About the store's software bug(s)

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About the store's software bug(s)

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Since the store was updated a few months ago to keep it compatible with the server's operating system, it has developed two annoying bugs. One is this business of larger files not downloading completely for some customers, usually those residing in other countries, though not always. It also depends to some extent on the customers level of Internet access. I am going to up the memory for these processes to see if I can compensate for this problem, but we are approaching a point where this may be detrimental to the server's basic operations.

The other truly irritating thing with OpenCart's recent versions is that it contains a pagination bug and for a time it was not listing all downloads. This part has been fixed, but now, if a customer buys more than a certain number of videos, somewhere around 13 or 14, it loses track of what is supposed to be in the download folder and starts dropping in duplicates, leading to some titles being missing. Naturally, I will supply these via WeTransfer if you let me know.

You'd think after all the years this software has been out, that bugs like this would not exist. Unfortunately, every time something is updated, there is nearly always a new bug. That's why my main websites are simple html. Imagine if I were using something like WordPress which gets updated and fucked up all the time!

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