Megan's Make up Test (Fiction)

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Megan's Make up Test (Fiction)

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Late-spring mornings can be deceptive. They start out cool and misty, then heat up with the sun. It made the afternoon unbearable, and summer vacation essential. Just as essential was preparation for a hot classroom. A cold, iced morning coffee and a thermos full of even colder water was the perfect solution. After nearly a decade of teaching, nothing surprised Elizabeth Oliver anymore, especially not the lack of air conditioning at Howe Highschool. What did take her by surprise this morning was the appearance of Barbara Stern in the teacher’s lounge.

“Barbra? Tired of retirement already?”

The old teacher laughed “Just about. They have me subbing today.”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. She wasn’t aware of anyone taking the day off.

“For who?”


This took Elizabeth by surprise, which quickly dissipated with the realization of what it was.

“Don’t tell me they picked me to proctor?”

Barbra nodded, Elizabeth groaned. She paused

“Well, at least it’s you. We’ve got a test next week, you’ve got the lesson plan?”

Barbra gave the much younger teacher a look. It was almost a look of indignity

“Right. Like I said. I’m glad it’s you.” Elizabeth took a long drink from her thermos.

“My advice Beth? As someone who’s had to proctor these state exams, they don’t let you out either. Make sure you refill that before you go in.”

“Wasn’t you who had that student pass out from dehydration, was it?”

“No, but I nearly did. Make sure your students have plenty too.”

Elizabeth nodded. At least it was going to be a quiet morning.
Megan knew her mother would kill her if she caught her buying energy drinks. But it was Megan’s own money, and she was 18 now, so it was her choice. She knew it’d be hot in that room, so two cold energy drinks would do.
The trip up to Howe Highschool was a short one. Despite the morning school traffic, the gas station from which she made her purchase was only a short drive away. It made her feel like an adult, to park the car and get herself situated. Independent and free. Quickly hopping out of the car, she called to her friend Emily before they entered the building.

“Hey short-stuff! Wait up!”

The small girl in spandex turned around, smiling but blushing

“Don’t call me that!”

“What? Afraid Mike will hear?”

“Yes! Your mom let you take the car?”

The building was already hotter than the outdoors. Both could feel it as they crossed through the double doors.

“Yeah. I might leave after the test.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. You’ve got the make-up for the C.A.N.T, right?”

The two stopped in the hallway, Emily put her bag into her locker and grabbed her books for her first class

“Why do you think I have these?” Megan held up her energy drinks

“Don’t let coach see you with those! She’ll make you drink extra water!”

“I know. Been having water since I got up. I’m seriously peeing like every five minutes!”

“Speaking of which, I’m going before cla-“ The bell rang, breaking their conversation. Emily continued

“Guess I’ll be late. You’ve got to head out, They lock you out of those, and I heard you’ve got Ms. Oliver!”

Megan groaned, she could already feel her bladder reacting to her recently finished water bottle. She followed Emily to the bathroom but passed by the doors

“Guess I’ll have to ask her quick, you know she’s a stickler for rules!”

Emily replied, but Megan was walking too quickly to hear it as she made her way to her state test.
As she opened the heavy door, Megan was surprised to be the only student there. Ms. Oliver sat at a steel desk facing the doorway. Megan picked a seat somewhat near her, a few rows back.

“Were we expecting a full class?” She asked

“You and five others.” Ms. Oliver spoke curtly

Megan nodded. “If it’s ok with you, may I use the bathroom real quick?”

“No. Doors lock in two”

“It’ll be quick-“

“You’ve already wasted a minute talking.”

Ms. Oliver cut her off and ended the conversation. Megan was sure she’d be ok, but she’d feel better if she was allowed to go. The two sat silent for a moment. Ms. Oliver sipped from her thermos and Megan from her energy drink. Standing, Ms. Oliver grabbed a sheet of paper from her desk and walked over to the door, locking it. Walking back to the front of the classroom, she began to read from the paper, speaking in an authoritative tone.

“I’ve now locked the door, The test will begin shortly. There will be no phone or mobile device use, nor is any student permitted to leave the testing are without forfeiting their work…”

As Ms. Oliver read on, Megan tiled her energy drink towards herself and gulped down a large quantity to prepare herself. It would be a long test.
Megan looked at the clock. Nearly a half an hour had passed. The heat of the room was starting to get to her. She had already finished one drink and was working on another. She felt warm, and the can was covered in moisture and sweat. She looked at Ms. Oliver. Her teacher was finishing her thermos, taking a large enough sip that it clinked off of her thin glasses. She looked at Megan.

“Eyes on your test.”

Megan raised her hand quickly

“Can you open the window? It’s a little warm.”

With this request, Ms. Oliver complied. Both teacher and student had downed a considerable amount of fluid and each was just hoping they just felt warm from the heat of the room. Megan looked back at her test, a thought crossed her mind. 57 down, 200 to go… It was going to be a long test.

Megan checked the clock. Feeling the first hint of her filled bladder. She looked at her now empty energy drink. She could feel its effects as she started to jitter from the caffeine. She tapped her pencil on the desk, the yellow utensil clacking off of the plastic desk. As her water and energy drink continued to push into her bladder, Megan countered slightly using her womanly muscles. A dull ache, it remained as she pressed on through her next set of questions. The room was still hot. Against her better judgement, she took another sip from her other energy drink. This can too was coated with moisture, and the liquid did little to cool her body. A silence came back over the room as Megan returned to her work.

Another question in and the quiet was broken by Ms. Oliver, who suddenly stood. Megan looked up, watching her proctor straighten her red blouse and press her black pencil skirt. She walked over to Megan, her heels knocking against the linoleum floor. She stood by the student, looking over her test. Megan found it hard to continue to work with the added supervision, and her mind wandered back to her bladder. A constant heavy feeling had
settled in her abdomen, and Megan wondered if her tight, dark, jeans were too tight. A finger made its way across the desk and pointed at her test.

Ms. Oliver gave her a complement

“Nice job on this one. You’ll get there. Stay focused.”

It was slightly out of the ordinary for Ms. Oliver, but Megan took the complement. She looked at her teacher, her eyes at thigh level, noticing Ms. Oliver’s pantyhose-clad legs shaking slightly. Megan looked up, Ms. Oliver smiled, blushing from embarrassment and walked back to her desk.
Megan worked, but each question was seemingly taking longer. The heat of the room didn’t help. She wanted to drink, but couldn’t. The chair was uncomfortable. She dug her knuckles into her back to ease her muscles, but as she pressed into her back it was as though she had pushed her water forward. She cringed and shot her body forward, rubbing her thighs together in an odd attempt to repel her advancing urine.
Ms. Oliver looked over at the noise. Megan gave a look of an apology. Ms. Oliver looked at the mounted clock on the wall.

“You have two hours remaining.”

Megan looked back at the questions she had filled in. She could finish on time, she knew that. But she was slowing down. Her bladder weighed her mind down as well as her body. Like running underwater, Megan slowly felt her mind unable to press through her growing need. She peered at Ms. Oliver, her teacher was as stiff as a statue, Megan could hear her breathing.

“Finish your test.” Ms. Oliver could feel Megan’s eyes looking at her

“May I please go to the bathroom?” It was worth it to ask

“Are you forfeiting your test?”


“Then you may not. We can make it.”

We? Megan thought about her teacher’s words as she reviewed her test. Nearly at question one hundred. Nearly halfway. The only problem was her bladder, which was far more than halfway filled.
Her teacher wasn’t doing much better. Exam rules disallowed teachers from bringing in any of their own mobile devices and the school’s computer blocked any website that could distract her. Ms. Oliver was forced to sit in limbo. It wasn’t silent, there was the ticking of the clock, but it wasn’t much noise either. It was just her, the ticking clock, and the annoying sound of Megan’s pencil.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Megan bounced her pencil off of the desk. Anything to keep her mind off of her pain. She took a deep breath, then exhaled. She felt hot, sticky, sweaty. The open window did nothing to help. She leaned forward, her white shirt was damp from absorbing her body heat. She adjusted in her chair, moving forward. Balling her hand into a fist and pressing it into her thigh, Megan hoped the new sensation would distract her from the tightness of her full bladder. It did not. She could feel the heat from her genitals as she dug harder into her thigh. She at the clock again. The rhythmic ticking soothing her somewhat.

It wasn’t the same for her teacher. Everything agitated her. Ms. Oliver could feel each second tick by, not just with the incessance of the clock, but with the pain of her bladder. She was mad that she had drank that much. She should have known. All of her anger couldn’t help her out of this. Elizabeth Oliver was forced to sit and stew in her pain. The heat of the room. The heat of her own body, it was almost unbearable. She could feel the sweat forming on her forehead. Her crotch felt damp. If it was sweat or pee, she couldn’t tell the difference. Trying to stay composed, she began to bounce her legs under the table. Maybe it’d distract her. She wiggled, digging her crotch into the corner of her seat. Ms. Oliver hoped the sensation would be enough to ease the building pressure in her abdomen.

Ms. Oliver stood sharply. Stiffly, she preened her outfit. Megan observed as she walked towards the clock, her legs crossing with each slow step. She stood, staring at the clock as it continued to tick. Not realizing that Megan was watching, she dug her hand into her crotch, bunching her black pencil skirt into her crotch and bent forward.

“A-are y…you ok?” Megan asked

“F-f-fine.” Ms. Oliver pointed, blushing “Test.”

Megan nodded and put her head back down. She still saw Ms. Oliver out of the corner of her eye. Her proctor paced, her heels making a racket as she paced. Megan looked up again, watching as Ms. Oliver grabbed at the hiem of her skirt.

“Stop looking at me.” She barked at Megan

Megan smacked her dry lips. The room was hot, she was sweaty and dehydrated. Yet couldn’t drink. She was trying to take her test, but for as much as it challenged her mind, her bladder countered in full. Megan was starting to rock back and forth in her chair. Her knee was lifted towards her chest in an attempt to alleviate the pressure. She one hand plastered against her crotch. Megan was starting to mark random answers, math was never her strong suit anyway. Her jaw was locked in an attempt to remain composed, but her labored breathing gave her situation away. She didn't think that she had leaked yet, but her strained muscles were starting to produce a sweat. Megan couldn't tell anymore. All she wanted was to pee. Just not in front of the present company, or with any audience really.

Ms. Oliver was locked in a desperate battle against herself and her overfilled bladder. Every muscle was in full force. Tense. Locked. Active. Unable to remove her hand from her crotch, she was gripping herself as tightly as she could. She felt clammy. Almost sick. Her legs trembled, each muscle moving involuntarily with the strain of holding back her stretched bladder. She hurt. Elizabeth Oliver’s teeth were gritted, her lips locked as she tried desperately to keep her pee from bursting out of her.

She nearly considered peeing in the trash can. Ms. Oliver was sure it couldn't handle the water she’d consumed that day, nor her morning coffee but it was better than the alternative. She glanced over towards Megan. The poor girl was red in the face, her breath escaping in quick bursts. Ms. Oliver could see her student’s hand gripping her crotch tightly. Her dark jeans creasing from the pressure Megan must have been applying. She hated to admit it, but given the state they were both in, a new sensation overcame her. She bit her lip, a soft moan of excitement escaping her lips. It was mixed with her own desperation, but Megan couldn’t hear it over her own.

While answering a question on Macbeth, Megan felt a rush of hot liquid run towards her opening. She clenched, tighter than before. Still dry. Moments later, another wave of desperation came over her, this one stronger than before. She felt a hot, burning sensation as she fought hard to counter the strong urge to pee. She dug her hand in harder, wincing as she put some pressure on her swollen abdomen. Megan looked. Her bladder was protruding from her shirt, her jeans digging in. She rubbed it. Another wave. First a warm sensation that covered her body, then a cool one.

Time stood still. She swallowed. Another question.

Having lost track of time, Megan’s mind could only concentrate on one thing and that was not releasing her pee. Of all the times she had been desperate in her life, she couldn’t think of one that was worse. It hurt. Don’t pee. Don’t pee. Don’t pee. Don’t pee. I really have to pee. The same two phrases dominated Megan’s mind. She hadn’t answered a question in sometime. She just wanted to hold it. Her concentration was broken by a sudden gasp. She looked at Ms. Oliver

Her teacher quickly launched from her desk chair, legs twisted like a vine around each other. Her hands buried deep into her crotch. She shook visibly. She picked up the landline on her desk. Megan heard her whisper

“Please come up here and relieve me…” Ms. Oliver hissed into the receiver

Whatever the response was, she didn’t like it. Groaning, Ms. Oliver slammed the phone back down. She shook where she stood. Megan tried again, hoping the obvious predicament they were both in would lead her to relief.

“Ms. Oliver, I really have to go-“


“But I did-“

“Finish your test!”

As Ms. Oliver spoke, Megan could see a small streak of discoloration maneuver down one of her legs before she quickly sat back down. What made it worse, was the Megan knew she was next.
Any excitement Ms. Oliver had felt was gone. Dashed by the warm wetness in her panties. There was little left she could do. Like a caged animal, her eyes darted under her thin glasses, looking for some sort of release.
Megan sat on the heel of her sneaker. Temporary relief. She struggled. Megan rocked on her heel, hand pressed firmly into her crotch. Ms. Oliver stood again. Megan watched her teacher pace around the front of the room again. Starting to feel dizzy. Lightheaded. Megan needed support. The desk. She grabbed it with all her might, her knuckles turning white. Her pencil rolled off her desk. She wanted to grab it. But she couldn’t move. She made one final plea.

“Ms. Oliver please! I…I really have to…“

Megan stopped her words. Her mind went blank, unable to comprehend what she was feeling. Megan felt a small but growing warmth in her panties. As the sensation continued to spread across her crotch, she felt better. She closed her eyes, and relaxed a little. Maybe she could just let a little out. Another spirt. It was delightful. Some more. And more. Megan looked down as she opened her eyes. The field hockey captain now had a dark patch on her jeans. It would have been obvious that it was pee.
Megan wanted to let it all out. She didn’t care anymore. Her emotions took over. Relief, embarrassment, jubilation. It was too much for her young mind. Megan began to sniffle as she cried. As she felt the tickling sensation escape her labia, she stated a fact though muffled tears

“I’m gonna pee my pants…”

Megan shook. At this point, she was more or less forcing herself to pee. It hurt too much to hold it. Any attempt to stop was denied by the sheer jubilation of relief. But rationalizing it didn’t help as she watched a yellowish puddle expand from her seated thighs. Her jeans were warm, soaked and darkened at the crotch. Her entire lap was covered in an expanding cloud from the storm she was watching unfurl before her. The puddle expanded, moving slowly as she released, heading for the edge of her chair.

“S-s-stop! You’re making me…oh!” Ms. Oliver protested, but it was no use.

A loud splatter erupted from where her teacher was standing. A two-pronged stream shot from under her skirt, loudly starting a puddle. Ms. Oliver grabbed her crotch, piss splattering onto the ground around her hand. Smaller streams and streaks began to splatter and drip from her backside as she bent forward. In shame she covered her face with her both her hands. Turning beet red, the sound of student and teacher’s relief was the only audible noise as both had their r pent up pee smacking the floor with a splash. Ms. Oliver’s panty-house were ruined as wet streaks had formed down her legs where her pee had started to pool in her heels.

Thinking quickly, and trying to preserve some dignity, Ms. Oliver released her hands from her crotch. They were still soaked in her pee. The warm, clear liquid enraptured her hands as she grabbed her empty thermos from her desk.

Just as unable to stop herself from peeing as her student was, Ms. Oliver was still wetting her panties as she hiked her black pencil skirt up. Her purple panties were now nearly black at the crotch. As piss poured through them, she positioned the open container under herself, catching some stray drips and drops. Out of instinct rather than necessity, she pulled her soaked panties to the side, and began to pee forcefully into her thermos.
Megan was nowhere near done peeing as she felt it expand off of the sides of her chair. With nowhere else to go, it began to drip and splatter onto the calves of her jeans. They darkened somewhat, though inconsistently as a puddle also formed under her chair. Having caught the majority of her forcible pee, the chair began to leak down the front, and her entire seat dripped as Megan emptied her bladder into her pants. The only thing that took her mind off of the reality that she had just peed herself was the scene in front of her.

Her teacher, the strict, mean Ms. Oliver, was pissing into a metal thermos. The sound was nearly drowned out by the splattering coming from Megan’s chair, but all Megan could focus on was her teacher. She had never seen a woman who was so put together be reduced to such an act. Her teacher’s soft labia dripped with fresh pee as the clear liquid sprayed out of her in a rush. Even as Megan’s own stream finally began to subside, her teacher’s did not.

Now the dominant sound in the room, Megan could only hear the sound of the hot liquid rising in the metal mug. Ms. Oliver moaned as she finally felt relief. The light hiss from her tight pussy sang in relief. She closed her eyes, enjoyed the feeling of her deflating bladder, not caring that her student was intently watching her moist genitals. Eventually, her stream began to die down, the once roaring piss had become a gentle stream, then a dribble, then it was done.

Dead silence. Time stood still. The only noise was the sound of Ms. Oliver’s jilted, stunted breathing. Both teacher and student shook, the shock of the event taking hold. Megan spoke first

“I…I…couldn’t stop it…

“You’re not the only one.” Ms. Oliver had slowly regained her composure, still holding her panties to the side.

Megan put her head down. She sniffled, unable to keep her emotions in check. As she hugged her head with her hands, she could feel the tears on her cheeks. And odd sensation as her jeans cooled. Through coughs and wails she could only make out the word sorry. The only word she was capable of even uttering through her sorrow. She heard something. It sounded like a wet towel smacking the ground. Megan felt a gentle hand on her back, her breathing was still irregular even as her most dramatic convulsions from crying were subsiding. She heard Ms. Oliver whisper

“It’s ok. Megan, it’s over. I won’t judge you…”

Megan looked up at her teacher, their eyes meeting. Ms. Oliver still had her skirt hiked up, but had removed her wet panties. They were had Megan had heard drop to the floor. Her snatch was plainly visible, Megan started to stare at it. Her dark pubic hairs matched her natural color, and they were in a perfectly straight line until they looped around her labia. Megan tried to meet her teacher’s eyes as she put a hand on Megan’s shoulder


Megan nodded

“Here.” Ms. Oliver motioned for her to stand

Taken by surprise for the second time that day, Ms. Oliver received a hug from her student, even as she still cried. Megan could feel Ms. Oliver’s pussy on her leg as she hugged her. The warmth of her teacher’s privacy cut through her soaked jeans.
The two held their embrace, slowly Megan could feel the warmth from her teacher sliding gently up and down on her leg. Ms. Oliver was slowly grinding on her, and Megan pulled her head back, looking her teacher in the eyes. The older woman was clearly excited as she opened her eyes. Ms. Oliver bit her lip as she stopped maneuvering on her students leg. Their eyes met. A spark. Megan moved in closer, pursing her lips. She could feel Ms. Oliver get closer, their lips about to meet. Then Megan felt a firm hand push her away.

“No. I’m your teacher. I shouldn’t have. I’m...I’m sorry.”

Megan didn’t know what to feel now. She slowly pulled back, not letting her teacher’s body go from her embrace.

“Megan, look. I…we both…really had to pee. I…I’ve never had this happen before. Not even in my wildest fantasies.”

“You’ve had fantasies about this?”

Ms. Oliver went quiet for a second, her eyes averting her student’s.

“Look, normally, I would have let you go. It’s a stupid rule and I’m sorry.”

She paused “I’m going to make it up to you.”

Megan removed herself from the embrace and looked at her teacher.

“Just finish your test, and don’t tell anyone about-“ She used her hands to illustrate her nude lower half “…this. And I’ll make sure no one ever knows about this.” She pointed to Megan’s piss stained jeans. “Also you can be dismissed for the day.”

Megan nodded, still horny and shocked over what had transpired over the past few moments. Ms. Oliver pulled her skirt back down and stepped out of her heels.

Megan moved seats as her teacher grabbed her panties from the floor and tossed them into one of the desk drawers. She noticed one of Megan’s pencils had fallen from her old desk and retrieved it from its place on the floor next to her piss puddle. As she did so, her short skirt raised, giving Megan another view of her teacher’s snatch. The field hockey captain couldn’t help but look.

The contours and alluring folds of her teacher’s labia were impossible to ignore. A light sheen either from piss, sex juices or both was apparent, and Ms. Oliver’s red, nearly pink skin contrasted with the darker colors of her womanly lips. Megan couldn’t help but stare. She hadn’t thought of her teacher that way before, but now that she had, it was hard to get her off of her mind. The view as dashed as Ms. Oliver grabbed the pencil from the floor.

She walked back over towards her student and gently placed the writing utensil down on the desk. The two smiled and engaged a small giggle. Megan had been caught looking, but her teacher wasn’t going to say a thing. Ms. Oliver turned and began to walk back to her desk, with Megan calling behind her

“You’re very pretty.”

Ms. Oliver sat back down. “Finish your test.”

True to her word, no one ever found out about Megan’s accident. There was a rumor about Ms. Oliver, but as time passed, so did the gossip. This was just another chapter in the secret history of Howe High School.

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