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Bound2Burst: Remastered & Enhanced Videos with 16:9 Aspect Ratio
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Bound2Burst: Remastered & Enhanced Videos with 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4)
The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 46 seconds
Candle and Tina Lee arrive for their first desperation shoot together. They were asked (as is customary) to drink plenty on their journey and to turn up as desperate as possible. Exploiting Candle's ignorance of how these things tend to unfold, the girls are kept waiting outside in the cold as a test to see how long they can wait. This is where Candle makes the mistake of admitting that she finds it much harder to hold on when she is sitting, so naturally she is asked to sit down on the top step of the stoop for a while. Tina Lee warns her not to admit to things like that, but it's too late now. Tina Lee says she is an old hand at this and does not need to be tested like this, but she is kept waiting just the same. The girls find standing around with nothing to do to take their minds off their full bladders very difficult to handle, and the talk keeps returning to how desperate they are too pee. Candle is the first to lose control, and this sets Tina Lee off. In the space of a minute, both women are standing together in pee-soaked jeans. By the way, those are Candle's own jeans; she didn't mind peeing in them on the understanding that they would be laundered before the day way over. The girls then peel off their wet jeans and panties before going inside the house. Things are off to a good start!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 646.0 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4)
Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 55 minutes 20 seconds
Candle brings a whole new dynamic to the permission to pee format. While the rules were explained to her, somewhat, she is playing opposite Tina Lee who is now an old hand at these situations. She has a good laugh when Candle forgets to tell her to drink, for example, while she doesn't for one moment forget to make Candle drink more liquid. A new element in this movie is letting each model torment the other by pouring water into the glass cylinder while the other squats down as she would if she were actually going to pee. psychological torment is intense. We also included the option of removing an article of clothing if the model doesn't want to drink any more, or in Tina Lee's case simply can't drink any more. Dixie is certainly the more desperate of the two as things progress, and opts for removing clothes instead of drinking. Nevertheless, Candle still makes her drink a little more. As things approach a climax, Tina Lee lapses into her favorite position to maintain control when she is really bursting, while Candle shifts around but appears to still have more control. The girls decide between themselves that the one who loses control first will be buying dinner that evening. Poor Tina Lee is the one who had to dip into her pockets - she literally explodes and the expression on her face just before the event is priceless! This is the cue for Candle to attempt filling the cylinder being used to store the cups of pee. She actually comes fairly close to succeeding - clearly, Candle does have a large bladder as she herself reported in her audition movie, making her a candidate for a future holding content.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,601.4 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Naked Wait 2 Remastered (MP4)
Naked Wait 2 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 45 minutes 40 seconds
Candle and Tina Lee get themselves desperate to pee while completely naked. We see them drinking and chatting in the first five minutes of the video, although they already feel the urge to go even here. We then transition to half an hour later when they are both feeling a powerful urge to pee. They hold on for almost forty minutes, during which the recording is uninterrupted. The girls chat about various pee situations, including Candle admitting that she was, for a short while, a bathroom attendant in a club. As their desperation mounts, the girls get steadily quieter as they concentrate hard on resisting the urge to pee, something made far more difficult psychologically by the absence of clothing. Candle is the first to buckle; she stands upright and releases a very powerful stream of pee, causing Tina Leeto cry out in anguish. Candle's stream goes on and on, the sight and sound of which is too much for Tina Lee who, as soon as Candle has finished peeing, stands up and releases a fast jet of pee herself. There is no question that they both really needed to go!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,152.5 MB

Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Night Flight Remastered (MP4)
Night Flight Remastered (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 59 seconds
Candle and Tina Lee are airline stewardesses who have worked the overnight shuttle and have just arrived at Tina Lee's home. Candle has come in with her because she is dying to use the bathroom and can't make it to her home in time. Tina Lee is equally desperate (it was a long flight and neither of them likes using the onboard or airport facilities). When they arrives at the bathroom door, they find it locked! Tina Lee's house mate Greg is in the shower and getting ready for work. The girls bang on the bathroom door but Greg will not let them in (he is too used to being interrupted like this and ignores their urgent pleas). Candle and Tina Lee stand p-dancing, looking like they may wet themselves at any moment. Candle pressing her hand to her crotch and admits that she is damp. Unable to stand there any longer, Candle goes outside to bang on the bathroom window to hurry Greg along, but while she is reaching up to the window she loses control and wets herself, her hot urine streaming down both legs in a torrent. Humiliated, Candle re-enters the house and removes her soaked clothing, then walks naked through the house to tell Tina Lee what she has done, and to ask if she can borrow some clothes from Tina Lee to drive home in since she doesn't have any more with her. Tina Lee sends her off to look, telling her to leave before Greg sees her naked. Tina Lee struggles to carry on waiting, but will Greg emerge before she too has an accident?

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 608.2 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4)
Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4)
Time: 20 minutes 48 seconds
Candle has been summoned by the Vice Principal (played by Tina Lee) because she has been caught smoking in the lavatory. As Candle sits facing the VP, she fidgets in her chair. The VP asks her to sit still, whereupon Candle admits that she needs to make a visit to the bathroom. She is told that she should have used the bathroom for this purpose earlier instead of "lighting up". The VP fields and makes telephone calls as she considers what punishment to deliver. When Candle continues to fidget and demand that she be allowed to go pee, the VP threatens her with increasingly severe punishments. After Candle insults the woman, the VP comea round to the front of her desk and begins tormenting her recalcitrant student, making the girl suffer by making her think about how nice it would feel to empty her full bladder; what a relief it would be. Candle repeatedly asks to be excused but the VP is adamant, keeping the girl in her office. Finally tired of Candle's attitude, the VP makes her stand up and stand still, with disastrous results. Candle wets herself, creating a huge puddle on the floor. The VP makes the girl mop it up, but in the process Candle slips in her own pee and ends up sitting in it. As they wait for transport to take Candle to the school's detention area, located in another building, the VP goes off to use the bathroom herself (Tina Lee pees on camera), warning a very moist Candle to stay put in her office.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 973.4 MB
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet Remastered (MP4)
Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet Remastered (MP4)
Time: 2 hours 28 minutes

1. The Girls Arrive Remastered
2. Permission to Pee 8 Remastered
3. Naked Wait 2 Remastered
4. Night Flight Remastered
5. Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered


Tara: I Have To Pee Now enhanced (MP4)
I Have To Pee Now enhanced (MP4)
Time: 10 minutes 11 seconds
Tara arrives home desperate to pee, only to have all the electronics in her car fail and lock her inside the vehicle. She calls a friend to ask advice, but it seems there is nothing she can do until help arrives. The problem is, she can't wait for help to arrive! Tara searches her car and finds an empty jar under the seat. She pees into this, enjoying the relief, but unfortunately the jar is not big enough and she still urgently needs to pee more when the jar is full. In a last desperate act, she pulls down the back seat and reaches into the trunk of the vehicle. To her immense relief, she finds another container and is able to finish emptying her bladder. She relaxes on the back seat; it was such a close call.
Noise reduction using "Neat"

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 468.6 MB
Tara & Autumn Bodell
Tara & Autumn Bodell: Desperation Challenge 3 enhanced (MP4)
Desperation Challenge 3 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 65 minutes 51 seconds
Autumn and Tara go head to head in this challenge to see not only who can hold her pee the longest but also release the most. The girls are given a number of questions of answer, questions to which, for the most part, they are unlikely to know the answers, just to make sure that they have to drink many shots of water along the way, increasing their desperation with each minute that passes. At the beginning, both girls are seen using the bathroom to empty out their bladder. In fact, Autumn has to go twice since she and Tara have already been drinking steadily and they were getting desperate during a bondage session which preceded this. Even after emptying out, there was still a little time before the challenge began, and both girls were already feeling the urge to pee again when they got underway. There were faced with an array of 30 small cups of water, which took more than three bottles to fill, knowing that each of them may have to drink up to fifteen of these. As hoped, most of the questions proved too difficult and resulted in plenty of imbibing. As a result, both girls grew rapidly desperate to pee. Their contortions as they struggled to hold it were varied and very interesting to watch. The body language of a girl's desperation is, for some of us, the most interesting part of the process, and this went on for rather a long time because neither Tara nor Autumn wanted to lose. As the challenge progressed, concentrations wandered and the pee dancing became more extreme. At the end, each girl peed into a glass cylinder.
Noise reduction using "Neat"

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,041.2 MB
Tara: Naked Wait 18 enhanced (MP4)
Naked Wait 18 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 58 seconds
Tara takes her turn at standing (and sitting) naked while desperate to pee, demonstrating her repertoire of holding techniques. It was surprising that she lasted as long as she did owing to the fact that she'd consumed several bottles of liquid prior to the filming of a bondage movie which took some 40 minutes to complete. During the last minutes of this while Tara was tied to a chair, she was already dying to pee. It took some minutes to release her when filming was done, after which she quickly ran into the bathroom and undressed ready to start the naked desperation video, no doubt wishing that she could just sit on the toilet and relieve herself. However, the camera followed her in to capture her struggle to hold it and there was no chance of even sneaking a quick squirt to gain a little relief. (A brief glimpse of Tara in bondage followed by her undressing are included at the end of the video). Throughout the 18-19 minutes she managed to hang on, Tara frequently displays looks of intense concentration to keep herself from peeing, a wonderful effort since she constantly on the verge of losing control.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 925.3 MB

Tara: Stable Hand's Revenge enhanced (MP4)
Stable Hand's Revenge enhanced (MP4)
Time: 19 minutes 01 seconds
Tara arrives home from an afternoon at the riding stables absolutely dying to pee. As she enters the house, however, she encounters a man who has broken in. He is an ex-employee at the stables, and he lost his job because of a complaint that Tara made about him. Now it's time for revenge. He had planned only to confront Tara, but when he learns that she is desperate to pee, he decides to keep her waiting in the kitchen so that he can see her struggle not to humiliate herself. He forces Tara to stand with legs apart and do some stretching exercises, taxing her full bladder. When she just can't hold it any longer, Tara wets her jodhpurs, leaving a very visible wet patch around her crotch while the backs of her thighs are completely soaked. The dismissed stable hand now decides to take her to the stables like this to humiliate her in front of her rich little friends.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 877.7 MB
Tara: He Won't Let Her Go enhanced (MP4)
He Won't Let Her Go enhanced (MP4)
Time: 11 minutes 34 seconds
Tara is being held prisoner, standing with her wrists cuffed above her head. She's dying to pee but her captor has not been back to check on her for some time. Tara squirms and gasps as she struggles not to disgrace herself, but she is bursting and can't hold it for much longer. At last, her captor returns and she explains her situation, asking to be allowed to go to the toilet. The captor, who is just a henchman with specific instructions not to release Tara under any circumstances, tells her no. When she complains, he asks, "And this is my problem because?" When she realizes that this man is not going to let her use the bathroom and is going to make her stand there and wet herself, she asks him to go away so that he doesn't see her lose control. But he sticks around, saying it will be fun. Tara is mortified but she has no choice, she simply MUST pee!

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 537.3 MB
Tara: Withholding Permission enhanced (MP4)
Withholding Permission enhanced (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 21 seconds
Tara is from the local planning office and she is visiting a Mr. Jones who has erected a shed in his garden without obtaining planning permission. Tara confronts him about this issue and he objects that he should be allowed to put what he wants on his own property. Tara says it's Friday afternoon and her last call of the week, and all she wants is to resolve the issue and go home. Jones invites her in, ostensibly to discuss the situation. Once she is in his kitchen, however, he produces a weapon and makes her call the office to say she will not be back in that day. Tara, who needed to pee when she arrived, is now desperate, partly because she is now very nervous. When she asks Jones if she can use his bathroom, he asks her if she has a permit for using bathrooms in other peoples homes, and has there been an environmental study to assess the impacts. He makes Tara wait, enjoying seeing this official under pressure for a change. Tara is now seriously desperate and asks again for the bathroom but Jones simply withholds permission, the way she was planning to do with his building permit. Finally, when he makes her stand up and stand straight for the second time, Tara loses control of her bladder and wets herself. After she has finished, Jones makes her leave the premises, and poor Tara has to squelch her way along in her pee-filled shoes.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 664.3 MB

Tara: enhanced set (MP4)
Tara: enhanced set (MP4)
Total time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Videos originally released during the period 2013-2015 at 1280x720-pixels. All titles have been enhanced and upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels.

1. I Have To Pee Now enhanced
2. Desperation Challenge 3 enhanced
3. Naked Wait 18 enhanced
4. Stable Hand's Revenge enhanced
5. He Won't Let Her Go enhanced
6. Withholding Permission enhanced

Jasmine St James & Amber Wells
Holding Contest: Amber & Jasmine
Holding Contest: Amber & Jasmine Remastered (MP4)
Time: 36 minutes 58 seconds
set images    
Amber and Jasmine challenge each other to a holding contest. At the start, Amber already needs to pee but Jasmine has recently relieved herself because she could not hold on (see "Before the Holding Contest"). However, since her session where we filmed her peeing six times in one day (Jasmine Set 11), Jasmine finds that she builds up into a state of desperation far faster than she used to do. She remarked: "You've trained my bladder and now I have to keep peeing!" How very inconvenient. She and Amber start out sitting and drinking, tormenting one another, each confident that she will win the contest. About half way through, the urge to pee hits Jasmine like a freight train and she is clearly very desperate. Amber, whose bladder has continued filling throughout, is now squirming very noticeable, a look of concentration passing frequently across her face. Who is going to be the winner? It looks like it may be a close thing.
Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery: Right On The Brink Remastered (MP4)
Right On The Brink Remastered (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 16 seconds
I remember this one well. It was the first video of the day. Carissa turned up dying to pee, and squirmed in the bathroom as she put on her make up and squeezed into those tight jeans. As is my custom, I film in short segments, from 20 seconds to a minute long, which translates into lots of breaks and lots of delays. Carissa was pleading for me to hurry things up because she was literally bursting. She started to wet herself in her car before we got to the outside sequences, borne out by the wet patch on the back of her jeans as she climbed out. Pee streamed down her legs so fast that it hit the boot on her right leg and shot over the edge in a torrent. Now that's what we call female desperation.

The scenario: Carissa has been pulled over by a cop for speeding, which is very unfortunate for her because she is seriously, absolutely bursting to pee. She tries to hide her desperation from the cop as she hands over her driving credentials, but as soon as he goes back to his squad car she sits squirming and shaking, right on the brink of wetting her tight jeans. As the minutes pass, Carissa becomes more and more frantic, fearing that she will lose control of her bladder before the cop is finished with her. Her worst fears seem about to be realized when the cop returns to explain that he is having trouble with his computer and that processing her information will take a few more minutes. Carissa is in a panic now, fully aware that she can't wait a few more minutes. Suddenly, she feels a brief jet of pee jet through her panties and onto the seat of her jeans. She jumps out of the car, a big wet patch on her butt. The cop calls out to her, instructing her to get back into her vehicle, but she tells him that she can't and makes a run for the woods. She has left it too late, however; a dark wet patch spreads down the back of her jeans as she runs, reaching her boots and soaking those too. She keeps running into the trees, pee pouring from her, then finally stops and let the rest go. A vast amount of pee gushes down her legs and runs off the inside of her right leg in a waterfall.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 660.5 MB

Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery: Naked Wait 1 Remastered (MP4)
Naked Wait 1 Remastered (MP4)
Time: 37 minutes 35 seconds
This may have been the first time we tried having the girl stand and hold her pee while naked. It demonstrated just how hard it is to do that without the psychological barrier of clothes which we are trained from early years not to pee in. The original data imported from the camera still existed (such files are always 5-10GB in size so not all of them got stored back then), so that no upscaling was needed. With some adjustments (white balance, color balance, and so on), the result is almost indistinguishable from new videos. The picture was sharpened a little because, prior to 2016, all recordings were made onto tape. The original title was "The Naked Wait", perhaps implying that I did not expect to be filming more of them.

Original description: In response to popular request, Carissa puts herself through an extended period of holding it while dying to pee, completely naked throughout. The fact that she is wearing no clothes, not even panties, has a profound psychological effect on her, making holding a bladder full of pee extremely difficult. Carissa's pained expressions and frantic hand movements say much about the desperate state she is in. She has to concentrate extremely hard to last more than half an hour; several times it looked as if she would not make it. For those who enjoy watching a woman pee into a container, Carissa empties her bladder into one of those graduated glass cylinders and checks how much she had been holding. During filming, Carissa talks about her desperation initially, but as her desperation worsens she falls quiet, and at one point even turns to the cameraman to whimper the word "please", perhaps hoping for his permission to relieve herself, but he does not respond and she carries on holding it.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,738.0 MB
Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery: Desperation Documentary enhanced (MP4)
Desperation Documentary enhanced (MP4)
Time: 39 minutes 11 seconds
The only video in this set where the original recording was not available. Reprocessing was performed on a surviving high-quality Quicktime copy. The picture has been upscaled from 1280x720 pixels to 1920x1080 pixels (there are not new pixels of course, they are merely stretched). After rebalancing color and sound, the resulting video has a much sharper look to it.

Original description: We often show a holding contest taking place and it probably seems no big deal to set that up, but that's not always the case. In this documentary-style video, you get to see behind the scenes as we prepare for such a contest, revealing why they don't always take place as planned. One might think that asking both girls to hydrate themselves before turning up, and then having them both use the toilet at the same time would create a baseline from which they could fairly start to compete. However, there is no guarantee that this operation will run smoothly. In this instance, we see how it can all go so thoroughly wrong.

We join Carissa and Jasmine as they sip liquids and chat, then watch them use the toilet. We are in the second stages of preparation, drinking more liquid before filming would normally begin, when Jasmine begins to fidget very noticeably. It soon becomes clear that she is already seriously desperate to pee while Carissa hardly feels the urge at all. We tried to encourage Jasmine to hold it but there was no way she could last any length of time. She peed herself with her legs crossed to make it run down her legs. She then went to clean herself up while Carissa continued chugging. We next film a bondage video which films in the time nicely; Carissa needs to pee but it is not yet urgent, while Jasmine doesn't need to go at all.

The bondage video takes about 30 minutes to set up and film (a short sequence is included), by which time Carissa is the seriously desperate one. Jasmine has gone to get tape out of her hair while Carissa squirms and urges her to hurry up. By the time Jasmine returns, Carissa is absolutely bursting. Remarkably, Jasmine says she needs to pee again now, but obviously nowhere near as badly as her colleague. Just in case, she is asked to change clothing since the skirt she has on will be required for other work later, and by the time she gets back a second time, Carissa is right on the edge. After just a few minutes, Carissa loses control. Seeing and hearing her go induces the urge to go in Jasmine and she pees for a second time. Any sort of contest is now a bust of course, but the attempt has produced some excellent desperation.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,816.1 MB
Alina Long
Alina Long: Orgasmic Pee Remastered
Orgasmic Pee Remastered
Time: 24 minutes 00 seconds
Alina has never tried making herself have an orgasm while her bladder is full. Before starting, she stands chatting for a while, her legs fidgeting as she resists the urge to run to the bathroom. By the time filming begins, she badly needs to pee. She interacts only with the viewer as she removes her dress and panties, fingering herself in a seductive manner as she stands facing you, then bends over to let you see her masturbating from the rear. After a while, Alina takes up her vibrator and begins massages her clitoris, moving from a standing position to a chair and spreading her legs wide. She slowly begins to become stimulated, but (she admitted afterwards) needing to pee so badly impeded her ability to reach a climax. As a consequence, it took her more than twenty minutes to reach an orgasm, struggling with her full bladder the entire time. At last, her body undergoes a series of ecstatic jolts as she climaxes, and at this point pee begins to squirt out of her, to begin with is short squirts as her orgasm subsides, then in a continuous stream that goes on and on. She is so happy that she managed to cum before she lost control of her bladder.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,110.9 MB

Carissa Montgomery
Carissa Montgomery: I'm Going To Piss Myself Remastered plus Bonus Movie
I'm Going To Piss Myself Remastered plus Bonus Movie
Time: 26 minutes 03 seconds
Because we film in multiple genres, something that occurs a lot at Bound2Burst is that a girl must perform in some other movie immediately beforehand, and quite often she needs to pee while doing so. This ensures that a girl is truly desperate to go before she even starts on a desperation performance. Here, we had Carissa perform in a bondage video while badly needing to pee but holding it so that the desperation video could be shot immediately afterwards. Her body language as she performs in the bondage video, presented first, indicates that she is in a desperate state, but she manages to wait, and indeed, to hold it for a further fifteen minutes as the second movie was filmed.

Original description: Carissa plays the role of a smartly-dressed bank clerk who has been kidnapped and kept prisoner in a basement. Her wrists are secured by thick, completely inescapable "double" zip ties behind a pole, and a belt has been buckled around her neck which is itself zip tied to the pole, preventing her from sitting down or even bending forward, something every woman wants to do when she is dying to pee. Carissa, held prisoner for an extended period, has a very full bladder and calls out for assistance. Her sadistic captor merely rubs her abdomen, placing extra pressure on her bulging bladder, making her gasp in anguish and involuntarily bend one knee. Her captor tells her she can wait for now and he will deal with her problem in a while. Afraid to antagonize him, Carissa agrees to this arrangement and tries to make herself hold on, worried about making a mess on the basement floor. She makes several attempts to reach her cellphone with her foot, but it lies just out of reach of her extended leg. All she can do is try to hold it and hope her captor will return before she is forced to wet herself. She soon reaches the point where she knows she can't last much longer and again calls out for help. This time the man does not come to see her, and she is left frantically trying to hold on while denied the use of her hands and the ability to bend forward. Finally, she can't stop her muscles giving way and pee races down her crossed legs, puddling on the floor and leaving her to stand there in wet panties and tights.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,208.1 MB
Taylor: She Can't Leave The Office Remastered plus Bonus Movie
She Can't Leave The Office Remastered plus Bonus Movie
Time: 21 minutes 44 seconds
Because we film in multiple genres, something that occurs a lot at Bound2Burst is that a girl must perform in some other movie immediately beforehand, and quite often she needs to pee while doing so. This ensures that a girl is truly desperate to go before she even starts on a desperation performance. This is one of those occasions. Following the remastered version of this desperation movie, Taylor appears in a bondage clip where she is struggling to raise help, as well as not wet herself as she plays her role. She really wanted to perform in the pee video first but she was persuaded to wait. She has to roll about on the floor, tied up and nursing a full bladder. Those accustomed to watching women hide their desperation may be able to spots moments where the mask slips a little and Taylor betrays her desperation.

Original description: This is one of those office situations we have explored before, but Taylor makes a wonderful job of being the secretary stuck in the room because her boss has told her she must answer a very important call from a client, and must not miss the call on any account. Her boss, being a somewhat old-fashioned man, uses vintage telephones rather than cell phones or anything portable, meaning that Taylor can't take the phone to the bathroom with her. She does a lot of gasping and squirming as she waits for that all important call, experiencing false hope when the phone rings and it turns out to be someone other than the important client. When the call finally comes in, she is frantic to pee but does her best to conceal it from the person on the other end of the line. Taylor's pee dancing here is just spectacular, indeed spot on, exactly as one might fantasize about such a situation. She even manages to keep up the conversation when she wets herself, and it certainly is a long and powerful stream.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,008.4 MB
Taylor: Taylor Naked
Taylor Naked
Time: 50 minutes 52 seconds
A collection of Taylor's four naked desperation videos combined into one file, with a run time of 51 minutes. The videos have been upscaled from 1280x720 pixels, and various enhancements have been made to the color, white balance, etc. Taylor is a very attractive woman sporting large breasts and a great figure. She looks supremely sexy as she struggles with a full bladder.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,356.1 MB

Carissa, Autumn & Jasmine
Carissa, Autumn & Jasmine: Holding Contest Remastered
Holding Contest: Carissa, Autumn & Jasmine Remastered
Time: 60 minutes 58 seconds
Originally released at 1280x720 pixels and a bitrate of 3 Mbps, this video has been remastered from the original file and released at 1920x1080 pixels and a bitrate of 4.25 Mbps. Color and sound have been enhanced.
Original description: Carissa, Autumn and Jasmine drink liquids as they sit and talk to one another about desperate to pee situations they have found themselves in at different times. They are all relaxed at first, but after a while the urge to pee begins to grow until, after about half an hour, the fidgeting is becoming urgent. Each girl is trying to hold it longer than her two competitors, hoping they are even more desperate to pee. The conversation dies down somewhat as they all must concentrate on not wetting themselves. It's only a matter of time before someone loses control and the flooding begins. Who manages to wait the longest? Witness these three beautiful women frantically pee dancing as each approaches her bursting point. (This holding contest is a lot of fun, and admitted as much when it was all over. They all got along extremely well and enjoyed the competition despite their discomfort).

(Technical information: 1920x1080 pixels - 4.25 Mbps bitrate
2,004.3 MB; MP4: 2,014.9 MB)
Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance
Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee

The Wettest Link Remastered
The Wettest Link Remastered
Time: 112 minutes
Features Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance, Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee. Eight models battle it out answering multiple-choice questions to win a cash prize, with the penalty of being asked to drink an 8-ounce bottle of water each time they answer a question incorrectly. The girls all needed to pee to some extent before starting. The entire game is like a real quiz show with the added component of having a lot of women all desperate to pee as they try to concentrate on the questions being posed. Inevitably, there are a number of wrong answers as concentration drifts which results in a lot of water being consumed (some 30 pints altogether) and a lot of squirming and fidgeting. Most of the girls are vocal about the state of their filling bladders, and standing still as they drink the next bottle becomes more and more of a challenge as the game unfolds. The ways in which the models cope with their mounting discomfort are many and varied, with some happy to overtly show how badly they need to pee, while others present a cool facade as if nothing is wrong. The girls have a wonderful time despite experiencing full bladder discomfort and good humour abounds.
Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: I Can't Make It Home Remastered (MP4)
I Can't Make It Home Remastered (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 00 seconds
This is one of those times when Jasmine was starting to panic about peeing herself while driving a vehicle. She had been persuaded to drink plenty of liquid, then we went for a drive some twenty minutes from home where she could act out a scenario about being locked out of her boyfriend's house, seen in the background. She badly needed to pee and was anxious to start the journey back, assuming she would be using the bathroom. But this is not how things turned out: On the way back, Jasmine got very close to wetting herself, so we pulled off the road onto a rough track, driving along it until she was out of sight of the road. She then stopped the vehicle and jumped out, having to wait while the cameraman disembarked and going into position. Finally, she pulled her skirt up and tugged down her panties and fishnets and squatted down to relieve herself. A long moan escapes her as she releases. Now that was a close one.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 421.5 MB

Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: Unlocking The Flood Remastered (MP4)
Unlocking The Flood Remastered (MP4)
Time: 13 minutes 07 seconds
Jasmine has arrived with a very full bladder and is longing to pee, but when the moment comes she just can't make herself release. To overcome her pee-shyness, we take her to the bathroom, get her to stand in the bath and flush the toilet. The moment the water cascades into the bowl, Jasmine's muscles unlock and she pees a huge amount, soaking her jeans completely.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 614.1 MB
Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: Bathroom Out Of Reach Remastered (MP4)
Bathroom Out Of Reach Remastered (MP4)
Time: 9 minutes 21 seconds
Finding herself in another desperation predicament, Sinthia is determined to make it home this time. She holds her crotch as she drives, squirming as the pressure on her bladder mounts. When she finally arrives, she runs to the door, up the stairs, along the corridor and into the apartment. She just makes it to the bathroom in time and drops down gratefully onto the toilet, a look of enormous relief on her face as she releases her pee.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 437.9 MB
Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: Enormous Relief Remastered (MP4)
Enormous Relief Remastered (MP4)
Time: 12 minutes 43 seconds
Jasmine has consumed a lot of liquid and waiting until she can feel the waistband of her jeans straining against her abdomen. With an intermittently shaky voice, Jasmine describes her desperation and she wiggles and pee dances to delay the inevitable. Finally, she looks into the camera and asks: "Are you ready? I don't think I can hold on much longer." She lets her pee going into the jeans and they take another beating, getting just as soaked as in "Unlocking the Flood". The camera alternately shows Jasmine's jeans getting wet and the expression on her face as she enjoys wetting herself. When she has finished drenching jeans and boots, she turns to show just how badly she needed to pee.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 598.4 MB

Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: Blushing With Embarrassment enhanced (MP4)
Blushing With Embarrassment enhanced (MP4)
Time: 22 minutes 46 seconds
The original data for this one are no longer available, making this the only enhanced (instead of remastered) title of the set.

Jasmine is at a hospital to visit a friend, and she needs to pee. She's almost there and can use the restroom very soon. She steps on to the elevator and it starts to rise. It stops and the doors open to admit an old man with a walking stick, going up, he says, to the X-Ray department. The journey resumes for a few seconds before an ominous bang comes from above and the elevator stops abruptly. Jasmine looks alarmed, realizing that she is stuck in a sealed metal box with a man she doesn't know and she really needs to pee. She uses the elevator telephone to call for help, learning that a mechanical failure has occurred and a repair team has been dispatched. She is assured that the delay will only be about 10-15 minutes. After twenty minutes, Jasmine is becoming seriously worried. Her bladder feels very full and she can hardly stand still. It's embarrassing trying to hide her desperation from the old man, and she chatters somewhat incoherently in an attempt to take her mind off her predicament. She uses the phone again and learns that things are not moving along as quickly as hoped, and that it may take another 10-15 minutes to get the elevator moving again. Jasmine now starts to panic. She is compelled to admit her predicament and has to undo her belt and unbutton her tight jeans to take some of the pressure off her bladder. She crouches down, stands with her legs crossed and finally starts to pace. Her desperation to pee is now acute, and her need to squirm around to hold it supersedes her embarrassment. After 45 minutes stuck in the elevator with her bladder continuously filling, Jasmine is truly frantic, realizing that she is very close to wetting herself. She calls for help once more, irate now and very impatient to get out of the elevator before she has a humiliating accident. Once again, she is told the delay will be another 10-15 minutes. Absolutely bursting, Jasmine turns to face the corner of the elevator, covering her blushing cheeks with her hands and she wets herself. Afterwards, she starts to cry and the old man comforts her. When the elevator finally resumes moving, he takes off his jacket and tells Jasmine to exit with it in front of her legs to help conceal her soaked jeans and boots.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,069.1 MB
Jasmine St James
Early Jasmine Remastered: Volume 2 (MP4)
Early Jasmine Remastered: Volume 2 (MP4)
Total time: 66 minutes 47 seconds
1. I Can't Make It Home Remastered
2. Unlocking The Flood Remastered
3. Bathroom Out Of Reach Remastered
4. Enormous Relief Remastered
5. Blushing With Embarrassment enhanced

Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet
Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet: Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4)
Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4)
Time: 37 minutes 03 seconds
Three girls desperate to pee, each of them wearing a pair of jeans. The most desperate of the three is Jasmine who starts out (in her estimation) and 9.5 on the desperation scale. This recording coincided with her twenty-first birthday, an occasion that was not lost on her two companions who decided to give her 21 birthday spanks on the backside, sheer torture for Jasmine whose bladder was almost bursting at this point. Jasmine struggles to keep holding on, but less than half way through the video she simply can't wait any longer and wets her jeans. They do get wet too! She produced a huge quantity of pee for her, so that the back of her jeans got completely drenched. We kept Jasmine sitting on set in her wet jeans for a few minutes, but she was clearly getting cold and needs a hot shower. She ran upstairs and turned on the water, not a sound her two companions want to hear, but this was a suitable revenge for the torturous spanking they took so much delight in doling out. Candle's desperation increases fast and she is the next to yield. She decides to pee into a 32-ounce cup that she's been drinking from all morning, just to see if she can fill it. She succeeded with plenty to spare because she subsequently pulled her jeans back up and continued peeing, still managing to give the jeans a good soaking. In her antics, she managed to kick over the cup full of pee, but then, that's life with Candle. Dixie, who doesn't usually manage to hold out the longest, was seriously pee dancing by this time so urgent was her need to pee. Like Jasmine, she let it all go into her jeans, giving them a very thorough soaking indeed. Jasmine returned, clean and wearing dry clothes, to watch the remaining action. She even joined Candle and Dixie on set for the last couple of minutes of their performance.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,705.3 MB

Jasmine St James & Scarlett Storm
Jasmine St James & Scarlett Storm: Who Will Last the Longest enhanced (MP4)
Who Will Last the Longest enhanced (MP4)
Time: 25 minutes 36 seconds
Jasmine and Scarlett now go all out to see who can hold her pee the longest. Both start out feeling a strong urge to pee, a condition which becomes rapidly worse as they continue to drink liquid. They performed the entire scene wearing just bra and panties. As their desire to pee becomes acute, there is a lot of leg bending and crossing, wiggling and pacing (especially Jasmine), and a little time sitting. Jasmine finds sitting down difficult when her bladder is full, and soon gets up to pace again. The girls stay playing and tease one another despite their desperate urges, and when they can't wait any longer they both wet their panties, creating quite a major flood on the floor.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,183.2 MB
Jasmine St James
Jasmine St James: Jasmine's Zipper Gets Stuck enhanced (MP4)
Jasmine's Zipper Gets Stuck enhanced (MP4)
Time: 4 minutes 27 seconds
Jasmine arrives at a friend's house in a truly desperate state. She has been driving and holding a full bladder and now all she wants to do is run to the bathroom to relieve herself. Unfortunately, although the lights in the house are on, no one appears to be home. Jasmine hammers on the door while pee dancing, trying not to lose control, but she simply can't wait any longer. She runs around the side of the house planning to pull her jeans and panties down in order to pee, but to her distress the zipper on her jeans is jammed. Unable to budge it in time, pee leaks from her, slowly at first and then in a cascade down her legs as she wets her jeans. Trapped in pee-soaked jeans, poor Jasmine has no choice but to get back in her car and drive home.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 205.3 MB
Jasmine St James
Early Jasmine Set (MP4)
Early Jasmine Set (MP4)
Total time: 69 minutes
Three movies from Jasmine's first year with us. Each movie has been reprocessed from the original recording, filtered to clean up and sharpen the picture, and finally exported at 1920x1080 pixels.

1. Three Desperate Girls enhanced
2. Who Will Last the Longest enhanced
3. Jasmine's Zipper Gets Stuck enhanced


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