Cadence Lux: Set 13 (MP4) - 62 minutes

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Cadence Lux: Set 13 (MP4) - 62 minutes

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1. The Transaction
36 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,671.3 MB
Cadence is a bank manager arriving home from work. There is nothing more she wants than a hot shower to wash away the cares of the day. She undresses and is about to step into the shower when she realizes she needs to pee. She sits on the toilet and is about to go when she hears a sound somewhere in the house. She aborts her attempt to relieve herself, wraps a towel around her naked body and goes to investigate. She comes across an armed intruder who asks her if she remembers him. Cadence does not appear to, and he reminds her that they met just a few weeks earlier when he applied to her for a sixty-thousand-dollar business loan, a request that she turned down. Determined to get his money, the man now plans to force Cadence to perform the authorization and transfer of money online, which a colleague of his elsewhere will monitor what is happening with their Cayman Islands account to make sure she actually performs the transaction. Cadence has no choice but to enter all of her authorization codes into her tablet and set the transfer in motion. It takes time for the off the security checks to be performed, and while that is going on, Cadence is forced to wait. She tries to persuade the man to let her go into the bathroom and dress, not telling him that she is now desperate to pee. He refuses, forcing her to keep waiting as she becomes increasingly frantic to piss. After the money is safely in his account, he makes Cadence perform a second transaction giving him even more money, before he leaves her tied up on the floor. Once he leaves, Cadence desperately makes her way to the bathroom, leaking a little as she attempts to lift the toilet seat lid, and finally manages to position herself on the toilet release the pressure on her screaming bladder.

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Teaser: ... action.mp4

2. The Price Of Failure
25 minutes 50 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,193.2 MB
Cadence plays a lawyer who has lost a copyright infringement case for her client, and he is very unhappy with the outcome, saying her poor performance was humiliating. When Cadence visits him at home to discuss a new strategy to have the judgement overturned, the first thing she wants to do is use his bathroom because she is desperate to pee. He says no before launching into a tirade, during which Cadence must stand and listen with her legs crossed. Finally, because the client won't let her pee, she informs him that she is going to leave. This is where she is informed that she is not going anywhere, and seeing what he is holding in his hand, she knows there is no chances of just walking out. She complains that she is bursting and really needs to pee, but still the client refuses to let her use the bathroom. In fact, he has already prepared a restraint for his erstwhile lawyer, and orders her to chain herself to his wood stove using a leather strap attached to a chair. He warns her not to pee on his carpet, telling her that she will have to control herself no matter how full her bladder feels, until he decides that she can go. Cadence pleads with him to end this torture, squirming and crossing her legs, even holding her crotch, as he looks on with obvious satisfaction.

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Teaser: ... ailure.mp4

Cadence Lux: Set 13 (62 minutes 01 seconds)

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