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Bound2Burst: What's New

Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: About To Lose Control
About To Lose Control (MP4)
Time: 52 minutes 06 seconds
For Jasmine's latest challenge, she is tasked with chaining up her ankle to prevent her running to the bathroom, and starting out needing to pee. She has consumed a lot of liquid during the preceding hour and her bladder is already uncomfortably full. She would like to pee right away, but she can't: She has no vessel to pee into, and carpet beneath her. All she can do is hold it and wait, and she has to wait at least forty five minutes before there is any hope of being handed a container into which she can relieve herself. As time passes, Jasmine becomes steadily more panicked as the urge to pee threatens to outstrip her ability to control herself. It is not long before she is bursting and afraid to move in case she leaks. For this challenge, she has no access to a clock and therefore cannot gauge the passage of time, making her situation even more desperate.Still worse is the fact that she was told she could not wear panties for this custom, removing that psychological barrier that helps a girl to hold her pee, no matter how full her bladder feels.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,436.5 GB

Added: November 22
Compilation: Just Made It 8 enhanced
Just Made It 8 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 45 minutes 19 seconds
Our eighth collection of scenes where models are desperate to pee and just make it in time is also out first collection filmed in high definition. Scenes are typically 3-5 minutes in length, showing the last minutes of desperation followed by the act of peeing. The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

  1. Jasmine: Bound2Burst Moment
  2. Dixie: Night Flight
  3. Carissa & Scarlett: One For the Road
  4. Lavender: Bursting Croupier
  5. Jasmine & Scarlett: We Have To Go Now
  6. Lily: Brink of Bursting
  7. Candle & Dixie: Tickle Desperation
  8. Shauna: Traffic Cop Dying to Pee
  9. Dixie: Waits & Measures
  10. Carissa & Lavender: Holding Contest 14

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,136.7 GB

Added: November 16
Compilation: Just Made It 9 enhanced
Just Made It 9 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 84 minutes 12 seconds
Our ninth collection of scenes where models are desperate to pee and just make it in time. Scenes are typically 3-5 minutes in length, showing the last minutes of desperation followed by the act of peeing. Some explicit scenes are included.

Enhanced and upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels resolution.

The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

  1. Autumn Bodell: Pulled Over While Ready to Explode
  2. Carissa Montgomery: She Barely Made It
  3. Jasmine St James: Really Got to Pee
  4. Lily Anna: Out of Options
  5. Candle Boxxx, Paige Turner and Constance: Three Girls Using the Toilet
  6. Shauna Ryanne: Relief After Restraint
  7. Anna Lee: Anna Holds Her Pee
  8. Sativa Verte: Full-On Desperation
  9. Tina Lee Comet: Help With Her Panties
  10. Candle Boxxx and Shauna Ryanne: Candle's Gotta Go!
  11. Scarlett Storm: A Little Problem
  12. Lavender Rayne: Waiting Outside the Bathroom
  13. Jasmine St James: Jasmine Has a Close Call
  14. Anna Lee: Compelled To Drive
  15. Tina Lee Comet: She Could Not Make It
  16. Candle Boxxx and Jasmine St James: Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting
  17. Carissa Montgomery: Letting Her Pee
  18. Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet: Bursting After Bondage
  19. Autumn Bodell: Autumn Pees in a Cup
  20. Carissa Montgomery: Carissa Holds It 2

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,955.5 GB


Jasmine St James
Added: November 11
Jasmine St James: The Governor's Choice
The Governor's Choice (MP4)
Time: 31 minutes 13 seconds
As we begin Jasmine's latest custom, she refers to making "a grave mistake". She started imbibing early in the day, peed twice as she tried to pace herself, then just before she was about to leave home, she found herself incredibly desperate to pee. She struggled throughout her drive to reach us, and recorded the first 10 minutes of this video while in transit in case she did not make it, and be compelled to stop on the roadside to relieve herself. As it turned out, she managed to complete the journey but she was in a terrible state by then.

The scenario has her as a prisoner in a women's correctional facility where, every month, the prison governor asks for an inmate to be brought to his office with a full bladder, and then have to hold it until he allows her to pee. On this occasion, he has been delayed by his duties, and Jasmine is placed in a holding cell until her guard receives a call to take her to the Governor's office. While there, Jasmine is instructed to change out of her prison clothes and put on the stockings, dress and heels the Governor has selected for her This month, he has chosen a mid-twentieth century style for his choice of the month to wear.

Jasmine asks how long it will be before she is taken to meet the Governor, because she is bursting for a pee and is worried that she can't hold it much longer, having been plied with water all morning in preparation. The guard tells her that if she loses control before reaching the Governor's office, she will be punished with a month in solitary confinement. Jasmine doesn't want that, but at the same time her bladder is almost bursting. She wiggles and paces, struggling to control herself, but the pressure is immense. Finally, she can't hold it any longer and pee streams down between her legs.

About half go this video is behind the scenes material, with Jasmine only getting about a third of the way through the scenario. She was so desperate she could not concentrate, and admitted she had not read half of the script. She also talks about her ordeal once she has pissed herself. Because she failed to deliver on the custom side of things (although she more than delivered on the desperation side), she has offered to perform a part two for this custom, if required. Now who is going to pass up a chance like that?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,463.3 GB

Added: November 10
Compilation: Just Made It 10 enhanced
Just Made It 10 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 52 minutes 02 seconds
Our tenth collection of scenes where the girl is desperate to pee and just makes it to the bathroom, or to the woods, in time. Upscaled to 1080p with enhanced picture. The excerpts contain in this compilation derive from the following movies:

  1. Jasmine St James: Almost Wetting Herself
  2. Hannah Perez: Desperately Overheated
  3. Gianna Love: Realtor's Embarrassment
  4. Lily Anna: Too Close For Comfort
  5. Angelique Kithos: Desperate in a Cat Suit
  6. Jasmine St James: Waiting in Leather
  7. Star Nine: Almost Didn't Make It
  8. Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm: We Can't Wait
  9. Constance: Broken Down & Bursting
  10. Jasmine St James: Ready to Wet Herself

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,451.4 GB

Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm
Added: October 30
Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm: Permission To Pee 6 enhanced
Permission To Pee 6 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 39 minutes 52 seconds
Both Scarlett and Carissa take great delight in tormenting their opponent, making them drink water even when they need to pee - especially when they need to pee - and wait for the moment of limited relief when she can release into a tiny cup. Of course, this only provides marginal relief, because the urge to continue peeing is powerful, and it has to be suppressed. They both know they have to wait until their opponent gives them permission to release a little more. Instead, they are far more likely to make their opponent drink more liquid instead of gaining more relief. And so the game continues with desperation growing on both sides, and stopping after filling a tiny cup gets ever harder. While we have often seen the situation where the girl loses control while peeing into the cup, in this instance one of the models is made to wait too long and she wets her jeans. In retaliation, she denies her opponent permission to go and makes her wait until she too wets her jeans. Scarlett and Carissa both peel off their wet clothes at the end and appear naked.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,878.6 GB


Hannah Perez & Carissa Montgomery
Added: October 29
Hannah Perez & Carissa Montgomery: Holding Contest: Hannah & Carissa enhanced
Holding Contest: Hannah & Carissa enhanced (MP4)
Time: 42 minutes 42 seconds
Hannah and Carissa first underwent a holding challenge in "Who Will Last the Longest 2", and now they are back together for another holding contest. Hannah was the winner last time around, so it will be interesting to see who out-waits who this time. The women start off relaxed only needing to pee a little, but they are drinking liquids and bladders are filling rapidly, so that it isn't long before they are pee dancing and looking anxious as the battle to hold it gets into full swing.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,004.1 GB

Added: October 28
Compilation: Naked Desperation 5 enhanced
Naked Desperation 5 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 74 minutes 58 seconds
  1. Becky LeSabre: Naked Wait 15
  2. Taylor: Bare and Bursting
  3. Lavender: Naked Wait 16
  4. Laci Star: Bursting Upon Arrival
  5. Lily Anna: Naked Wait 17
  6. Paige Turner: Paige Gets Naked While She Waits
  7. Tara: Naked Wait 18
  8. Becky LeSabre: Strip to Make Sure
  9. Taylor: No Friend Of Mine
  10. Autumn Bodell and Laci Star: Naked Wait 19
  11. Tina Lee Comet: Nude and Desperate
  12. Laci Star: Naked Wait 20
  13. Paige Turner: Naked Pee Outside
  14. Cadence Lux: Naked Wait 21
  15. Becky LeSabre: Becky Humiliates You
  16. Taylor: Naked Wait 22

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,514.7 GB

Beverly Bacci
Added: October 21
Beverly Bacci: The League of Desperate Ladies 2 Remastered (MP4)
The League of Desperate Ladies 2 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 20 seconds
Beverly is the second lady from the League to take up the challenge to hold her pee for three hours, drinking liquids along the way. Confident that she will make it, Beverly drinks water freely, but as the time passes she grows increasingly uncomfortable and needs something to take her mind off her predicament. She begins alphabetizing her client's video collection. How far does she get with it before more pressing matters sap her powers of organization? The last few minutes of this movie show Beverly in the bathroom, giving the viewer what she calls a freebie. Despite the massive emptying out in the main part of the movie, she still has a lot more pee in her bladder. She stands in the bath with dress raised and lets it go through her panties... just for you.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 894.9 MB

Added: October 21
Danielle: The League of Desperate Ladies 4 Remastered (MP4)
The League of Desperate Ladies 4 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 26 minutes 32 seconds
Continuing the series of movies where girls from an agency called The League of Desperate Ladies send out their best holders to clients who will pay handsomely to watch a woman squirming in desperation as she tries to drink liquid and not lose control of her bladder for three hours.Danielle is supremely confident of her ability to hold it when she arrives, and maintains a defiant air even as she becomes enormously desperate to pee. Like Jayne before her, Danielle accuses the client of tampering with the clock to make her wait longer than the prescribed time. With just minutes remaining on the clock, Danielle says she is not going to tolerate cheating and rises to leave. On the door step, she wets her skirt, pantyhose and shoes. In her hurry, she has forgotten her coat, and when the client returns from retrieving it for her, he finds Danielle wetting herself again. When she empties out her shoes before departing, rather a lot of pee spills out.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,228.0 MB
Jayne, Lola Lynn & Nyxon
Added: October 21
Jayne, Lola Lynn & Nyxon: The League Of Desperate Ladies 6 Remastered (MP4)
The League Of Desperate Ladies 6 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 21 minutes 45 seconds
Company CEO Jayne is back and this time she has brought some help. She is determined that this client will not keep the agency's fee this time. With three women participating this time, surely one of them must be able to last the requisite three hours? There is a lot of struggling from Nyxon early on because she simply does not have the stamina to hold it and soon disgraces herself. After soaking up some of her own puddle with paper towels, she departs. And then there were two... two of the biggest holders in the business, and they are both still drinking water! Jayne makes a valiant effort to hold it, but even she is finally overcome with sheer desperation and loses control, gushing pee all over her boots. This leaves only Lola. As she nears the three hour limit, Lola paces and squirms, moans and holds herself with her fingers, struggling to make it those last few minutes. She makes it and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. (Lola's bathroom scene is missing).

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,005.6 MB
Sienna Aldridge
Added: October 21
Sienna Aldridge: The League of Desperate Ladies 7 Remastered (MP4)
The League of Desperate Ladies 7 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 32 minutes 10 seconds
The League of Desperate Ladies series resumes with Sienna as the new recruit in the agency. Like her predecessors, she arrives confident that she will last the three hours without wetting herself and claim the $1,000 fee the agency charges when their employee is successful. The rules have changed a little: instead of the client being able to ask the desperate lady to drink unlimited amounts of water, he can only ask her to drink two bottles in the first hour and one in each of the subsequent 2 hours. Sienna's confidence runs away with her and she drinks all four in the first 30 minutes. The result is some very serious desperation for Miss Aldridge as she becomes increasingly fidgety and distracted by her predicament.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,488.9 MB

Carissa Montgomery
Added: October 21
Carissa Montgomery: The League of Desperate Ladies 9 Remastered (MP4)
The League of Desperate Ladies 9 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 03 seconds
Returning to the theme of the league of desperate ladies, Carissa does her best to earn that huge fee by holding her pee for three hours. She starts out confident that she can do it, as many before her did, but it is not long before she is squirming, her legs never still and her expression pained as her desperation to empty her rapidly filling bladder grows worse and worse until she is ready to explode. Her situation is not helped by the fact that her client can tell her to drink more liquid at any time, so she drinks while urgently pee dancing, trying not to wet her white panties. Longer before the three hours have elapsed, Carissa is climbing the wall in sheer desperation. Her body language speaks volumes about how frantic she is, and her bulging abdomen makes it clear that her bladder is approaching maximum capacity. As with all earlier contenders, Carissa cannot hold it and wets herself, forfeiting her fee. Unexpectedly, the client says he will make a partial payment if she will take off all her clothes, so rather than go away empty handed, she agrees. Carissa stands in her rather large puddle of pee while she poses naked.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 835.3 MB
Beverly, Danielle, Jayne, Lola, Nyxon, Sienna & Carissa
Added: October 21
The League Of Desperate Ladies Remastered Set (MP4)
The League Of Desperate Ladies Remastered Set (MP4)
Total time: 1 hour 57 minutes
This set of movies has been remastered from the original footage, then upscaled with Topaz Video Enhance AI software from the original 720x480 pixels to 1472x1080 pixels.

  1. The League of Desperate Ladies 2 Remastered: Beverly Bacci
  2. The League of Desperate Ladies 4 Remastered: Danielle
  3. The League Of Desperate Ladies 6 Remastered: Jayne, Lola Lynn & Nyxon
  4. The League of Desperate Ladies 7 Remastered: Sienna Aldridge
  5. The League of Desperate Ladies 9 Remastered: Carissa Montgomery
Cadence Lux
Added: October 14
Cadence Lux: Cadence's Stuck Zipper (MP4)
Cadence's Stuck Zipper (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 49 seconds
Cadence arrives home bursting for a pee and runs into the bathroom. She tries to pull down the zipper on her jeans, but it won't budge. That damn thing is stuck! She wrestles with it, trying to free it but without success. She attempts to pull her jeans down without unzipping them, but they are too tight! Unable to stand next to the toilet any longer, Cadence rushes outside and resumes trying to tug her zipper down. Alas, it's too late. She loses control and pees in her jeans, soaking them. The video concludes with a few minutes behind the scenes where Cadence shows off her wet jeans and talks about the experience.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 507.7 MB

Cadence Lux
Added: October 14
Cadence Lux: Lunch Time Dilemma (MP4)
Lunch Time Dilemma (MP4)
Time: 18 minutes 48 seconds
Cadence is working in a seasonal shop for Halloween. He colleague is taking a longer than usual lunch time break, leaving Cadence to watch over the store. Because customers can enter at any time, she is unable to leave the shop unattended, even when she is desperate to pee. She phones her colleague to find out if she can return a little early, but the other girl says no. Cadence has to grit her teeth and hold her full bladder until lunch break is over. She paces up and down and holds herself when no one is in the shop, but does her best to compose herself when someone comes in. She tries several more times to get her colleague to hurry back, and the other girl finally agrees. By the time she returns, Cadence is bursting and makes a dash for the bathroom.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 883.1 MB
Cadence Lux
Added: October 14
Cadence Lux: Holding It For You (MP4)
Holding It For You (MP4)
Time: 20 minutes 44 seconds
Cadence chats to you as she drinks liquids, talking about her bladder growing more and more uncomfortable as it fills. She is planning to hold it until she can't wait any longer, then go outside to relieve herself. She is seen at various stages as she gets increasingly desperate to pee, until she feels she is at her limit. She hurries outside to let it all go. This sequence is present with a split screen showing both Cadence's expression and the pee streaming down the backs of her legs. She describes her relief while this is occurring.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 971.0 MB
Cadence Lux
Added: October 14
Cadence Lux: Set 16 (MP4)
Cadence Lux: Set 16 (MP4)
Time: 50 minutes 11 seconds

1. Cadence's Stuck Zipper
2. Lunch Time Dilemma
3. Holding It For You


Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Added: October 6
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4)
The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 46 seconds
Candle and Tina Lee arrive for their first desperation shoot together. They were asked (as is customary) to drink plenty on their journey and to turn up as desperate as possible. Exploiting Candle's ignorance of how these things tend to unfold, the girls are kept waiting outside in the cold as a test to see how long they can wait. This is where Candle makes the mistake of admitting that she finds it much harder to hold on when she is sitting, so naturally she is asked to sit down on the top step of the stoop for a while. Tina Lee warns her not to admit to things like that, but it's too late now. Tina Lee says she is an old hand at this and does not need to be tested like this, but she is kept waiting just the same. The girls find standing around with nothing to do to take their minds off their full bladders very difficult to handle, and the talk keeps returning to how desperate they are too pee. Candle is the first to lose control, and this sets Tina Lee off. In the space of a minute, both women are standing together in pee-soaked jeans. By the way, those are Candle's own jeans; she didn't mind peeing in them on the understanding that they would be laundered before the day way over. The girls then peel off their wet jeans and panties before going inside the house. Things are off to a good start!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 646.0 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Added: October 6
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4)
Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 55 minutes 20 seconds
Candle brings a whole new dynamic to the permission to pee format. While the rules were explained to her, somewhat, she is playing opposite Tina Lee who is now an old hand at these situations. She has a good laugh when Candle forgets to tell her to drink, for example, while she doesn't for one moment forget to make Candle drink more liquid. A new element in this movie is letting each model torment the other by pouring water into the glass cylinder while the other squats down as she would if she were actually going to pee. psychological torment is intense. We also included the option of removing an article of clothing if the model doesn't want to drink any more, or in Tina Lee's case simply can't drink any more. Dixie is certainly the more desperate of the two as things progress, and opts for removing clothes instead of drinking. Nevertheless, Candle still makes her drink a little more. As things approach a climax, Tina Lee lapses into her favorite position to maintain control when she is really bursting, while Candle shifts around but appears to still have more control. The girls decide between themselves that the one who loses control first will be buying dinner that evening. Poor Tina Lee is the one who had to dip into her pockets - she literally explodes and the expression on her face just before the event is priceless! This is the cue for Candle to attempt filling the cylinder being used to store the cups of pee. She actually comes fairly close to succeeding - clearly, Candle does have a large bladder as she herself reported in her audition movie, making her a candidate for a future holding content.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,601.4 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Added: October 6
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Naked Wait 2 Remastered (MP4)
Naked Wait 2 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 45 minutes 40 seconds
Candle and Tina Lee get themselves desperate to pee while completely naked. We see them drinking and chatting in the first five minutes of the video, although they already feel the urge to go even here. We then transition to half an hour later when they are both feeling a powerful urge to pee. They hold on for almost forty minutes, during which the recording is uninterrupted. The girls chat about various pee situations, including Candle admitting that she was, for a short while, a bathroom attendant in a club. As their desperation mounts, the girls get steadily quieter as they concentrate hard on resisting the urge to pee, something made far more difficult psychologically by the absence of clothing. Candle is the first to buckle; she stands upright and releases a very powerful stream of pee, causing Tina Leeto cry out in anguish. Candle's stream goes on and on, the sight and sound of which is too much for Tina Lee who, as soon as Candle has finished peeing, stands up and releases a fast jet of pee herself. There is no question that they both really needed to go!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,152.5 MB

Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Added: October 6
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4)
Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4)
Time: 20 minutes 48 seconds
Candle has been summoned by the Vice Principal (played by Tina Lee) because she has been caught smoking in the lavatory. As Candle sits facing the VP, she fidgets in her chair. The VP asks her to sit still, whereupon Candle admits that she needs to make a visit to the bathroom. She is told that she should have used the bathroom for this purpose earlier instead of "lighting up". The VP fields and makes telephone calls as she considers what punishment to deliver. When Candle continues to fidget and demand that she be allowed to go pee, the VP threatens her with increasingly severe punishments. After Candle insults the woman, the VP comea round to the front of her desk and begins tormenting her recalcitrant student, making the girl suffer by making her think about how nice it would feel to empty her full bladder; what a relief it would be. Candle repeatedly asks to be excused but the VP is adamant, keeping the girl in her office. Finally tired of Candle's attitude, the VP makes her stand up and stand still, with disastrous results. Candle wets herself, creating a huge puddle on the floor. The VP makes the girl mop it up, but in the process Candle slips in her own pee and ends up sitting in it. As they wait for transport to take Candle to the school's detention area, located in another building, the VP goes off to use the bathroom herself (Tina Lee pees on camera), warning a very moist Candle to stay put in her office.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 973.4 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Added: October 6
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet Remastered (MP4)
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet Remastered (MP4)
Time: 2 hours 28 minutes

1. The Girls Arrive Remastered
2. Permission to Pee 8 Remastered
3. Naked Wait 2 Remastered
4. Night Flight Remastered
5. Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered

Added: September 29
Tabitha: The Naked Realtor Remastered (MP4)
The Naked Realtor Remastered (MP4)
Time: 30 minutes 15 seconds
Tabitha reprises her role as the real estate agent. Things are not going so well for her; sales are hard to make, and no sales means no commission. Ironically, Tabitha is doing so badly that she is in danger of losing her own home to foreclosure. She is therefore delighted when a client from several years earlier expresses an interesting in buying a property she has shown him before, which is now back on the market. She assures the client that the property has been fixed up and he will be delighted with it. She herself wants to get there as soon as possible because she needs to pee, and wants to get that out of the way as soon as possible. When they arrive, however, it soon becomes apparent that the property has not been improved at all, and in many ways it is in a worse state than before. The client is ready to pull out, but the desperate realtor will do anything to keep his interest. Realizing that she really is desperate to make a sale, the client says he will reconsider if Tabitha will show him around the property again, but this time naked. Tabitha is mortified by this suggestion and protests vehemently, but when the client threatens to leave without buying, she reluctantly complies with his wishes. By now, her bladder is full and she needs to visit the bathroom, but the client tells her that he wants her to hold it throughout the tour. Tabitha pee dances her way around the house, even climbing the steps to the roof space, her need to pee growing more and more acute. The client takes his time considering the property while Tabitha continues to pee dance and plead for the use of the bathroom. Delayed too long, she finally loses control of her bladder and pee streams down between her legs, much to her embarrassment.

1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,401.5 MB

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