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Bound2Burst: Customs
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Bound2Burst Customs

Deadline for booking a custom:
8 June 2019

Deadline for booking a custom:
1 July 2019

Becca & Jasmine together
Deadline for booking a custom:
9 July 2019

To book a custom, contact

Please supply a 1,000-word summary of your script to find out if we are able to film your custom for you. The following represent answers to some of the basic questions.

Can I select the model(s)?
Yes, when available and applicable. Please visit our Available Models Page for a listing of models that may be available. Please review their specialties and limitations before making a request. If you are requesting models who do not currently work for us, additional time will be needed to contact them for availability. Additional costs may be incurred in hiring them.

How much do custom videos cost?
Every video is different so the prices vary. We use the information you provided to assess the cost of your desired video. There are a few standard costs that are built into this process. In particular, there is a minimum charge. Because your video can take some time to shoot and all of our models have a minimum rate for their time, we make sure they are paid appropriately by having a minimum rate of $200 per model per video. This does not mean that your video will only cost $200 with only one model, but no video will be produced for under this price.

How Long Can My Video Be?
That depends on your budget and the details of the script. Most videos are between 10-20 minutes long but some are over a hour long. We do not produce videos shorter than 10 minutes.

How Detailed Can A Scene Be?
As detailed as you want, but please understand that the more detail you include the more expensive the scene will be.

Can I share my custom or sell it?
NO! We maintain the rights to these videos and to resell them. You are funding the production of the shoot, not paying to buy the rights of the video itself. In essence, you receive a copy of the scene for providing its funding. You may watch them for your own personal use, you may not forward or copy this material to be shared.

How do I pay for my custom?
Submit your custom clip request for a list of payment options.

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