. Cadence Lux: Land Line Only
  12. Caroline: Can't Stop Peeing

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,803.9
Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Bursting on the Interstate Remastered (MP4)
Bursting on the Interstate Remastered (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Filmed in chronological sequence, the movie opens with Beverly mentioning that she doesn't know if she can wait long enough to get to the road we were aiming for, a real Interstate where she would have to drive 20 or 30 miles between exits (which is what we did to the first Amber in "Traffic Jam"). We decide not to go as far as the real thing. Only a few minutes into the scenario, Beverly breaks character because she is dying to pee and can barely hold it. I encourage her to wait but she just can't. She had to have been extraordinarily desperate because she could normally never pee in front of me. So, she pissed on the car seat, and we found a place to turn around and head home. We picked up the scenario a little on the way back, but no effort has been made to turn this into a consistent story. It's far more interesting to show events as they unfolded.

This re-edited version is a few minutes shorter than the original. I'm not sure what I removed, but it won't have been anything substantial. Remastered from the original 2007 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (aspect ratio 4x3) - MP4: 487.2 MB

Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Urology Lecture Remastered (MP4)
Urology Lecture Remastered (MP4)
Time: 25 minutes 07 seconds
Dr. Bacci is scheduled to give a webcast lecture on urology to a number of colleges, but on her way to the AV Department, her car was broken into and her notes and computer taken. To make her situation even worse, she ends up stuck in traffic on her way to the college. She's late and is desperate to pee, but it's just a few minutes before the live transmission of her lecture is scheduled to begin. She doesn't have time to run to the bathroom to empty her full bladder before going on air, so she struggles to control herself during her lecture. Her sentences become increasingly disjointed as she grows increasingly desperate to pee. She tries to keep going and asks the cameraman to pan up to show only her upper half because she knows what is coming. He does nothing of the kind, of course, and films her wetting herself for everyone to see. Beverly did pee a lot during this one, plenty of pee hitting the floor even though some of it had soaked into the back of her skirt. As for poor Beverly herself, this public accident may well have flushed her career down the toilet!

This one is almost the same length as the original, and includes the set up sequence where a camera is mounted on a tripod so that Beverly can be alone when she pees. The second camera footage is missing, no doubt tucked away on a tape with no mention of its presence in the title list. Looking at the original, however, it was not a well-framed sequence and contributed very little to the movie. Remastered from the original 2009 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 1,181.5 MB
Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Lost & Longing to Pee Remastered (MP4)
Lost & Longing to Pee Remastered (MP4)
Time: 44 minutes 38 seconds
This one required a fair bit of persuasion before Beverly would agree to do it. As much as she wanted to put on a good show, we had long been aware of her pee shyness, and there was a risk that she would not be able to deliver (in fact, she almost didn't). There were times when I had to hold the camera and turn my head to one side so that I was not watching her. For someone so extroverted, her reticence was really out of character. We drove to a strip mall where I had never been before (we were some distance from home by this time) and Beverly walked around for a while, and actually leaked a little. This might have had something to do with getting her to stand next to an outflow pipe for a minute or two! Then came the real problem. I did actually lose my bearings and didn't know where we were, and anyone who has been a few of Beverly's location movies will know just how frustrated and irritable she becomes under these circumstances. Couple this with a full bladder and the danger of receiving a right hook from her is very real. She was not a patient woman. She did actually start to pee in the car, but nowhere near as much as in "Interstate", so by the time we finally found our way back to the range, she had a fair size wet patch on the seat of her jeans. To really piss her off, so to speak, I delayed unlocking the door of the house, pretending I had left my keys in her car. She pissed herself while I was gone (that's probably what she was waiting for, if truth be told), and after that she calmed down a lot.

This version is about five minutes shorter than the original. I edited out some sequences that contributed nothing to the movie. Remastered from the original 2009 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 2,087.8 MB
Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Hold & Tell 2 Remastered (MP4)
Hold & Tell 2 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 31 minutes 00 seconds
Beverly, wearing a slip/nightdress, thigh high stockings and boots (an unusual ensemble to say the least), sits regaling us with stories of times she has found herself (and a friend or two) in dire situations where she needs to pee and had to wait. All while she is talking, she actually needs to pee. Her bladder is pretty full throughout, the extent to which she needed to go evidenced by the amount she released into the graduated jug at the end. Because Beverly could rarely pee in front of anyone, she had to wait for a minute near the end while a camera was set up on a tripod to record her release, a minute of sheer agony as she struggled to control herself. The amount of pee that came out surprised even her. The jug could hold one litre, so clearly Beverly had quite a bladder capacity.

The remastered version is identical in length to the original, so clearly, all the same choices were made during editing. Remastered from the original 2009 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 1,456.8 MB

Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Telemarketer 2 Remastered (MP4)
Telemarketer 2 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 31 seconds
This is a scenario where Beverly shows her intelligence and ability to improvise well, as she did in "Urology Lecture". She only had a very general plot idea to work with, and came up with all the phone chat herself. It sounds so real. Bear in mind that she is achieving this while sitting there throughout with a full bladder - clearly the case because she pees a lot at the end of the video.

Original description: Beverly works as a telemarketer selling audio books. She is 15 minutes late for work, and her boss threatens her with dismissal unless she can sell 20 packs of books that day. She is also denied a break until she meets her quota because - as he points out - the company is hiring interns who will work for less pay and have a greater incentive to sell. As the hours pass, Beverly's bladder grows fuller and fuller until she is almost bursting, but still she can't take a break to visit the bathroom. After nearly seven hours working straight, she can't hold it any longer and pees her pants, leaving a huge puddle on the floor.

This sequence was filmed with two cameras. The positioning of the second camera was not perfect because it was expected that Beverly would pee sitting down, but in fact, she lifted her butt off the chair and partially took herself out of the shot. Camera 1 caught the action from a greater distance and was unaffected. The length is almost identical to the original. Remastered from the original 2009 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 919.8 MB
Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: Trapped In An Elevator 4 Remastered (MP4)
Trapped In An Elevator 4 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 51 seconds
Filmed the same month as the nine model shoot where "Line At The Ladies" and "Going Up" were created, using the same elevator set. The set stayed up for about six weeks, and was used multiple times. During the peeing sequence, Beverly (unattended) managed to position herself in such a way that neither of the two cameras had an idea view of the pee stream. I dare say she was hiding her vagina from view, something she never displayed, with the sole exception of a sequence near the end of "Desperation Stories" where she sat on a toilet and showed all. She only did this because she felt so badly about not being able to pee on camera during the scenario - she had a problem peeing in front of me, always worrying that I was "getting off on it". Yes, these problems do occur from time to time.

Original Description: Beverly is returning to work after lunch when the elevator breaks down. She consumed a few glasses of water while dining, and had been looking forward to reaching the ladies on her floor to relieve the pressure on her bladder. Now she will have to hold it under the watchful eye of a security camera. She tries not to look to frantic, but as the minutes pass and her desperation increases to critical levels, she can't help holding herself, crossing her legs, pacing back and forth and squatting down, all the while gasping and moaning with the strain of trying to wait a little longer, and then a little longer. Help doesn't come and Bev uses the phone to make some irate protests to security. She's bursting, about to wet herself, and no one seems to be doing anything. The tension builds in her face and is reinforced by her body language. She just can't hold it any longer. Despite being watched, she has to pee or her bladder will explode. She throws her scarf over the security camera, unbuttons her jeans, pulls them and her panties down and releases a long, powerful jet of pee all over the floor. Part way through this, the scarf slips off the security camera and the men in security can now see her. She covers her face in embarrassment, and when she is finally freed from the elevator, she hurries off with a hasty excuse about being late for work.

This version is about 1.5 minutes shorter than the original. Editing choices made today clearly don't match those made all those years ago. Remastered from the original 2009 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 651.3 MB
Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Bacci: The Interpreter Remastered (MP4)
The Interpreter Remastered (MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 53 seconds
Once again, Beverly had to be left alone during the final minutes of this movie so that she could pee. That's why the framing is not perfect, but it does capture the peeing event because Beverly had the sense to realize the camera would see nothing unless she repositioned herself. Beverly badly needed to pee throughout filming, and while she was reading lines for her translation, her ability to make sense of them degenerated as she approached her limit of endurance.

The scenario: Beverly is an interpreter at an international conference. Stuck in her booth and translating what the speakers are saying in real time, she cannot take a break to visit the ladies room. Forced to carry on working with a full bladder, the quality of her translation deteriorates as her desperation to pee grows steadily more serious. She finally wets herself in her booth but still she cannot leave to clean herself up. How utterly embarrassing.

This idea was re-worked years later in a more comprehensive way by Vika in "The Translator". This re-edited version is about two minutes shorter than the original; some of the leg sequences were removed because there were just so many of them! I really was into filming legs back then. Remastered from the original 2008 recording.

1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 744.5 MB

Beverly Bacci
Added: May 6
Beverly Remastered (MP4)
Beverly Remastered (MP4)
Total time: 160 minutes 20 seconds
  1. Bursting on the Interstate Remastered
  2. Urology Lecture Remastered
  3. Lost & Longing to Pee Remastered
  4. Hold & Tell 2 Remastered
  5. Telemarketer 2 Remastered
  6. Trapped In An Elevator 4 Remastered
  7. The Interpreter Remastered
  8. Bonus: The Mistress Remastered
Added: April 23
Compilation: Chained To The Stove Highlights: Volume 2 (MP4)
Chained To The Stove Highlights: Volume 2 (MP4)
Time: 83 minutes 35 seconds
Each sequence lasts for about seven minutes, capturing the last minutes of desperation before the girls are able to gain relief. Because they are chained to the stove and can neither leave nor reach anything to pee in to, they are all in a very desperate state during these final minutes. Some of them resort to begging for the vase to be handed over, worried that they will lose control and piss on the carpet if they don't get it immediately. This compilation may also be regarded as "The Capacities: Volume 4" since, in all cases, the pee is transferred from the vase to a graduated cylinder and the quantity measured. Excerpts are taken from the following movies:
  1. Restricted Access - Jasmine St James, Cadence Lux & Vonka Romanov
  2. The Longest Wait - Becca
  3. Compelled To Hold It - Tara
  4. Tina Lee & Carissa Capacity Challenge - Tina Lee Comet & Carissa Montgomery
  5. No Choice But To Hold It - Violet
  6. The Long Wait - Amanda Foxx
  7. Going Nowhere - Sinthia Bee
  8. Can She Undress In Time - Ten Amorette (Rachael)
  9. Restricted Wait - Vonka Romanov
  10. The Price Of Failure - Cadence Lux
  11. One Hour Wait - Jasmine St James

Part 1: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,968.3

Part 2: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,951.5
Vonka Romanov & Sinthia Bee
Added: April 18
Vonka Romanov & Sinthia Bee: Vonka & Sinthia Desperation Quiz (MP4)
Vonka & Sinthia Desperation Quiz (MP4)
Time: 25 minutes 40 seconds
The girls were asked to tank up on liquids before coming, and in fact started increasing their intake the day before. They arrived needing to pee, and yet we filmed a forced stripping video before getting started on this. By the time they were in the jeans, they were already desperate to go. Were it not for the quiz questions distracting them, they probably would not have lasted as long as they did. This is a great example of two women badly distracted by the urge to pee and trying to concentrate on answering questions. As the minutes pass, they start to become incoherent, barely able to answer any of the questions. We soon had to stop making them drink a cup of water each time they answered a question incorrectly because they were already on the verge of wetting themselves. With jeans unbuttoned to each the pressure just a little, they soldiered on for as long as they could. Of course, once one of them lost control, the other was subjected to the sound of someone gaining the relief they so badly desired, and they soon succumbed too.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,200.7 MB

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