News regarding problems with store downloads - updated

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News regarding problems with store downloads - updated

Post by davidb2b »

Addendum: This now works with Firefox too. We have also placed a download speed limit to prevent those with fast Internet from dominating the server during simultaneous downloads, giving those with slower access more bandwidth. Let me know if this is problematic for anyone.

We are beta testing a fix that has been made to the store regarding downloads. The store now supports pause/resume download when using the Chrome browser. It should also work with Edge. Currently, it will not work with Firefox, so those experiencing download issues should try one of the other two browsers.

The way this works is as follows. An encrypted string is added to your download link which contains a customer ID and a timeout date link. This is required for download managers to work.

This has been tested with Download Manager. Others like FlashGet should work too.

For security, this link will stop working after one week. I therefore urge you not to use the store download list as an online library, but to store your purchases on local devices once you have downloaded them. We can't keep resupplying videos every time you want to re-download it because you did not keep a copy.

Another issue which affected large orders has also been fixed. Files in the download list were being duplicated, while others from a given order were missing. This issue was caused by a bug in MySQL server sorting. This behavior was apparently the same for all older versions of OpenCart, though I did not notice it until recently.

For those who have experienced problems with downloads and with large orders, please check that you can now download your files. I am not 100% sure that this fix will apply to existing orders or just new ones; hopefully it's the former, but I will find out. Please report any issues/anomalies in as much detail as possible; this helps in tracking down the precise cause of the problem.


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