Sinthia Bee: Set 6 (49 minutes)

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Sinthia Bee: Set 6 (49 minutes)

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1. The Temp
29 minutes 43 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,391.8 MB
Sinthia works for a temping agency which provides clients with a somewhat unusual service. The client can request that the temp they hire be dressed a certain way, or even be naked. They may also make odd requests like the temp should arrive needing to pee, or not use the bathroom while on the premises. So it is for Sinthia, who discovers when she turns up that she is required not to pee, despite making a request to use the bathroom. The client wants her to organize his library, but before she starts work, he just wants to sit and chat with her and watch her squirm in desperation. After a while, he offers her a cup of coffee. Sinthia would rather not but the client insists. He goes off to pour her a cup, and in his absence, she loses control and pisses herself. Pee flows over the edge of the chair seat and splatters on the floor, the puddle growing bigger and bigger. She has barely finished going when the client returns and sees what has happened, kicking himself because he missed it.

Store: $9.99 ... ct_id=1690

Teaser: ... e_temp.mp4

2. The Inquisitive Realtor
19 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 887.2 MB
Sinthia is a real estate agent who is looking over an empty property to get a first impression of what may need doing to it to make it salable, when she encounters a man who should not be there. She challenges him and says she will have to involve the police to get him out. At this point, he clearly cannot allow her to leave until he has moved on to somewhere safer. He makes her enter the building and takes her through into its garage. Here, he makes her undress and lock her wrists in handcuffs which are hanging from a ring in the beam above her head. Once naked and secure, her captor is about to walk away when Sinthia informs him that she needs to pee. He doesn't care about her predicament and leaves her to it. Concerned that anyone who rescues her will see that she pissed herself, Sinthia does her best to hold it, hoping someone at the office will note her absence and come looking for her. She's already desperate, however, and she just can't hold it any longer. She loses control and creates a huge puddle around her feet.

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Teaser: ... ealtor.mp4

Sinthia Bee: Set 6 (45 minutes)

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