Jasmine's Just In Time Collection (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Jasmine's Just In Time Collection (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Four complete clips in one movie.

1. Jasmine Just Makes It
Wearing a maroon dress and sexy lingerie, including seamed stockings and a suspender belt, Jasmine sits drinking a large glass of flavored tea, despite having a full bladder, and waits for permission to use the bathroom. She knows that this permission is going to be a while coming so she braces herself to hold it for a while. She stands and crosses her legs, pulling her dress up and holding her crotch to her control herself, showing off the tops of her stockings. She doesn't care; all she wants to do is sit on a toilet and get relief from the pressure she is under. When she looks like she is close to losing control, she is given permission to go. The panic to reach the bathroom and pull her panties down says much about the urgency of her desire for relief.

2. Waiting In The Bathroom
Jasmine is desperate to pee. Really desperate. To make her situation worse, she is standing in a bathroom and being asked to hold it. She sees this as "the worst trigger on the planet. I can see the toilet. I know where I am. My bladder is screaming!" To make her situation even more stressful, she is wearing leathers - jacket, skirt, boots. No way is she allowed to pee in those, which means she just has to wait. No leaking allowed. She eventually has to resort to pushing fingers against her pee hole in order to hold on. As things become increasingly dangerous for her, she unzips the skirt to ease some of the pressure on her bladder, and she removes the jacket because she is getting so hot with the strain of waiting. She finally buckles, tugs down her skirt and her panties and drops onto the toilet. Clearly a huge relief to release all that pee after waiting so long.

3. Really Got To Pee
Jasmine is driving to a friend's house, but she has miscalculated the state of her bladder and on the way she becomes desperate to pee. She drives while wiggling and squirming, gasping and groaning as she fights not to wet herself. She gets stuck behind a slow driver which adds to her frustration. At last, she nears her destination and quivers in anticipation of the impending relief. When she arrives, however, she sees no cars outside the house and she fears that her friend may be out. She hammers on their front door, pee dancing and in a panic. When no one answers, she runs around to the back of the house to try the rear door, but no one answers that either. Out of time, Jasmine has no choice but to lift her skirt and pulls down her tights and panties, then squat down and pee in her friend's back yard. The jet of pee which shoots out of her is wide and fast, a measure of her acute desperation to go. Her expression slowly changes from one of agony to relief, then worry that someone may have seen her with her panties pulled down.

4. Bathroom Torment
It's the end of the day, and because she has been steadily taking in liquids all day, she really needs to pee before she leaves, otherwise, as she says herself, she would barely make it home. Rather than allow her to simply relieve herself, we enter the bathroom with a camera and film her while she holds her pee, for the fourth time in one day. Standing in front of the toilet, the most powerful trigger there is to make someone urinate, Jasmine pee dances, holds her crotch and endures more waves of pressure as her bladder contracts, trying to make her release. After about ten minutes, she can't take it any more and quickly pulls up her skirt and tugs her tights and panties down, looking immensely relieved as she finally gets to pee. When she finishes, still faces one more problem; the toilet paper dispenser is over by the sink, and she wonders how she can get to it to wipe herself without revealing all. We glimpse Jasmine's innate embarrassment that we used to see so often as she finds a solution.

50 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,352.9 MB

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