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Bound2Burst: What's New

Added: December 3
Compilation: Naked Desperation 12
Naked Desperation 12 (MP4)
Time: 76 minutes 02 seconds
Our twelfth compilation showing 10 girls desperate to pee and wetting while naked. The sequences are typically 5 minutes in length, and they derive from the following movies:
  1. Becky LeSabre: Becky's Got To Wait
  2. Cadence Lux: Just Out Of Reach
  3. Carissa Montgomery: One On One With Carissa
  4. Vonka Romanov: Pee From The Back
  5. Amanda Foxx: Forced To Pee Naked In The Woods
  6. Cadence Lux: Pee Another Day
  7. Lydia Lael: One On One With Lydia
  8. Tilly McReese: Asked To Hold It In
  9. Kendra James: Measuring Kendra
  10. Tara: One On One With Tara
  11. Autumn Bodell: Autumn's Naked Wait
  12. Amanda Foxx: Measuring Amanda
  13. Cadence Lux: One On One With Cadence

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,576.7 MB
Added: November 26
Compilation: Just Made It 20
Just Made It 20 (MP4)
Time: 72 minutes 20 seconds
The twentieth collection of Bound2Burst clips where the girls just make it to the bathroom or have to pee outside, or in a container. Each excerpt is approximately 5 minutes in length. The sequences in this compilation derive from the following movies:
  1. Becca: The Bulge
  2. Sinthia Bee: Trying To Set A New Record
  3. Cadence Lux: The Transaction
  4. Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov: The Intern
  5. Claire Irons: I'm Not Going To Make It
  6. Monica Jade: Exercising Self-Control
  7. Cadence Lux: The Price Of Failure
  8. Vonka Romanov: I Have To Break Free
  9. Becca: One On One With Becca
  10. Sinthia Bee: Going Nowhere
  11. Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Cadence And Juliette Being Themselves
  12. Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux: Rivals
  13. Claire Irons: Claire In Trouble
  14. Jasmine St James: Reward (from The Quiz)

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,391.6 MB
Jasmine St James
Added: November 22
Jasmine St James: The Making Of
The Making Of "Too Many Girls" (MP4)
Time: 36 minutes 36 seconds
A look behind the scenes at the making of this custom movie. The first seven minutes are narrated by Dave, discussing the development of the original idea, the implementation, the discarded sequences and the continuity errors. We ended up with more than 100 minutes of raw footage, a lot of which was never used in the final version. Filming took place over an entire summer, and some sequences had to be re-filmed as the premise changed or continuity was disrupted. This section includes a look at the discarded sequences.

Following on from the narrated portion of the movie, we present four full sequences which are self-contained stories in their own right. One of these is Cadence's initial performance, unused in the finished product for reasons that are explained. The remaining three sequences, filmed with Tilly McReese, Lydia Lael and Claire Irons, show each of their complete performances. The movie concludes with a second camera look at Jasmine's deck scene where she pees in her panties.

Fair disclosure: some of the material presented here is also in Just Made It 19, so if you purchased that, you might want to give this one a miss.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,706.8 MB

Jasmine St James
Added: November 18
Jasmine St James: The Ordeal (MP4)
The Ordeal (MP4)
Time: 58 minutes 03 seconds
For this custom, the client wanted Jasmine to be as desperate to pee as possible, so in addition to the liquids she normally imbibes on her way to the shoot and while chatting once she arrives, he wanted her to drink several bottles of water as part of the video. This she did, ensuring that she had a minimum of three pints (1.4 litres) inside of her as we filmed.

The premise is one we have used before: Someone has hacked into Jasmine's bank account and emptied it. However, he states that he will restore her funds if she does exactly what he tells her. This involves drinking a lot of water, driving to a location where preparations have been made for her, then restraining herself using a metal collar around her neck, attached to a pole, a pair of handcuffs, also attached to the pole, and a zip tie around her ankles to prevent her crossing her legs. Once secured, Jasmine has to stand there and not piss herself until she is given permission. Naturally, permission is a lot time coming, and loading up with fluids, her bladder soon fills and approaches capacity. Jasmine struggles desperately to control herself, but of course it's difficult for her (no crossing legs, no crotch holding; she can't even sit down). She reaches a point of extreme desperation, and admits that she was close to tears towards the end of her ordeal. When she loses control, the event is filmed full body from the front to show her facial expressions, and from the side to show how much pee streams down her legs.

Jasmine went all in for this one. Even before we started filming, she said she wanted to record the messages for that day's customs to make herself wait as long as possible. She was determined to reach her bursting point, a doubly impressive feat because it was her first and only pee video of the day, and the first is generally the hardest. She was determined to do her very best for the client, and she truly succeeded. She stood secured to the pole for fifty minutes, and managed to hold her pee for 44 of those. From the start of filming drinking the water, it was more like 65 minutes. Yep, she was bursting!

In addition to the main camera and the secondary one used for filming the pee stream, Jasmine's entire time secured to the pole was also filmed with an iPhone, the one the bad guy left for her and asked her to put on a stand so that he could watch her suffering remotely, as well as issuing instructions to response to her pleas to be allowed to relieve herself. It's to this phone that Jasmine addresses all her comments, so she is effectively addressing the watcher was she makes remarks about her state of desperation. This iPhone version (49 minutes in length) is also available as a download, as part of the package. As the image suggests, it has been rotated on its side to maximize the image in the phone's window, if one should choose to play it on one.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,729.4 MB

iPhone version: 854x480 pixels - MP4: 603.5 MB
Vonka Romanov
Added: November 13
Vonka Romanov: Incriminating Evidence (MP4)
Incriminating Evidence (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 18 seconds
Vonka is just arriving home when her phone rings. When she answers the call, she discovers that someone has recorded video of her committing a burglary the week before. She accuses the caller of bluffing, dismissing the claim as if there were no truth to it. When he sends her a brief sample of the video, Vonka realizes that he really does have evidence of her criminal activities. She asks him what he wants, expecting him to ask for a cut of her profits. To her surprise, he just wants her to stand outside of her door and not enter the house. At this point, Vonka is compelled to admit that she needs to use the bathroom and really would like to cog inside, but the caller insists that she stay where she is. With people around, Vonka does not want to find herself in a situation where someone sees her wet her pants, so she tries to talk the caller into changing his mind, but he refuses. As her desperation to pee grows, Vonka squirms, bending forward and holding her crotch to avoid leaking. She does not succeed, however, and soon a small wet patch appears on her jeans. A minute later, she leaks a little more. She pleads to be allowed into the house before it's too late, but her request is denied. Unable to hold it any longer, Vonka is made to stand there and wet her jeans, soaking her legs and filling her sneakers with pee. Humiliated now, she discovers that the caller has hung up. She decides to go into the house now, and hope for the best.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 577.4 MB
Vonka Romanov
Added: November 13
Vonka Romanov: I Have To Break Free (MP4)
I Have To Break Free (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 56 seconds
A burglar has robbed Vonka and left her handcuffed and tied to a chair while he makes good his escape. As time passes, Vonka starts to feel the urge to relieve herself and needs to get to the bathroom somehow, before she wets herself and makes a mess of herself and the carpet on which the chair is resting. She works on the knots in the rope, trying to loosen them while struggling to maintain control of her full bladder. As she becomes very desperate, she redoubles her efforts and finally manages to undo a knot. Now she must unwrap the rope securing her to the chair, not an easy feat while wearing handcuffs. Eventually, she is free of the chair and drops to her knees. She had planned to untie her ankles, but she can't wait that long and begins heading for the bathroom on her knees. By the time she reaches the bathroom door, she has loosened the rope enough to step out of it. She stands, switches on the bathroom light, then struggles to pull her tights and panties down before she loses control. She manages to get herself onto the toilet before pee starts gushing out of her. The tension drains from her body as she experiences the relief of releasing all of that pent up pee, resting her head against the wall as she continues to go. Now she just has to wipe herself and attempt to flush the toilet.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 932.1 MB

Vonka Romanov
Added: November 13
Vonka Romanov: Set 13 (MP4)
Vonka Romanov: Set 13 (MP4)
Total time: 32 minutes 14 seconds

1. Incriminating Evidence
2. I Have To Break Free

Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Added: November 5
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Permission To Pee: Cadence And Juliette (MP4)
Permission To Pee: Cadence And Juliette (MP4)
Time: 44 minutes 30 seconds
This is a more traditional permission to pee situation, where there are three choices: one girl can instruct the other to (a) take a sip of water, (b) pee in a small cup and stop when it is full, and (c) remove an article of clothing. Juliette seemed to have some difficulty following the rules, but the result is very entertaining as the desperation to pee grows. Cadence in particular is seriously desperate to go but struggles hard to hold it in, something that is sheer torment when she tries to cut off the flow each time she fills one of those very small cups. Juliette experiences this sensation for the first time and moans at the effort of having to stop when her bladder is still full. Between them, the girls collect a very respectable quantity of pee in the graduated cylinder which is displayed at the end of the video.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,084.0 MB
Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Added: November 5
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Can I Use Your Bathroom? (MP4)
Can I Use Your Bathroom? (MP4)
Time: 6 minutes 37 seconds
Juliette is out for a drive and gets a little lost. She has also been driving for a while and is desperate to pee. She rushes to the only nearby house and pleads with the occupant for the use of her bathroom. The occupant, Cadence, says she can't let anyone into the house to use the facilities because it just isn't safe for her to do that. She gives Juliette instructions to get her back to the main road and shuts the door on her. Juliette starts to leave and then stops, squirming as she said aloud, "I'm never going to make it." She knocks on the door of the house again, frantically pee dancing as she waits for Cadence to answer the door again. This time, she pleads for access to a toilet but again Cadence refuses. She closes the door on the girl for the second time. Juliette desperately hammers on the woods again, then feels herself lose control of her bladder. Cadence opens the door long enough to see what this uninvited visitor is doing, which is to say peeing on her porch, and says she is going to call someone, closing the door for the final time. Juliette wets her pants, then has to face going back to her car soaking wet and resuming her journey.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 308.6 MB

Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Added: November 5
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: The Wedding Disruptor (MP4)
The Wedding Disruptor (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 03 seconds
Cadence has some dirt on her ex-boyfriend that his bride-to-be might not be at all happy to learn. She had planned to attend the wedding and speak up when the priest asks if anyone knows of any reason why the couple should not be lawfully wed, but that was before her ex dispatched Juliette to ensure that Cadence does not attend the ceremony. She manages to get Cadence handcuffed to a pole in her basement, and intends to keep her there until the ceremony is over. Taken by surprise, Cadence did not have a chance to use the bathroom, and now she desperately needs to pee. She asks for a visit to the bathroom, but Juliette has no intention of letting her go. In fact, Juliette is thoroughly enjoying the girl's predicament and torments her as she struggles not to wet herself. Of course, she does not succeed in holding it until she is freed, and soaks her legs, shoes and the floor around her feet. This sequence is seen from two points of view. Juliette just stands and laughs at Cadence's discomposure, clearly having the time of her life.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 753.4 MB
Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Added: November 5
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Cadence And Juliette Being Themselves (MP4)
Cadence And Juliette Being Themselves (MP4)
Time: 8 minutes 19 seconds
The girls were messing with one another between videos, so I just turned on the camera and recorded some of their antics. Juliette seemed to exact much pleasure from preventing Cadence reaching the bathroom when she needed to pee, and it's only after a real wrestling match towards the end that she finally manages to get in there. The camera follows her, accompanied by the usual reddening effect owing to the change in light temperature, the cost of filming in real time.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 389.1 MB
Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Added: November 5
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Set 2 (MP4)
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Set 2 (MP4)
Total time: 75 minutes 29 seconds

1. Permission To Pee: Cadence And Juliette
2. Can I Use Your Bathroom?
3. The Wedding Disruptor
4. Cadence And Juliette Being Themselves


Autumn Bodell
Added: October 28
Autumn Bodell: How Long Will You Be? (MP4)
How Long Will You Be? (MP4)
Time: 16 minutes 33 seconds
The toilet in Autumn's bathroom has been leaking and she arranged for its repair while she is out. When she returns home needing to pee, she finds a notice on the bathroom door telling her not to use the toilet because work is still in progress. The workman has gone off to collect a seal that he needs to complete the job, and clearly he has not returned yet. Autumn calls the company to find out how much longer the workman is going to be because she is getting desperate to use the toilet. She waits and pee dances, checking the street outside periodically to see if there is any sign of the company van. She calls again and again, only to learn that there are more delays. Now desperate, she makes a last attempt to call and hurry things along, but while on the phone, she starts to wet her pants. She manages to hold the rest, but now it will be embarrassing when the workman finally arrives.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 774.5 MB
Autumn Bodell
Added: October 28
Autumn Bodell: Autumn's Naked Wait (MP4)
Autumn's Naked Wait (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 16 seconds
Autumn struggles with a full bladder while naked, chatting to Dave and asking questions to take her mind off her predicament. The whole video is something of a conversation up to the point where Autumn just can't hold it any longer.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 525.9 MB
Autumn Bodell
Added: October 28
Autumn Bodell: 2021 (MP4)
Autumn Bodell: 2021 (MP4)
Total time: 27 minutes 49 seconds

1. How Long Will You Be?
2. Autumn's Naked Wait


Monica Jade
Added: October 25
Monica Jade: Don't Turn Me In (MP4)
Don't Turn Me In (MP4)
Time: 15 minutes 04 seconds
Monica is arriving home desperate to pee, when she encounters a colleague from work waiting for her. He tells her he is aware of the fact that she has been embezzling funds from the company and he has come to offer her a choice, either do what he tells her or he will report her to the boss, who will surely bring in the police. Monica says they can talk about it, but first she needs to pee. Her colleague tells her that he wants her to hold it. Monica objects, pointing out that she is really desperate. The colleague admits that he is fine with that, and adds that he will call the boss right away if Monica uses the bathroom. Faced with no option other than to hold it, Monica struggles not to lose control of her bladder until she can't wait any longer. She then experiences the humiliation of wetting herself and soaking her jeans in front of her colleague.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 705.7 MB
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James
Added: October 21
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James: Holding Contest With Quiz - Cadence, Juliette & Jasmine (MP4)
Holding Contest With Quiz - Cadence, Juliette & Jasmine (MP4)
Time: 76 minutes 33 seconds
All three girls start out needing to pee, naturally, and the questions begin. The rule is, whoever ends up wetting herself first has to take over asking the quiz questions, sitting in her wet clothes rather than going off to shower and change. Look upon it as a punishment for not waiting long enough. Cadence is the wettest link in this one, and when she takes over, the questions flow thick and fast. The advantage is that the questions serve as a distraction which helps the remaining girls hold it because they can ignore their bladders to some degree. The quiz runs for well over an hour, leading to some serious squirming, especially towards the end.

Part 1: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,925.5 MB

Part 2: 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,663.7 MB
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James
Added: October 21
Cadence Lux, Juliette March & Jasmine St James: Held Without Compassion (MP4)
Held Without Compassion (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 19 seconds
Jasmine and Cadence are being held prisoner during the early stages of an investigation, handcuffed to a pole to prevent them getting away. They are being guarded by Officer Juliette March who drew the short straw in the investigation. It has already been a while and both Jasmine and Cadence could really do with a visit to the bathroom, but when Jasmine asks Juliette for a break, she refuses to let them go to relieve themselves. Juliette also has a problem: She cannot leave her prisoners unguarded, yet she desperately needs to pee as well. The restrained girls do their best to persuade their guard to let them use the toilet, until Juliette is tired of hearing the word "pee", because it is making her own situation worse. Finally, Juliette decides to solve her own problem. She finds a discarded can and, placing it on the floor, pulls down her jeans in front of her two prisoners, squats down and pees noisily into the can. The sound drives both Jasmine and Cadence crazy, and it sends them over the edge. In less than a minute, the two restrained girls lose control and soak their jeans. Juliette is very much amused by their situation, and now refuses to let them clean themselves up.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 672.4 MB

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