Promotion Or Dismissal (MP4) - Claire Irons

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Promotion Or Dismissal (MP4) - Claire Irons

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Claire's boss has summoned her to the basement of his summer house because he wants to have a discrete word with her away from the office environment. He begins by pointing out that Claire has made a number of mis-steps at work recently, costing the company money, and the obvious solution is for him to fire her. However, he offers her a way out of this situation, albeit a rather unconventional one. He tells her that if she is willing to stand in front of him with a full bladder and hold it for as long as he asks, he will not only keep her on but will promote her in the near future. Claire obviously wants to stay employed and the prospect of a promotion is very welcome, but she is not at all sure about the embarrassment of having to hold her pee, especially in front of her boss. Nevertheless, she decides that she will do it, and struggles to maintain both her dignity and her self-control as she becomes very desperate to release. How much longer can she resist wetting her panties, and will the boss let her use the bathroom before it comes to that?

41 minutes 26 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,058.1 MB

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Claire's Page: ... irons.html

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