Desperate Inspiration (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Desperate Inspiration (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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Another special custom where Jasmine performs in a single movie, ensuring serious desperation during filming. The video contains a total of 23 minutes of behind the scenes content, ten minutes prior to the scenario and thirteen minutes after.

Jasmine works for an author whose series of books has a female protagonist, and he is very conscious of the fact that he may not correctly describe events from a woman's point of view. In order to improve the fidelity of his stories, he enlists the help of his secretary Jasmine. He has reached the point in his work in progress where the heroine is captured by the bad guys and interrogated, and he wants to describe this an accurately as possible. Jasmine, who is just about to finish her working day and has been putting off a visit to the bathroom to get her tasks finished on time, gets up and is about to visit the toilet to relieve herself when her boss delays her by asking if she would be prepared to help him with his scene. Jasmine agrees but wants to use the toilet first, but it is at that moment that the boss remembers he has arranged to pick up the keys for a lockup he is buying, and he is already late. He persuades Jasmine to accompany him without giving her a chance to pee.

By the time they reach the lockup, Jasmine has a very full bladder and is anxious to get the visit over as quickly as possible, not least because she is dependent on her boss to drive her back to pick up her car. Inspired by the surrounds, he gets to work making notes for his novel, asking Jasmine questions, and getting her to stand as if being interrogated by several bad guys. He even writes her desperation into the story, making her talk about it in order to collect as many details as possible. When he decides that the bad guys would probably undress her to make sure she didn't have anything concealed about her person, Jasmine looks disconcerted, but anxious to move things along, she takes off her top and skirt and stands there in her bra and panties. Things only get worse when the boss asks her to handcuff herself the way the heroine is in his book. Again, Jasmine complies, but by this time she is bursting for a pee, and urging her boss to get a move on is not working at all. Finally, she can't control herself any longer and wets her panties in front of him. It's both embarrassing and humiliating, and she begins to wonder if she should start looking for another job.

43 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,015.9

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Re: Desperate Inspiration (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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I love Jasmine's outfit! The zip-away skirt is very sexy, as is her bra and panties set. Right down to her shoes...she looks great! Who is the wardrobe consultant for B2B? Whoever it is, they deserve a raise. :lol:

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