Tabitha Remastered: Volume 3 (MP4) - 3 hours 56 minutes

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Tabitha Remastered: Volume 3 (MP4) - 3 hours 56 minutes

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Bursting During Detention Remastered
14 minutes 15 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 713.4 MB
Tabitha has been a bad student and has been kept behind after school in detention to work on an overdue essay. She makes so many excuses to get out of doing her work that the professor does not believe her when she says that she is desperate to use the bathroom. Convinced that this is nothing more than a ploy, he makes her sit there and continue with her work. Tabitha squirms and complains under her breath, and asks several times to be allowed to go before it is too late. The professor leaves her alone for a while, and as tempting as it is for her to run to the bathroom, Tabitha, already in enough trouble, decides not to go. She does not know what to do, however, because she is bursting and afraid that she might actually wet her panties in front of her teacher. When the professor returns, she makes another attempt to convince him of her urgent situation, but he still refuses to release her from detention, even for a minute. Finally, Tabitha is at her bursting point and gets up from her desk, insisting that she must be allowed to visit the bathroom now! When the professor says no, she stands there and wets her panties, peeing on his classroom floor. Now she is in more trouble than ever.

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Teaser: ... stered.mp4

The Planning Inspector Remastered
27 minutes 42 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,377.9 MB
Tabitha is a planning inspector who has received a report that Mr. North has been building a structure on his property without first seeking permission from the local council. The inspector gives him a lot of grief for building a shoddy and unsafe deck, annoying him so much that when she admits that she is in dire need of a visit to the bathroom, he refuses to let her go. Tabitha soldiers on with her job, struggling to control herself until the inspection is over. Despite several more requests for the use of a bathroom, she is compelled to keep holding it. When the inspection is finally concluded, she starts towards her vehicle but does not get far before the flood gates open. Tabitha was so desperate for this one that the camera recorded the sound of her pissing herself from several meters away, and the back of her skirt gets much wetter than is usually with a skirt wetting. She said it herself - her bladder was literally about to explode!

Store: $6.99 ... ct_id=1848

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

Wonder Woman & Supergirl Remastered
30 minutes 03 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,503.2 MB
Wonder Woman and Supergirl have not been busy of late, and Supergirl is extremely bored. Wonder Woman reprimands her and ends up snared by her own lasso of truth just before she can make a dash to the bathroom. Supergirl makes Wonder Woman stand with her legs apart until she is made to piss herself. At this inopportune moment, a caller reports that Veronica Cale has been spotted entering a nearby warehouse. Supergirl wants to rush off, but Wonder Woman has to change her panties first. So embarrassing. In the warehouse, the super heroes overpower Veronica and handcuff her to a table, even though the woman claims that she is desperate to pee. It is not long before Veronica pisses herself and vows revenge on her captors. She manages to wriggle free of one of the cuffs, and is ready when Wonder Woman and Supergirl return for her. She immobilizes the girls with a suppression field and makes them stand there until Supergirl pees in her outfit. She threatens to call the press to take photos of the pair looking so ridiculous. How would the duo holds their heads up in public after such humiliation? (This was a custom movie and was very difficult to film, especially with three women who needed to pee all the time. They frequently forgot their lines and improvised, sending the plot along tangents from which it would never recover. But hey, it’s all just good fun anyway.

Store: $7.99 ... ct_id=1849

" ... stered.mp4

The Frantic Secretary Remastered
34 minutes 42 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,736.4 MB
Tabitha is a busy secretary who is burst ing for a pee, but she can’t find enough time to visit the bathroom to relieve herself. Her boss is attending an important meeting and keeps calling for information which he requires sent via faxes and e-mail, so she dare not leave the office. She calls for a colleague to ask if they could cover for her, just for two minutes, but the colleague says she can’t. Tabitha even asks her boss to arrange for someone to help her out during one of his calls, but he doesn't have time to worry about her predicament. He keeps Tabitha working continuously while she squirms and struggles not to lose control of her full bladder. In the end, she mutters to herself that this is what he gets for being so selfish, and parting her legs, she pees on the office carpet.

Store: $7.99 ... ct_id=1850

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

The Desperate Interview Remastered
27 minutes 56 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,397.9 MB
Poor Tabitha is late for an interview. She has been sick and is flustered because she knows she is giving a bad impression. The trouble is, she's dying to pee, but she doesn't feel she can ask for the use of the bathroom after keeping her potential employer waiting for an extra twenty minutes. She therefore sits and squirms, trying to pay attention to the questions she is asked and doing her best to construct sensible answers. Alas, she becomes increasingly distracted as the interview progresses, and at one point when the interviewer leaves her to deal with another matter, she just can't wait any longer and sits on the edge of her seat so that she can discretely pee on the floor.

Store: $6.99 ... ct_id=1851

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

The Receptionist Remastered
13 minutes 50 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 692.9 MB
Tabitha works as a receptionist for a company where everything they sell is colored red. They can only afford one receptionist at a time and she has instructions never to leave the front desk or the telephones unattended. On occasion, this is obviously going to be a problem when she needs a visit to the ladies room and cannot wait until her working day ends. Well, today is just such a day. Despite negotiating with her boss for a few minutes' break, Tabitha is compelled to remain at her station no matter what. As the time passes, her desperation rises to an urgent pitch until the inevitable happens, just fifteen minutes before her shift comes to an end. (Tabitha looks good in red, so it was decided to make use of a pair of shorts that Lola and Madison have both worn. The boots were left over from Tabitha's role as Supergirl, and completed the red ensemble. They did get rather full of pee this time and will need to be retired. Tabitha took the shorts home with her).

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Teaser: ... stered.mp4

Tabitha Holds It For Hours Remastered
Part 1: 43 minutes 58 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,200.0 MB
Part 2: 44 minutes 15 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,212.1 MB
Tabitha tries her hand at holding it from empty until she is bursting to pee, and then trying to hold it a bit longer. She drank two bottles of water and 1.5 glasses of Martini to fill herself up, a lot of liquid for someone so tiny in stature. An hour into filming, Tabitha went for a short walk outside and was clearly in trouble. It is at this point that the questioning begins - Tabitha had to answer questions correctly or take off an article of clothing for each wrong answer. After about fifteen minutes of fielding questions, a few of which she got right despite the difficulty of the questions and her highly distracted state, she ends up completely naked, and remains so until the end of the movie. Tabitha is a small girl (her U.S. jeans size is 1 compared to Jayne's 7) so it is little wonder that she has a small bladder and has to pee often. While she could not hold it for more than about 80 minutes, by the end of this time, she was truly frantic to go, a condition made abundantly clear by her distracted behavior. She spent the last 15 minutes of the movie squirming with her hand jammed into her crotch in a display of desperation as only Tabitha can do it. When she emptied out, however, she peed less than 500 ml. Just five minutes later she needed to go again and pees almost as much as the first time. (Supplied in 2 parts).

Store: $8.99 ... ct_id=1853

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

Tabitha Remastered: Volume 3 (MP4) - 3 hours 56 minutes

Store: $24.99 ... ct_id=1854

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