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Latest Update: 28 June 2015

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Added: June 28
Jasmine: Just a Matter of Time
Just a Matter of Time (12m 18s)

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WMV: $7.99
WMV: $10.99
Added: June 26
Jasmine: Want to Watch
Want to Watch (7m 34s)

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WMV: $4.99
WMV: $6.99

Cali, Dixie, Jasmine, Kim, Gianna, Caroline, Cadence, Tilly & Niki
Added: June 23
Just Made It 14
Just Made It 14 (60 mins)

WMV: $17.99
WMV: $22.99

Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez
Added: June 13
Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez: Desperation Challenge 4
Desperation Challenge 4 (47m 31s)

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Cali, Cadence and Hannah all need to pee as they engage in a quiz where each of them in turn asks the other two girls a question; if one gets the answer right she doesn't have to drink any liquid, but the girl who didn't answer in time or did not know the correct answer had to consume a shot of water from a cup. The girls rotate their positions as they take turns in posing questions and hence making their opponents drink water. As time passes, concentration becomes harder as bladders fill and the girls begin to squirm as they play. Soon, signs of real desperation start to appear as more and more water is drunk until the girls feel they really can't consume any more; the only solution to that is to answers all of the questions correctly... except, of course, they can't! Watch as these three beauties each struggle not to be the first to first to wet herself and lose the challenge.
WMV: $19.99
WMV: $23.99

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