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Cadence's Just In Time Collection (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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1. The Conference Call
With everyone in the company working from home, Cadence is responsible for managing a conference call with her staff, due to begin at two o'clock. Busy with other work, she has both forgotten the time and has been putting off a visit to the bathroom. Finishing her task, she stands up to go and relieve herself when an alarm sounds. The conference is scheduled to begin. There isn't time for a bathroom break now, so Cadence hurries to set up the link. Once online, she does her best to hide the fact that she is bursting to pee, holding herself under the table while trying to present a calm demeanor as she listens to the input from her staff. The call is plagued by a bad connection, and Cadence loses her signal twice. She manages to get it back on her computer the first time, but when it goes down again, she resorts to using her cell phone to finish the conference. Almost at the point of wetting herself where she sits, Cadence finally puts the conference video stream on pause but is still able to hear what the others are saying through her headset. She hurries to the bathroom snd stands her phone on a table, the conference stream still on pause. She is made to undress because, today of all days, she chose to wear a leotard underneath her office clothing. When she is virtually naked, she sits down to pee, unaware that the conference stream has re-established itself and the other participants can see what she is doing. Mortified, Cadence ends the call.

2. Undress To Piss

Cadence has just finished a bondage video (Novice Reporter) during which she really needed to pee. After being released from a hogtie, where she was made to lay on her full bladder much of the time, she was in a bit of a hurry to use the bathroom. Before she was allowed to pee, however, she was told she had to undress and do it naked. She finds this amusing and exercising considerable restraint (no pun intended) as she takes off her clothes and waits for permission to pee. She does this with legs spread wide so that her pee stream is visible as she goes.

3. Confined Without A Bathroom

Cadence is being held prisoner in a locked room without facilities. She is being watched via a security camera to ensure that she does not make any attempts to get out. She is restless from the start because her captors have not given her a chance to use a bathroom, and now she needs to pee quite badly with nowhere to go. As she grows increasingly desperate, Cadence fidgets and paces up and down, trying to control herself as her bladder sends signals that it needs attention. Finally, in desperation, she starts writing messages and holding up to the camera explaining her predicament. No one comes to help her, so she finally has no choice - she pulls up her skirt and squats down... before pulling her hose and panties down, however, she realizes that she is visible on the security camera. She needs to cover it but has nothing with which to do so. Her only recourse is to remove her shirt and drape it over the camera for some privacy. The only problem is that she is not wearing a bra, so for some seconds, anyone watching can see her exposed breasts. It's a sacrifice Cadence is willing to make to gain relief, and when she squats to empty her bladder this time, pee gushes out in a powerful stream. She has barely finished when one of her captors enters to find out why the camera has stopped working. He removes her shirt and tells her not to mess with the camera again, leaving her with no top to wear and the embarrassment of a huge puddle of pee on the floor.

4. Bathroom Off Limits

Cadence has been working all day and drinking fairly consistently, so it's no wonder that she keeps feeling the urge to pee. Imagine her panic when she is told the bathroom is out of bounds! What is she to do? Go outside to relieve herself of course. We follow her out and then persuade her to hold her pee a little longer instead of just pulling her jeans down right away. Cadence pee dances in the windy cold, which is not helping her situation at all, until she feels she must act or wet herself. She just made it, laughing to herself because she almost fell over.

5. Cadence Holds It While Texting

Cadence is engrossed in texting back and forth with a friend and is really involved in the exchange. She needs to pee but it's not convenient for her to stop what she is doing so she tightly crosses her legs and resolves to hold it. After a few minutes, she stands up and begins pee dancing as she continues texting, grabbing her crotch from time to time and pressing a finger against her urethra to prevent herself leaking. Finally, the need for relief is too urgent and she hurries to the bathroom, lifts her short skirt, pulls down her tights and sits on the toilet. She pees rapidly at first, then pauses. The camera angle is changed before she finishes emptying her bladder, a face taking on a blissful expression as she makes herself comfortable again.

48 minutes 16 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,266.6 MB

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