Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James Enhanced Set (MP4) - 2 hours

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Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James Enhanced Set (MP4) - 2 hours

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1. Exam Desperation enhanced
22 minutes 20 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,031.7 MB
Jasmine is a student who has missed an important examination. The school has agreed to let her sit the test separately in the presence of an invigilator. At the start, the invigilator (Candle) checks that Jasmine has done everything she needs to do before the test begins (eaten lunch, used the bathroom, etc.), reminding her that once the test begins neither of them may leave the room. Jasmine off-handedly says she's fine. At 2 p.m., Candle starts the 3-hour-long exam. All is well for a while, but mid-way through the afternoon Jasmine begins to fidget. Candle asks her if she is alright and she says yes initially, but then admits that she needs to pee. Candle reminds her that she was asked about the use of the bathroom before the test began. Jasmine agrees with ill-grace to continue working while holding it, but later her desperation gets the better of her and she leaves her seat, intent on making a visit to the bathroom. Candle explains that if the girl leaves the room, she will forfeit her test and will have to sit an entirely new one. Jasmine pleads with the woman, asking her to go along to the bathroom with her, but Candle reminds her that neither one of them may leave the room before the 3-hours has elapsed. Truly dying to pee now, Jasmine resumes work, her fidgeting now pronounced. With only ten minutes remaining, Jasmine decides she really can't hold it any longer and tries again to leave for a visit to the ladies. Candle picks up her test paper, making the girl stay. Jasmine starts to cry because she needs to go so badly but Candle is unrelenting. Suddenly, Jasmine loses control and wets herself, pee streaming down her bare legs onto the floor. She is mortified. When Candle tells her to go get a mop to clean up the mess, Jasmine calls her a bitch and storms out, locking the door behind her and jamming something into the lock so that Candle cannot get out. Candle discovers what the girl has done and calls the administrative office, asking them to send down a janitor to help her. She is informed that it is 5 p.m. and the janitors have gone home for the weekend. Candle next calls her boyfriend to ask him to come and help her, but he doesn't get off work until six. Things would not be so bad but Candle is now dying to pee herself, and is not sure she can last another hour. It seems the classroom is in for a seconding flooding that afternoon.

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Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

2. Truth or Dare enhanced
23 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,091.9 MB
Candle and Jasmine both need to pee and each is determined to hold on longer than the other. About half way through the video the girls decide to play truth or dare, doing things to one another which make holding pee more difficult. Since neither girl really wants to tell the truth about anything, they have to accept the dares. These include giving oneself stomach punches, hard to take on a full bladder. Finally, Candle invites Jasmine to give her some stomach punches, with somewhat damp consequences. When Candle loses control it induces Jasmine to do the same, so at the end both girls stand there wetting themselves simultaneously. Candle's stream is extremely powerful and it is necessary to throw down towels to stop the puddle spreading. That girl has one huge bladder!

Store: $7.99 ... ct_id=1342

Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

3. The Embarrassed Student enhanced
23 minutes 17 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,076.4 MB
Jasmine has just finished a class at college and has stepped into the elevator to take her up to her dorm room on the sixteen floor. She has been dying to pee throughout the class and is looking forward to using the bathroom on her floor. The elevator climbs a few floors and then stops. The doors open and her anatomy professor steps on board. Jasmine immediately tries to conceal how desperate she is to pee, not wishing to embarrass herself in front of this woman. A minute later, a loud crunch is heard and the elevator stops abruptly. The professor tries the emergency phone but cannot reach anyone, while behind her Jasmine is pee dancing, wondering what on earth she is going to do. She doesn't want to have an embarrassing accident in front of her professor; nor does she want to admit to her predicament. Things take a turn for the worse when the professor starts asking her questions about her work, and Jasmine tries to concentrate on giving answers while not betraying her desperate urge for relief. As the situation drags on with no sign of an early solution, Jasmine is finally forced to admit to her predicament. The professor is not terribly sympathetic and tells her she will have to wait, but Jasmine simply can't wait. She loses control and makes a large puddle on the floor of the elevator, much to her professor's disgust. Jasmine pleads for this incident not to have a negative impact on her grades.

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Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

4. The Supervisor Could Not Wait enhanced
13 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 612.1 MB
Candle is invigilating a special exam for a student who missed the prescribed date and time for his paper. The examination runs for three hours, and to ensure that the student has no contact with those who have already completed the test, neither he nor Candle can leave the room for the duration of the examination. Unfortunately for Candle, several hours into the exam, she feels a rather serious urge to pee. She crosses her legs and does her best to ignore her desire to go, but it gets rapidly worse until she is forced to call the administration office to ask if someone can relieve her for a few minutes. It seems no one is free so Candle must simply carry on holding it and try to get to the end of the three hours without an accident. Her fidgeting becomes so noticeable that it begins to distract the student who asks her to be quiet. Candle apologizes and does her best to keep from wiggling and moaning, but she is now close to bursting point and in serious danger of having an accident in front of the student. When she resumes making noise and squirming in a frantic attempt not to wet herself, the student becomes annoyed with her. Candle can't even think straight, and with just minutes to go before the end of the test, she loses control and wets her white panties. Her pee pours down between her parted legs for almost a whole minute. She is relieved but in a quandary about what to do. Disgusted, the student leaves the room, saying he will make a complaint and demand to sit the test again without someone distracting him. Candle removes her wet underwear at the end. The movie concludes with a brief behind the scenes sequence.

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Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

5. Sheer Desperation enhanced
25 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,197.3 MB
The day after filming "Mind Over Bladder", Candle was up for another challenge to see if she could surpass her pee volume from that contest. We work on the usual mix of forced stripping and bondage while Candle and Jasmine both take in fluids. In Candle's case, she drinks a phenomenal amount all the time, but this day she consumed a little more than usual, which is what got her into some serious trouble. Towards the end of making the bondage movie "No Benefit" Candle reported being extremely desperate to pee, but declared that she would hold it in the hope of beating her 1,200 ml record. The last minute or so of the bondage story is included at the start of this movie to let you see how frantic Candle was to pee - she was wiggling her legs as far as she could in restraints, her body language making it obvious that she was nearly bursting. Jasmine remarked that she had never seen Candle so desperate before, and that's saying something. With the bondage over, Candle changed her clothes very quickly and was urging Jasmine to hurry up because she could not wait much longer. So it is that at the start of the contest, Candle is in a state of sheer desperation. She squirms frantically, making herself wait in order to "show off her desperation", as she puts it. She starts to undress quite early on after Jasmine places a graduated cylinder in front her, preparing herself in case she loses control and has to grab the cylinder quickly. We also persuade Jasmine to pee into the other cylinder, something she has never done before. At last, Candle simply can't hold on any more and pees into the tube. The relief on her face is a gem. She only pees 1,000 ml at first, but in the following minutes she releases more and then more until she finally reaches Jayne's 1,400 ml record. Candle is pleased, but says that next time she needs to do it all in one go. Having Jasmine measure her pee reveals how dehydrated she was, both from volume and the color of her pee despite drinking steadily for hours. She is capable of peeing much more, as demonstrated by completely soaking pairs of jeans in movies like "Unlocking the Flood" and "Enormous Relief", but she requires a lot of managing to make that happen.

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Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

6. Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting enhanced
11 minutes 26 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 528.9 MB
Candle and Jasmine have just finished a bondage scene, and Jasmine is released first. This is when Candle admits that she really needs to use the bathroom, so we turn control of the situation over to Jasmine who, once again, has a lot of fun tormenting poor Candle. First of all, Jasmine refuses to let her use the bathroom unless she rolls around on the floor (with a full bladder) making farmyard noises. When Candle keeps insisting that she MUST use the bathroom, Jasmine helps her up but does not untie her. Instead, she makes candle hop to the bathroom, several times pulling her back using the rope leash she has left herself to play with. When candle does finally get into the bathroom, Jasmine announces that she is going to pee first and that Candle will have to watch. Candle can't believe it and squirms as she waits her turn. At least, it looks as if Jasmine is going to let her pee. She pulls down Candle's tights and panties for her, but each time Candle tries to sit on the toilet, Jasmine pulls her back up and makes her wait a little longer. Finally, she does let Candle pee, but continues to mess with her when she gets up. Candle looks into the camera and shakes her head. For all her shyness, Jasmine has a demon in her when placed in a position of power.

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Teaser: ... hanced.mp4

Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James Enhanced Set (MP4) - 2 hours
All six videos have been processed using noise reduction and sharpening filters. Color has been enhanced and white balance corrections were applied where they improved the image. Sound has been compressed to reduce the dynamic range, lifting up quieter sequences of the soundtracks.

Store: $20.99 ... ct_id=1347

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