Cadence Lux: Set 15 (42 minutes 54 seconds)

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Cadence Lux: Set 15 (42 minutes 54 seconds)

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Critical Call
15 minutes 15 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 713.2 MB
Cadence arrives home desperate to pee, and receives a call from work just as she enters the house. The called in the company director's personal assistant informing Cadence that the director wants to have a conversation with her, and asks her to stay on the phone until he is ready to talk to her. As an applicant for a promotion, Cadence certainly doesn't want to miss this critical call. While waiting for the director, she hurries into the bathroom and pulls up her dress with her free hand, planning to relieve herself while she is waiting. However, her phone drops the signal within seconds of her entering the bathroom. She hurries into the living room and calls the PA back, apologizing for the interruption. Cadence pee dances around the living room while waiting for the director, becoming so desperate that she fears she is going to piss herself. She goes back to the bathroom, hoping the problem with the phone was just a fluke, but before she can pull her panties down, the phone cuts out again. Returning to the living room and reestablishing contact with the PA, who warns her not to let it happen again or she might miss the director, Cadence frantically tries to control her bladder as she resumes waiting. At last, the director is there and tells her what she wants to hear, that she has the promotion. The trouble is, he takes a long time to get to the point, and Cadence is now absolutely bursting!

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27 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,295.7 MB
Cadence is surprised to see Dave, an old friend, waiting for her when she gets home from work. He points out that she has not been to visit him in a very long time. Ever since she was young, he has made Cadence the sole beneficiary of his estate, which amounts to a tidy sum, but her prolonged absence from his life is giving him cause to reconsider. There is, after all, a cousin who is on hard times and might need it more. Cadence senses that something is wrong and wants to chat and resolve the issue, but she is bursting for a pee and badly needs to get to the bathroom. When she makes her desperation known, Dave tells her that he wants her to hold it. In fact, it gets stranger than that: He wants to have her stand in front of him in the basement of the house, while he sets up several cameras to film her struggle. Cadence is not at all okay with this, but the thought of losing the old man's fortune makes her do as he asks. She wonders how long he will keep her standing there; she doesn't imagine that it will be until she loses control of her bladder and pisses herself.

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Cadence Lux: Set 15 (42 minutes 54 seconds)

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