Carissa's "Absolute Limit" was also a hold it for hours style custom

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Carissa's "Absolute Limit" was also a hold it for hours style custom

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The run time on this is 95 minutes. I only published the last 37 minutes because I assumed very few people wanted long form videos these days. Jasmine Holds It For Hours has demonstrated that I am totally wrong about that! I therefore plan to release the full version of Carissa's long video soon. I need to re-edit to create 3 downloadable files.

The format of this one is slightly different to Jasmines, in that a scenario is being played out to some degree, whereas in Jasmine's one we simply watch her drinking, waiting and getting desperate, the only significant interaction occurring in the final hour via a quiz to keep her occupied.

The next person I was ask to attempt one of these is Mura Suru, most likely in January.

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