Plans for 2023

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Plans for 2023

Post by davidb2b »

One thing I am certainly going to do is increase the amount of Bound2Burst content that I film this year. In 2022, the bondage world took over to some degree because of the sheer number of customs they finance, but that has meant neglecting my first love, and first website. As B2B rolls into its seventeenth year, it definitely needs a boost in activity.

New recruits: I shall try, but pee content is a harder sell than bondage I'm afraid. I just started hiring a girl calling herself Lady Lazarus. She explained that she had tried to do the pee stuff and completely failed. I have known a few models like that, so it's not worth stressing her out by trying to persuade her to do something she will probably not be able to achieve, even in gentler hands.

From time to time I will pair up models for contests, but this is expensive so I can't do too many of them. Five years ago the sales would have covered the cost of the hire, but that is less true now and I have to step carefully if I am to remain solvent.

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