Permission To Pee 6 enhanced (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm

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Permission To Pee 6 enhanced (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery & Scarlett Storm

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Both Scarlett and Carissa take great delight in tormenting their opponent, making them drink water even when they need to pee - especially when they need to pee - and wait for the moment of limited relief when she can release into a tiny cup. Of course, this only provides marginal relief, because the urge to continue peeing is powerful, and it has to be suppressed. They both know they have to wait until their opponent gives them permission to release a little more. Instead, they are far more likely to make their opponent drink more liquid instead of gaining more relief. And so the game continues with desperation growing on both sides, and stopping after filling a tiny cup gets ever harder. While we have often seen the situation where the girl loses control while peeing into the cup, in this instance one of the models is made to wait too long and she wets her jeans. In retaliation, she denies her opponent permission to go and makes her wait until she too wets her jeans. Scarlett and Carissa both peel off their wet clothes at the end and appear naked.

39 minutes 52 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,878.6 MB

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Carissa's Page:

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