An Hour With Becca (MP4) - 61 minutes

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An Hour With Becca (MP4) - 61 minutes

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So Many Obstacles
Becca desperately needs to get to the bathroom, but some many things happen to delay her. Will she make it in time?

Washing Dishes
Becca needs to pee but she ignores it and carries on washing up dishes until she finally wets herself. She carries on as if nothing had happened.

When A Girl Has To Pee
Becca is cuffed to a bed in her bra and panties, her bladder so full it is bulging. She discovers that she cannot pee lying down and has to be freed so that she can kneel on the floor and piss through her panties.

No Place To Pee
Her car having broken down, Becca is trying to get home to use the bathroom. Several attempts to relieve herself on the roadside are thwarted, and by the time she gets home, it is just too late and she wets her jeans while standing in front of the toilet.

Casual Release
Becca is doing chores while holding a full bladder. She is out on the deck in the rain, throwing out feed, when she starts to piss her jeans. She carries on as she has not even noticed.

One On One With Becca
Becca sits on the toilet chatting to the camera, desperate to pee but putting it off for as long as possible.

Bladder Unleashed
Dressed like a secretary, Becca is asked to wait when she is bursting for a pee. She manages to hold on for a while, but ultimately she is compelled to wet her panties.

Waiting With Becca
Becca is back in the bathroom longer to pee, but she squirms and holds herself to delay the moment when it will come out. In the end, she pulls down her tights and panties and uses the toilet.

Stop & Start
Completely naked, Becca was asked to hold a full bladder and release a little at a time into small cups. She manages to do this for a while until she loses control and pee jets out of her onto the floor.

Caught Shoplifting
A security guard at the mall has arrested Becca for shoplifting, and is keeping her in a room until the police arrive to take her away. He won't listen to Becca's pleas that she needs to use the bathroom, leading to a situation where she has to wet herself.

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