Cadence Lux: Set 18 (MP4) - 57 minutes

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Cadence Lux: Set 18 (MP4) - 57 minutes

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1. Security Breach
18 minutes 32 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 927.6 MB
Cadence has broken into a house where sensitive industrial data are being stored. She no sooner begins her search for these data when an alarm sounds and laser beams fill the air around her. An electronic voice warns her that she has been detected and informs her that the police have been summoned. Cadence is afraid to interrupt any of the beams in case it triggers an even more dire predicament, so she stands still waiting for security to come and switch them off. Now she has another problem. She badly needs to pee, but there is not enough space between the beams to pull down her jeans and squat. She realizes she will have to hold it until help arrives. She really is desperate to go, however, and unless someone comes soon, she knows she is going to soak her jeans in pee, and then have to face the acute embarrassment of being discovered after pissing herself. Cadence struggles hard to hold it, but her bladder is just too full and she can’t. Maybe the relief is worth the humiliation.

Store: $8.99 ... ct_id=1888

Teaser: ... h_2023.mp4

2. Bank Clerk’s Dilemma
25 minutes 19 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,252.4 MB
Cadence is a bank clerk who happened to be at work when a robbery occurred. The thief decided to take her along as security to ensure his escape, if the authorities came close to catching him. He drives Cadence’s vehicle, with her handcuffed to an over-the-door handle, out to where he has parked his getaway car. He climbs out, collects the bag of money from the back seat and leaves Cadence restrained to prevent her calling for help. Cadence is furious at the prospect of being left secured like this, not least because the drive was a long one and her bladder is full. Left in this position, she can’t reach to pull up her skirt and slide down her panties. Seeing that the thief neglected to take her phone when he left, she works on retrieving it from the dash and eventually succeeds, only to find that there is no signal and the battery is almost flat anyway. Her mind fully returns to her dilemma of needing to pee, and tries to control herself for as long as she can. Realizing it is unlikely that anyone will find her before she is compelled to piss herself, she manages to get the door open and climbs out. At least now she can wet herself without going all over the seat. (This one is done with Cadence narrating everything as she goes along, a less usually approach for Bound2Burst).

Store: $8.99 ... ct_id=1889

Teaser: ... ilemma.mp4

3. Desperate And Naked
13 minutes 55 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 688.9 MB
Cadence chats to the viewer while desperate to pee, and naked, struggling to hold it while she discusses how it feels as she gets closer and closer to losing control. Two cameras are used to create a front and back view as she pees, presented as split screen towards the end of the video.

13 minutes 55 seconds - 3840x2160 pixels - M4V: 1,172.3 MB

Store: $7.99 ... ct_id=1887

Teaser: ... _naked.mp4

Cadence Lux: Set 18

Store: $18.99 ... ct_id=1890

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