Sativa Verte Remastered Set (MP4) - 89 minutes

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Sativa Verte Remastered Set (MP4) - 89 minutes

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1. Back to School and The Longest Pee Remastered
33 minutes 04 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,555.3 MB
Danielle is a recalcitrant student who is sitting a mathematics test in her teacher's office, having missed the main event earlier in the day. Sativa is the long-suffering teacher who has to try to enforce discipline, but with "a little snot" like Danielle, this is far from easy. Background information: Savita turned up for an afternoon shoot several hours earlier, her bladder full since she had been drinking water during her journey. We filmed Flood at the Office fairly quickly so that she could gain some relief from a very urgent situation. An hour later, we are filming Back to School, and although she tries not to show it, Sativa is desperate to pee again, easily as desperate as Danielle. For over twenty minutes, she tries to act as if she doesn't need to go, while in fact she is fast becoming frantic. The last few minutes of this clip show the conversation between the two woman after the story is finished. It now becomes apparent that Sativa has been desperate to pee the entire time we were filming and can no longer stand still. She had topped herself up with water in anticipation of another story, but now she is in a serious hurry to get started, saying she doesn't think she can hold on for another ten minutes, possibly not even five.

We attempt a second scenario, but it has to be very quick. Sativa is about to go home after a long and difficult day. Anxious to be on the road, she neglects to use the bathroom before leaving. No sooner has she climbed into her car when Danielle appears, seemingly ashamed and apologizing for her bad behavior. Then, before Sativa knows what is happening, Danielle secures the woman's left wrist to the steering wheel with a plastic tie, and as Sativa sits stunned at what is going on, Danielle secures her right wrist too. Danielle wishes Savita a good evening and walks off, leaving Sativa the desperate-to-pee stuck in her car and unable to get clear of her seat if she loses control. Sativa thinks she might be able to drive home and uses her foot to try to retrieve and insert the key into the ignition. She fails, and after calling futilely for help, the poor bursting woman has no choice but to piss herself through her panties on the brand new car seat. Background information: Sativa pees for about 75 seconds. It goes without saying that she was unbelievably desperate.

Store: $8.99 ... ct_id=1814

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

2. Flood at the Office Remastered
16 minutes 26 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 773.9 MB
Sativa Verte plays an unfortunate secretary who is robbed and left duct-taped to her chair at the office. It's Friday night, every one else has gone, and if she can't free herself she faces the prospect of being stuck there for the whole weekend. To make her situation even worse, her bladder has been filling and she now badly needs to squirt (as she puts it). Sativa was dressed in tan-colored trousers to show the damage to the greatest possible extent. This movie was filmed soon after she arrived, following a three-hour drive during which she drank several bottles of water. She had the hardest time putting on her makeup and changing her clothes in the bathroom (door open to ensure that she did not weaken), standing just a few steps away from a toilet and relief. By the time she was taped up, she was absolutely bursting. The wetting accident occurs fairly early on in the movie, and then we see Sativa working herself partially free of her bonds and trying to summon help. There's plenty of time to study her soaking wet pants as she bends and kneels and does everything she can to liberate herself.

Store: $6.99 ... ct_id=1815

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

3. Full-On Desperation Remastered
10 minutes 26 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 489.8 MB
Sativa has been driving for hours, and the last hour of this with a full bladder. She arrives and jumps out of her car hopping around because she needs to pee so badly. She is prepared to wet herself but needs to change into different clothes. We watch her doing so and hear the shake in her voice as she struggles to hold it just a little bit longer. Back outside, Sativa tries to pee and finds that her muscles are locked up. She's bursting but she can't go! In a desperate attempt to start the flow, she pulls down her jeans and squats, rubbing her vagina and pressing on her bladder. At last, she starts to pee. Her moans and gasps of relief are heard as she gradually empties out. Quite a lot of the peeing sequence is filmed at close range. Mostly, Sativa's pee streams sideways and runs across the top of her thigh, some of it spilling onto the jeans which otherwise remain dry. Emptying out takes a surprisingly long time, indicative of very strong muscles.

Store: $5.99 ... ct_id=1816

Teaser: ... stered.mp4

4. Sativa Waits & Pees For 5 Minutes Remastered
29 minutes 33 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,392.1 MB
Sativa talks extensively about real-life desperation situations she has been in while waiting to pee. She starts out with a full bladder and is already fidgeting; this grows steadily more noticeable as time passes. On several occasions, Sativa pulls up her dress because she is ready to pee, but the cameraman persuades her to continue waiting. Her expression at one point clearly shows how desperate to pee she is becoming. When she can't hold on any longer, Sativa pulls up her dress again, but instead of pulling down her panties, she pulls them aside to show off her vagina as she pees. She does not produce a rapid stream but instead pees intermittently for more than five minutes. She squeezes her own bladder to make her pee jet forward (aiming, as she calls it), and the sounds which emerge from her during this performance can only be described as erotic. When she final finishes peeing, Sativa pulls her dress back into place and shows off her slim figure, demonstrating how much bladder bulge she had while holding it. She finally takes off her dress and panties and spends the last few minutes of the video playfully shows off her body. Sativa's entire performance is demonstrative and she really does have fun with the whole situation.

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Teaser: ... stered.mp4

Sativa Verte Remastered Set (MP4) - 89 minutes 30 seconds

Store: $18.99 ... ct_id=1818

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