For those of you who care about these things...

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For those of you who care about these things...

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I have been experimenting with the latest batch of remasters, producing the MP4 versions in several different ways. One of those ways is by using HandBrake, which, unlike most video converters, is intelligent enough to identify that it is looking at a 4x3 video in a 16x9 frame, and it exports the video without the black bars. The result looks good. You can see one of the teasers at: ... master.mp4

(Yes, I have remastered Jayne's famous capacity video once more). I have also increased the bitrate to 8,000 kbs, up from 6,000, to retain as much of the quality as possible without making the files unacceptably large; the file size is increased by around 30%.

Honestly, I just marvel at the massive increase in quality over the original releases.

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