Carissa Montgomery: Set 21 (MP4) - 43 minutes

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Carissa Montgomery: Set 21 (MP4) - 43 minutes

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Releasing the Pressure
5 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 289.6 MB
Carissa has arrived with a full bladder and is teased about having to hold it for a while. She badly needs to go, and even gets down on her knees to beg for use of the bathroom. This is all playful, and after a few minutes she is given the green light to pee. Naturally, the camera goes with her into the bathroom and we watch her go, and there certainly is a lot of it to release. Now that certainly was a full bladder!

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Teaser: ... essure.mp4

Her Absolute Limit
37 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,850.0 MB
Carissa arrives bursting to pee and is anxious to get started on her work for the day, not realizing that she is several hours earlier than arranged. When her error is pointed out to her, she wants to pee before she gets started, but the producer insists that she hold it and that they start right away. He tells her to undress and lock her ankle to the stove via a chain and cuff, then stand there holding her pee until she is given a vessel to piss into. Along the way, Carissa has been persuaded to drink a lot of water which only adds to her dire situation. When she is nearly bursting, she is finally allowed to pee into a vase. Despite all the liquid, she does not pee very much. A mere ten minutes after she is freed and standing in the bathroom, the urge to go comes on with a vengeance, and Carissa pees into the vase again, releasing far more pee that she just couldn’t release will standing on the carpet. However, the quantity of urine suggests she must have been at her absolute limit. The mind plays funny tricks in moments of acute desperation.

Store: $11.99 ... ct_id=1882

Teaser: ... _limit.mp4

Carissa Montgomery: Set 21 (MP4) - 43 minutes

Store: $13.99 ... ct_id=1883

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