Violet: Set 4 (MP4) - 27 minutes

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Violet: Set 4 (MP4) - 27 minutes

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1. The Surveyor's Assistant
16 minutes 29 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 771.2 MB
Violet is in training alongside a surveyor who soon plans to retire, and it is his job to show her the ropes. This morning, they are waiting for a client whose property is to be sold, and boundaries need to be clearly established. The client is late, and Violet is in trouble because she needs to pee. She doesn't like to bring this up with her boss who is grumpy at the best of times, so she decides to hold it until the client arrives and she can gain access to the property to relieve herself. As time passes, her desperation grows until she has trouble standing still. She starts to fear that she might lose control of her bladder before she can get to a bathroom. She is reaching a point of despair when her boss thinks he heard a vehicle approaching and goes to investigate. Violet is so desperate now that she loses control as soon as he is out of sight. She wets her jeans because she dare not risk pulling them down and squatting; if caught in the act, that would be even more embarrassing. Of course, when the surveyor returns, she will someone have to explain the state of her pants.

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2. Access Denied
11 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 518.6 MB
Arriving home clad in leathers, Violet is bursting for a pee, but someone is in the bathroom. It's the classic dilemma of desperate to pee and no place to go! Violet squirms, dances and paces in the corridor, periodically banging on the door to tell the occupant to hurry up. It's almost ten minutes before the bathroom is vacated, and Violet rushes inside and tugs down her pants, sitting on the toilet just in time. Note: The framing in the bathroom is not especially good. Sorry about that.

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Teaser: ... denied.mp4

Violet: Set 4

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