Vonka's Jeans Wetting Collection (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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Vonka's Jeans Wetting Collection (MP4) - Vonka Romanov

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1. Constant Desperation - Scene 2
Vonka is sitting on the edge of a bed and made to drink it. She is then handcuffed her to a pole and her ankles are secured.She is desperate to pee, and it is only a matter of time before she has to piss her pants.

2. I Hardly Noticed
Vonka has lost an ear ring and goes out in the cold to search for it. She checks both vehicles as well as the woodpile where she did some work during the past week. As she hunts around, she needs to pee pretty badly. She gives no outward sign of her desperation, but before she has finished her search, she pees her pants, turning them a very dark shade of blue. Even when her jeans are soaked, and despite the col, she carries on with her search. After she gets back inside the house, Vonka admits that her legs are frozen. That was a lot of pee, and it cooled down rapidly in temperatures just below zero celsius.

3. Holding & Wetting
Vonka chats to you while holding a full bladder again, this time in tight jeans. At the end of video, she pees in them in a very spectacular way, turning them from light to dark almost all over. Along the way, she fights the urge to pee in order to get her bladder as full as possible. Her perpetual dancing around talks starkly to her advanced state of desperation. When she does finally lose control, Vonka is asked to stop and and wait for a bit longer, and she actually manages to do it. She is now squirming with a wet patch around her crotch. She manages to last a little longer then leaks again, cutting it off for a second time and asking aloud why she would even do that, because it is agony. When she lets it go, she says "you can't pay me enough" to wait any longer. When the volume of pee becomes apparent, it's easy to see why she would feel that way.

4. I Was Driving Fast Because I Need To Pee
Vonka has been speeding because she is desperate to get home to use the toilet - her bladder is full and she is worried that she will wet herself if she doesn't hurry. But then a cop pulls her over for speeding. When she can't give him all of her necessary driving credentials, he makes her get out of the car so that she can just drive away without alerting him, and warns her not to get back inside the vehicle while he is running her information. Vonka complies, but she badly needs to pee and stands there wiggling her legs, looking pained. When she starts to panic about how close she is to losing control, she calls out to the cop and asks him if they can continue this at a rest stop, but the cop merely tells her to remain standing where she is. As the minutes pass, Vonka becomes truly anxious; she is going to piss herself in front of the cop and passing drivers if she can't do something about her situation soon. She asks if she can at least pee in the woods, but the cop refuses. He tells her they are now waiting for details to come back from the police computers, a process slowed down by her missing documents. Now Vonka is extremely desperate to pee, and despite clamping off her muscles so tightly, she starts to piss her jeans. She watches in horror as the trickle quickly turns to a flood. After she has soaked herself, the cop returns to say there is a warrant out for her arrest owing to some unpaid parking tickets.

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