I Can't Reach My Panties (4K upscaled) - Star Nine

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I Can't Reach My Panties (4K upscaled) - Star Nine

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i_cant_reach_my_panties_k_800.jpg (79.44 KiB) Viewed 29483 times
Star has been grabbed and taken prisoner, and left handcuffed and gagged for hours. Compelled to stand there with a full bladder, hoping someone might come and release her before she loses control, she is fast approaching the point where she will have to piss herself. (This video has been upscaled to 4K from 720p using Topaz AI software).

12 minutes 27 seconds - 3840x2160 pixels - MP4: 1,434.2 MB

Store: $5.99
https://www.bound2burststore.com/store/ ... ct_id=2017

https://www.bound2burst.net/movies/clip ... ties_k.mp4

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