Strip Or Drink 3 & Star's Sensual Desperation enhanced (MP4) - Star Nine

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Strip Or Drink 3 & Star's Sensual Desperation enhanced (MP4) - Star Nine

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1. Strip or Drink 3
Star needs to pee and she is still drinking, because she must either drink or start stripping off her clothes. At first she is able to keep taking more water on board but as her stomach starts to feel full, as well as her bladder, she has no choice other than to start undressing. She takes off her boots and sits down, legs crossed, but that does not help much, so she begins removing garments which are pressing on her bladder - her skirt, her pantyhose and finally her panties. To avoid drinking any more, she has to keep going until she is completely naked. Now all she can do is wiggle her legs in an effort to maintain control, but she has had far too much to drink to hold her pee for long. Soon, it gushes out and she gets the relief she so craves.

2. Star's Sensual Desperation
Star sits alone in front of the camera wearing a red basque and black stockings. She needs to pee, but she turns it into a sensual experience. She talks to the viewer throughout, explaining how she is feeling. She exposed and strokes her own breasts and rubs her clitoris. "I feel like I'm on the verge of having an orgasm just from manipulating my full bladder". Squirming and rubbing herself, she allows her bladder to become fuller before she finally stands up, grabs a glass cylinder and pees into it, her relief almost orgasmic!

39 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,858.8 MB

Store: $9.99 ... ct_id=1733

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