Jasmine Squatting Down To Pee (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Jasmine Squatting Down To Pee (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Assembled mostly for a Clips4Sale update, these five videos are from 7-10 years ago, and were upscaled to 1080p. The upscaling was performed in Final Cut Pro, not the Topaz AI software. It looks quite good overall. It's a big file though; should be a test of the download restart option.

1. On the Brink
It's now late in the day. Outside, the wind is blowing and the temperate has fallen, hardly ideal conditions for a woman who badly needs to pee. Jasmine had been sitting and chatting, then she stood up and suddenly realizes that she was extremely desperate to pee. She had to spend a few minutes changing into a skimpy top and a leather mini skirt before being taken outside. She is allowed to sit in her car with the door open to keep the cool wind off her, and now she is so very, very desperate to pee. She contorts her body and she struggles not to pee, but everything about her body language is screaming, "I'm about to piss!" Jasmine waits, holding herself with one hand and squeezing her thighs together, and is soon reduced to pleading. She really has to get out of the car and pull down her panties, or there is clearly going to be an accident. She finally gets out, pulls down her panties and squats. She is shivering so hard that he pee comes in spurts, the cold making her clench her muscles. Each time she releases a spurt, she moans in relief.

2. Difficult to Disrobe
Towards the end of a bondage sequence, Jasmine already needed to pee, and by the time we were done, matters were somewhat urgent. She was asked to go outside and hold it for as long as she could. When she did finally have to pee, to faced an additional complication: she is wearing a leotard with tights underneath, and a skirt over both. In order to relieve herself, she has to remove the skirt, pull down the leotard and tights and squat, without revealing anything she does not wish the viewer to see. Poor Jasmine, life is never simple for her when she comes here.

3. Ready to Wet Herself
Jasmine has been pulled over by the police because of a defective light on her car, and the cop is away checking her driving credentials. Jasmine has been waiting some time for him to return and she is very anxious because she is dying to pee. The cop comes to explain that they are having problems with the computer and that they are still waiting for verification that her documents are in order. Jasmine tries to hurry things along but the cop tells her she must continue waiting. Jasmine sits and squirms, growing more and more desperate. Realizing that she really can't wait much longer, she starts blowing her horn. The cop returns to tell her to stop doing this, and she explains that she is in a hurry, reluctantly admitting that she needs to use the bathroom. The cop still leaves her waiting. Jasmine struggles to hold it for several more minutes, but as she approaches her limit she has no choice, either get out and go in the woods on the roadside or pee on her car seat. She elects to get out. When the cop orders her to come back, she shouts that she can't and keeps going. She gets behind the nearest tree, lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties. Pee jets out of her as she relieves herself just in time.

4. Desperate to View
Jasmine is interested in renting a property and drives to keep an appointment to view it. Because she needs to pee she drives fast and arrives early, only to discover that the owner is still showing the previous viewer around. He asks Jasmine to wait about ten minutes while he finishes with the other person and leaves her to stand beside her car, squirming as the urge to pee really hits her. Jasmine tries to hold it until the owner returns to show her into the house, but she is so desperate she is afraid she might wet actually herself before she can reach the bathroom. When she feels she is on the verge of peeing in her clothes, she nervously squats down behind her car, pulls down her tights and panties and lets it all go. She finishes only just in time as the owner returns and calls out to ask if she is still there. Jasmine jumps up, still adjusting her dress and looking a little sheepish, and begins the tour of the property.

5. Seriously Urgent
Jasmine has arrived home and discovered that she has left her door key inside the house. She is bursting to pee and doesn't know what to do. She calls her boyfriend and asks him to come home early to let her in, but he can't get away just yet. He suggests that Jasmine pee outside, but she is horrified by the suggest. She sits in her car squirming, rocking, moaning, so afraid she is going to wet herself on the car seat. She holds on as long as she can but she reaches a point where control is no longer possible and she has no choice. She climbs out of the car and staggers across the lawn, looks around nervously, then lifts her dress, tears down her panties and squats. She pees for a long time as she empties her very full bladder. (Jasmine really misjudged this one and was dying before the camera started rolling. The fact that she really could not hold on any longer is made clear in the very brief behind the scenes sequence at the end of the movie where Jasmine is asking to be allowed to go).

55 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,739.9 MB

Store: $12.99
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