The Next Update and Beyond

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The Next Update and Beyond

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I don't have anything prepared for this week. The next release will be Ramona, probably next Thursday if all goes well. A little later in the month, I'm working with Carissa Montgomery, and towards the end of the month, with Claire Irons.

Now that I am better equipped to cope with the work load, I am planning to upscale and release more videos from the early days (2006-2011) which were recorded in 4x3 aspect ratio. I have been asked to do Simon Says and Simon Says Again with Beverly and Danielle, and two videos Beverly performed with Sasha, in November 2007. These are in progress.

One of the issues I now have with remastering old content, such as Simon Says, is that it features someone who never signed a model release, so any content like that cannot appear on Clips4Sale. Back in 2007, who would have thought that a male bit player would have to go through the same ID rigors as the female models; it was all about protecting the women, wasn't it? There is a similar problem with some of Audrey's stuff and most of Ginger's content, where undocumented boyfriends of the time appear. These, if republished, will just have to sell well in the B2B Store!

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