Claire Irons: Set 3 (54 minutes 37 seconds)

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Claire Irons: Set 3 (54 minutes 37 seconds)

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1. The Desperate Hostage
19 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 901.4 MB
Claire was unfortunate enough to be visiting her bank when a robber held up the place and took her as a hostage to ensure his escape. Far from the city now, he takes her into the woods and ties her to a tree with zipties secured around her wrists. Claire informs him that she needs to pee, but that isn't his problem. He walks off, leaving her to hold it for as long as she can. Aware that she will be found at some point, Claire doesn't want to be rescued while wearing pee-soaked jeans, but ultimately, she has no choice. She finally has to let go and soak herself. Just a minute later, she hears a police car pulling up somewhere nearby, and the sound of radio chatter. As a cop approaches her, Claire looks embarrassed, but what is a woman to do?

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Teaser: ... ostage.mp4

2. Wait Until Two
35 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,662.0 MB
Claire receives a call from a man who informs her that he is a hacker who has just emptied her savings account. After quickly checking, Claire sees that this is so and asks him what he wants. Unexpectedly, he says that all she has to do to have her savings restored is to drink two bottles of water and then not visit the bathroom or wet herself until two o'clock, with him watching her via her phone. Claire is bewildered by these instructions but realizes she must obey them. She drinks the two bottles of water and then waits. She soon feels the urge to pee, and as time passes, the desire to empty her bladder gets stronger and stronger. She squirms around in her short leather skirt, making herself wait. As two approaches, she is really desperate to pee and struggling to maintain control until she gets to the bathroom. Once there, she has to film herself peeing so that the backer can watch, in close up. It's embarrassing, but what choice does she have?

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Teaser: ... il_two.mp4

Claire Irons: Set 3

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Claire's Page: ... irons.html

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