Fatal Delay Remastered (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

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Fatal Delay Remastered (MP4) - Shauna Ryanne

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Shauna is one of the last people in the office, working late as always. On this occasion it turns out to be a mistake - a group of masked intruders enter the building intent on robbing the company's vault. One of the team is left in charge of Shauna to make sure she does not leave her office or try to raise the alarm. The trouble is, Shauna needs to pee, badly. She asks the man if he will let her run and use the bathroom but he refuses. She tries to reason with him but he won't listen. Reluctantly, Shauna gets down on her knees and begs for permission to use the toilet, but still the hard-hearted thief refuses to let her go. He makes Shauna stand which is even more uncomfortable for her than sitting, and despite her every effort to spare herself the embarrassment of wetting herself in front of her captor, she ultimately has no choice. She makes the back of her skirt very wet and complains about this, prompting the man to order her to take it off. He then makes her sit on a side table in her wet panties.

21 minutes 45 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,091.8 MB

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