Jasmine miscalculated again

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Jasmine miscalculated again

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We filmed a new custom today, and not for the first time, Jasmine made what she referred to as "a grave mistake". She started imbibing early in the day, peed twice as she tried to pace herself, then just before she was about to leave home, she found herself incredibly desperate to pee... again! She struggled throughout her drive to reach us, and recorded the first 10 minutes of this video in transit, worried that she might be forced to stop on the roadside and relieve herself, and wondering how she might film it. As it turned out, she managed to get to us, but she was in a terrible state by then. She did her best to act out the scenario but only got part way through before she lost control. Yes, she pissed herself quite a while before she should have. What are we going to do with that girl? She said she feels so bad about messing up the custom that she will gladly perform it again if requested by the buyer. If he does, we'll film a part 2, following on logically from this one.

I plan to release it tomorrow. The title is: The Governor's Choice.

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