Sinthia Bee: Set 7 (MP4) - 47 minutes

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Sinthia Bee: Set 7 (MP4) - 47 minutes

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1. Just Waiting
25 minutes 27 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,190.6 MB
The video begins with Sinthia tied to a chair, the tail end of a bondage video. She has not peed since her arrival and has been acting in the bondage role while dealing with a full bladder. There is an abdominal bulge which reveals her condition. Freed now, Sinthia is able to wiggle and squirm to help her hold her pee. She is asked to drink two more bottles of water while holding it, which she reluctantly does. Right now, this has a psychological effect; later, the physical consequences of adding even more liquid to her system is very apparent. She has been asked to just wait as long as possible, but she can think of nothing but the relief of being able to empty her bladder. Finally, she feels she can't hold it any longer and she wets herself, although not with the speed and power one is accustomed to seeing with Sinthia. The reason is revealed in the second video of this session.

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Teaser: ... aiting.mp4

2. Powerful Release
21 minutes 46 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,022.3 MB
Following on from "Just Waiting", Sinthia was just holding a full bladder while wearing jeans. This began outside, with a view to making the backdrop different, but as time passed it started to be obvious that she was having some difficulty. This led to us going back into the basement with a view to mounting the camera on a tripod and leaving her alone. This is where things went a bit awry and the cameraman got just a little bit frustrated. Once everything was set up, Sinthia was left alone in the room. Almost at once, the floodgates opened and she peed a vast amount, soaking not just the jeans but spreading far and wide across the floor. Sinthia wasn't so much camera shy as cameraman shy, despite having done this for two years without a problem. Many models have experienced the same issue; inhibition creeps in and they just can't release. There is no way to predict when it might occur, but when it does, videos end up with a stationary shot and a model left on her own.

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Teaser: ... elease.mp4

Sinthia Bee: Set 7 (MP4) - 47 minutes

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