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Bound2Burst: Permission to Pee Collection
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Bound2Burst: Permission to Pee Collection

Compilation: Time & Permission Highlights: Volume 2 enhanced
Time & Permission Highlights: Volume 2 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 65 minutes 48 seconds
This compilation features further highlights from the Time To Go and Permission To Pee series of movies. Each sequence is approximately 8 minutes long and features the girls' catastrophic loss of control wherever this actually occurs. There are some very dramatic pee jets here. In most cases, the pee jet is filmed at fairly close range. Content derives from the following movies:
  1. Paige Turner & Becky LeSabre: Permission To Pee 5
  2. Candle Boxxx: Time To Go 11
  3. Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm: Permission to Pee 7
  4. Star Nine: Time to Go 12
  5. Candle Boxxx & Tina Lee Comet: Permission To Pee 8
  6. Scarlett Storm: Time To Go 8
  7. Tina Lee Comet: Time To Go 13
  8. Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm: Permission to Pee 6

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,080.3 GB

Cadence Lux & Juliette March
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Permission To Pee: Cadence And Juliette (MP4)
Permission To Pee: Cadence And Juliette (MP4)
Time: 44 minutes 30 seconds
This is a more traditional permission to pee situation, where there are three choices: one girl can instruct the other to (a) take a sip of water, (b) pee in a small cup and stop when it is full, and (c) remove an article of clothing. Juliette seemed to have some difficulty following the rules, but the result is very entertaining as the desperation to pee grows. Cadence in particular is seriously desperate to go but struggles hard to hold it in, something that is sheer torment when she tries to cut off the flow each time she fills one of those very small cups. Juliette experiences this sensation for the first time and moans at the effort of having to stop when her bladder is still full. Between them, the girls collect a very respectable quantity of pee in the graduated cylinder which is displayed at the end of the video.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,084.0 MB
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James
Cadence Lux & Jasmine St James: Permission To Pee (MP4)
Permission To Pee: Cadence & Jasmine (MP4)
Time: 54 minutes 40 seconds
The last permission to pee video was made in 2013, and neither Cadence nor Jasmine had ever tried this format before. The difficult part is stopping once the flow of pee has started, something neither girl has tried in the past. Actually getting permission to pee occurs on a random basis here: The girl each throw a pair of die, and the added numbers dictate which piece of paper they select from the bowl (these are numbered 1 to 12, although it should of course have been 2 to 12); the girl unfolds the paper and reads the instruction, and must perform whatever it is. These include drinking a small cup of water, peeing in a small cup and stopping when it is full, tickling her opponent for ten seconds and standing with legs apart for thirty seconds. Once they got the hang of this, the girls began counting off the seconds for one another, something that seemed to make their desperation even worse. As with most games, things don't unfold as expected, but there is a huge amount of laughter along the way. Despite the discomfort of an increasingly full bladder as time passed, both contestants had a good time playing the game.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4 2,549.1 MB

time & Permission Highlights: Volume 1 enhanced
Time & Permission Highlights: Volume 1 enhanced (MP4)
Time: 65 minutes
This compilation features highlights the Time To Go and Permission To Pee series of movies. Each sequence is approximately 8 minutes long and features the model's catastrophic loss of control wherever this actually occurs. There are some very dramtic pee jets here. In most cases, the pee jet is filmed at fairly close range. Content is drawn from the following movies:
  1. Lily & Amber: "Permission To Pee 1"
  2. Cheyenne: "Time To Go 6"
  3. Carissa & Dixie: "Time To Go 7"
  4. Lola & Dixie: "Permission To Pee 3"
  5. Autumn & Lavender: "Permission To Pee 2"
  6. Carissa: "Time To Go 4"
  7. Rachael: "Time To Go 2"
  8. Lily, Tina & Carissa: "Permission To Pee 4"
Amber Wells & Lily Anna
Permission to Pee Remastered (MP4)
Permission to Pee Remastered (MP4)
Time: 38 minutes 34 seconds
Imported from the original tapes, augmented as far as the quality would allow (color, brightness, sound), this full version of Permission to Pee shows the run up to the contest between Amber and Lily. Amber used to take a diuretic before a shoot to make sure she could pee when a camera was pointed at her. Naturally a bit shy, she always maintained that she could only pee when being filmed if she got herself to a point where she was really bursting, and a little pill combined with plenty of water would achieve this. On the occasion when Permission to Pee was planned, however, things went slightly wrong for Amber. The bondage video took longer than expected. At the time, I had two cameras, and while off filming a scene with Lily in another room, Amber was left tied to a chair (with zip ties) with the second camera running. The idea was to cut between the two scenes during editing, with Amber struggling to escape while burglar Lily and the second intruder are not around. What actually happened is that Amber's desperation to pee became very acute, and instead of acting like a damsel, her entire performance was about trying not to wet herself since she knew she would be doing a pee video directly after this.

Original description:
The girls have a new kind of challenge: they both need to pee, but neither of them can go without receiving permission from the other. Even when permission is given, each girl can only fill a small (dixie) cup and then she must stop going, as in the Time To Go movies. Instead of a clock setting the pace, she must now hold it until her competitor feels like allowing her to go some more. Alas, this is a double-edged sword of course because the model withholding permission to her competitor is herself longing to pee, so she is at the same time delaying her own relief. Life is full of hard choices! Given Amber's strongly competitive nature, she makes Lily wait in spite of her own desperation. In the end, however, nature overpowers Amber and she experiences a truly catastrophic loss of control - had all the pee been measured it may have set a new Bound2Burst record! (The opening scenes of this movie show Amber secured to a chair with zip ties. We were in the process of filming a bondage movie for Beauties in Bondage when Amber declared that she was really bursting to pee. We called a halt and switched over to the planned Permission to Pee scenario, with poor Amber starting at an extreme disadvantage. The first minutes are a bit chaotic with lighting being changes, towels and a glass cylinder being retrieved by Lily, and of course with Amber being set free. Amber's initial desperation is what led to one of the most dramatic losses of control ever witnessed on B2B).

Autumn (with Lavender)
Permission To Pee 2
Permission To Pee 2
Time: Time: 42 minutes 20 seconds
Autumn and Lavender torture one another by giving one another permission to pee into a small cup and then cut off the flow (that's the torturous bit!). Stopping is hard because both girls have full bladders and each time they have to stop peeing, their muscles protest a little more until they begin to tire. In addition to controlling the amount her competitor can pee, and how frequently, each girl can also make the other drink water. Another delaying option is that each may also give instructions for the other to go on holding it and remove an article of clothing instead of peeing. This is a double-edged sword of course; by delaying her competitor's opportunity to pee, each girl must herself wait even longer for her own next squirt of partial relief. So who will lose control first?

Lola Lynn
Permission to Pee 3
Permission to Pee 3
44 minutes 24 seconds

Lola and Dixie are placed in that now familiar situation where they start out needing to pee rather badly, but can only release it in small amounts into tiny white cups. The two women take some delight in torturing one another by making the other wait, or instructing her to drink more water. Of course, starting and cutting off the flow after just a few seconds is immensely difficult to do, especially for anyone who has never tried doing this before. The pressure mounts, literally as the minutes pass and the muscles tire, and soon holding it at all is almost impossible. The movie is not edited at all so you get to watch the desperation mounting in real time. (This was Lola and Dixie's first desperation movie together. Dixie was not able to gauge herself at all since she had never done anything like this before. As the climax of the movie approaches, things take a turn for the worse for Dixie because of what happens to Lola, and she becomes extraordinarily desperate to pee. Watching her panic rise as she is forced to keep holding certainly delivers the goods in this video. As usual with this series of videos, the peeing sequences are mostly filmed in close-up. A little by-the-way: the girls are dressed like secretaries because they had just finished a bondage session during which both of them felt the urge to pee but they chose to hold it in preparation for filming this).
Carissa Montgomery, Lily Anna & Tina
Permission to Pee 4
Permission to Pee 4
Time: 36 minutes 09 seconds
Now we have three girls competing with and torturing one another as the either give or withhold permission for their competitors to pee. Things are more complicated now because permission must be given by two before the third one can pee, and of course any girl can issue an instruction to drink more. As time passes, the level of squirming increases and the ability to cut off the flow becomes increasingly erratic. As a first timer on Bound2Burst, Tina does very well competing against her two more experienced companions, establishing herself as a model willing to return for more desperation struggles in the future. (The dynamics of a permission to pee situation is certainly different when three models are present instead of two. Lily hosts this movie (there is no narration from the cameraman) since she has participated in the very first of these with Amber (see Permission to Pee. Each girl comes to the front when she pees into the cup (although Lily does so less than Carissa and Tina), and these sequences are mostly filmed in close-up).
Becky LeSabre & Paige Turner
Paige & Becky: Permission to Pee 5 Remastered
Permission to Pee 5 Remastered
Time: 42 minutes 06 seconds
This 2011 video has been re-imported from the original tapes, re-edited and exported at 1280x960 pixels and at a bitrate of 6 Mbps. The result is a vastly improved picture (plus a lot bigger since the original was only 640x480 pixels) and a clearer soundtrack. At time 14m 46s, a 1m 7s sequence has been inserted from camera 2 to replace a damaged sequence on the camera 1 recording. This recording has been cropped to remove bright sunlight and is therefore poorer in resolution that the remainder of the movie, but I think this is preferable to having the sequence missing altogether. The lighting is highly variable throughout the video because of sunlight encroaching on the scene as it was being recorded, always a problem without a proper studio, but the effects have been minized as much as possible. I'd forgotton just how much fun these to had with this challenge, indicating an easy friendship.

Original description:
We arranged for Paige and Becky to drink various liquids until they were again in a desperate state, then we began filming them in a permission to pee situation. As most of you know, the rules for this are as follows: (1) each model can order her companion to either drink liquid, hold her pee, or pull down her panties and urinate into a small cup which barely provides any relief from the pressure on her full bladder. The constant stopping and starting plays havoc with the model's mind set, not to mention placing a huge strain on her sphincter muscle. The girls really get into torturing one another as the battle it out for almost an hour, each of them frequently withholding permission for partial relief from her opponent. They go through a lot of water as they torment one another, and as the time passes, the amount of leg crossing and foot tapping increases as they both become more and more desperate to go. At one point, Paige gives permission for Becky to pee a little, but just as Becky is pulling down her panties, Paige changes her mind and tells her friend to finish a bottle of water first. The look on Becky's face and the groan that escapes her speak volumes about her state of desperation. Finally, one of the girls loses control and a lot of pee ends up on the floor, although a lot also ends up in the glass cylinder. Just how much they were holding between them is a matter of conjecture, but it was probably upwards of two litres.


Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm
Permission To Pee 6
Permission To Pee 6
Time: 39 minutes 53 seconds
It has been a while since our last Permission to Pee video. Both Scarlett and Carissa take great delight in torturing her opponent, making her drink water and wait for the moment of limited relief when she can pee into a tiny cup, then waiting for some time before permission to release another cupful is granted. As time passes, the girls become increasingly desperate and find stopping harder, but they manage to cope. While we have often seen the situation where the model loses control while peeing into the cup, in this instance one of the models is made to wait too long and she wets her jeans. In retaliation, she denies her opponent permission to go and makes her wait until she too wets her jeans. Scarlett and Carissa both peel off their wet clothes at the end and appear naked.
Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm
Kaitlin & Scarlett Storm: Permission to Pee 7 enhanced
Permission to Pee 7 enhanced
Time: 33 minutes 21 seconds
Enhanced means this movie has not been remastered from scratch; rather, the original has been passed through some filters to spruce it up, before upscaling it to 1920x1080 pixels. Given that this was Kaitlin's only visit to us (she retired from modeling immediately after, but I deny any causality), re-presenting one of her videos with Scarlett seemed like the thing to do.

Original description: Kaitlin and Scarlett torment one another in a permission to pee session where each girl can pee only if the other agrees to let her, and even then she can only fill a small white plastic cup before she must clamp off the flow. Stopping becomes more difficult with each passing release, and before long the girls are struggling not to let go of their pee involuntarily. They also make each other undress until they are both naked, making it psychologically more difficult still to not pee. Naturally, they encourage each other to drink more and more liquid, perpetually speeding up the rate at which their bladders fill. There is certainly some spillage as the contest between the girls reaches an advanced stage, and not surprisingly we see some catastrophic loss of control. The peeing sequences are shown at fairly close range.

1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,545.2 MB
Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet
Permission to Pee 8
Permission to Pee 8
Time: 55 minutes 02 seconds
Candle brings a whole new dynamic to the permission to pee format. While the rules were explained to her, somewhat, she is playing opposite Dixie who is now an old hand at these situations. She has a good laugh when Candle forgets to tell her to drink, for example, while she doesn't for one moment forget to make Candle drink more liquid. A new element in this movie is letting each model torture the other by pouring water into a of the glass cylinder (one reserved for the purpose) while the other squats down as she would if she were actually going to pee. The psychological torture is intense. We also included the option of removing an article of clothing if the model doesn't want to drink any more, or in Dixie's case simply can't drink any more. Dixie is certainly the more desperate of the two as things progress, and opts for removing clothes instead of drinking. Nevertheless, Candle still makes her drink a little more. As things approach a climax, Dixie lapses into her favorite position to maintain control when she is really bursting, while Candle shifts around but appears to still have more control. The girls decide between themselves that the one who loses control first will be buying dinner that evening. Poor Dixie is the one who had to dip into her pockets - she literally explodes and the expression on her face just before the event is priceless! This is the cue for Candle to attempt filling the cylinder being used to store the cups of pee. She actually comes fairly close to succeeding - clearly, Candle does have a large bladder as she herself reported in her audition movie, making her a candidate for a future holding content.

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