Looks like the new phase of removals has started

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Looks like the new phase of removals has started

Post by davidb2b »

It looks like the hawks at Clips4Sale are starting to go back through the really old material now.

During the pre-activation review of your clip CLOSE CALL 2 (QUICKTIME) / 2155732 the following Compliance issue was found:

No Candid, Hidden, or Voyeur Camera Content – https://www.clips4sale.com/clips/page/contentrules - There cannot be any content (clips or images) featuring individuals that are clothed, nude, or otherwise where the individuals are being filmed covertly by a hidden camera (phone etc.), without their knowledge or written consent, whether in a public or private area (EX. on the street, beaches, in parks, restaurants, malls, airports, or at events (trade shows, concerts), including a private home or business, etc.). Additionally, there cannot be any content (clips/videos or images) featuring any individual's full body, face, or body parts (feet, buttocks, breasts, full upper or lower bodies, etc.) being covertly filmed, as well as recognizable individuals in background random crowd shots, and any other content where any individuals depicted in the content have not given their express consent to be filmed, signed a dated consent form for the use of their image and likeness, and provided their government issued photo ID to you to verify age.

STATUS: Your clip has been DENIED and REMOVED from your store for the above noted violation.

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