Sinthia Bee: Set 1 (MP4) - 48 minutes 11 seconds

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Sinthia Bee: Set 1 (MP4) - 48 minutes 11 seconds

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Sinthia's Loss Of Control
16 minutes 24 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 755.4 MB
It's Sinthia's first solo shoot with us, and we encouraged her to drink lots and lots of liquid to make sure she became desperate to pee. The scenario is the familiar mechanism for preventing a woman running to the bathroom to relieve herself, an intruder who forces her to stay where she is and won't let her go anywhere. Sinthia squirmed and wiggles her legs as she tried to control herself, suppressing the impulse to release. She massages her bulging abdomen, making her dress a little tight and adding just a little more pressure where it was least needed. Loaded up with water, it is not long before her loss of control is imminent, and she is forced to wet herself in front of the intruder. Very embarrassing.

Store: $8.99 ... ct_id=1348

Teaser: ... inthia.mp4

Sinthia's Bulging Bladder
28 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,317.2 MB
Allowing her bladder to fill again and agreeing to hold it as long as she can, Sinthia goes outside in her dress and heels on a surprisingly warm November afternoon. She chats about how it feels to have a full bladder, and worries about losing control too soon. The tension in her body increases as she fights the growing urge to release, crossing her legs and holding her crotch to help stave off the inevitable. She is persuaded to keep holding on, and being new to this with Bound2Burst, she didn't resist the suggestion; rather, she warned that she didn't think she could wait for the half hour being requested. She does surprisingly well before the waves of desperation finally overcome her and she wets herself. She removes her pantyhose after release and shows off her wet panties from both front and back.

Store: $9.99 ... ct_id=1349

Teaser: ... ladder.mp4

On The Way Home
3 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 144.8 MB
After drinking nine bottles of water throughout the day, Sinthia was sure she would need to pee on her way home, and agreed to film it on her phone, including the bathroom scene where she sits on the toilet and releases.

Store: $1.99 ... ct_id=1350

Sinthia Bee: Set 1 (MP4) - 48 minutes 11 seconds

Store: $16.99 ... ct_id=1351

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