An Hour With Vika (MP4) - 67 minutes

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An Hour With Vika (MP4) - 67 minutes

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Rather than just show the last minutes of each video, these movies have been created from the original data and edited to make a more concise version of each story. An extra sequence has been included which was originally intended only for the Russian market, so Vika chats to the viewer in Russian. The visuals are nice, however, even if the speech can't be understood.

1. The Russian Realtor
Vika is unable to enter a house she is showing to a client, and she is desperate to pee. She makes several abortive attempts to relieve herself but the client keeps turning up just when she needs a little privacy. Finally, she manages to get rid of him for a few minutes and takes the opportunity to finally squat and empty her full bladder.

2. The Translator
Working at the United Nations, Vika has a prestigious job and, as such, is expected to be punctual. On this particular day, she is running late and doesn't have time to use the bathroom before entering her booth and taking up the translation. As the presentation goes on and on, Vika becomes increasingly desperate to pee, but she can't leave. Finally, she is compelled to wet herself while still translating.

3. Humiliating Situation
Vika is stepping into the elevator to go down to the ground floor, her working day over. She is surprised when the CEO of the company steps into the elevator just before the doors close.

4. She Didn't Quite Make It
Vika's home is invaded by an intruder who ties her to a chair before helping himself to her valuables. He doesn't consider that she might need to pee when he trusses her up, and soon Vika is struggling not to lose control of her bladder as she struggles to get free before it's too late. She manages to free one hand and holds her crotch to prevent herself losing it. She unties herself, but it takes a while and she pees a little through her shorts before she is completely free. At last, she is able to hurry to the bathroom, but she completely wets herself just short of the toilet.

5. Vika's Nude Predicament
Vika drank four bottles of water before taking off her clothes and chaining her ankle to the wood stove, placing both bathroom and any receptacle she might pee into out of reach. Cautioned that she must not pee on the carpet under any circumstances, Vika sets about holding her pee, knowing that, from this point on, her situation can only get worse.

6. The Russian Interpreter
A man has hired Vika to translate a document for him, and he has a tight deadline so she needs to get it done as quickly as possible. She sits drinking tea and soon feels the effects of a full bladder, but she can't use the toilet because it is out of order. Finally, she has no choice but to hurry outside and find some place where she can pull her pants and panties down in privacy. Just before she does so, however, the man who hired her comes around the corner of the house, and unable to hold it any longer, Vika wets her pants in front of him.

7. Bonus Video
Vika, in red dress and red panties, chats to the viewer in Russian while struggling not to wet herself. It is soon apparent that she can't hold it and pees pours down her legs as she relieves herself through her panties.

66 minutes 53 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,142.4 MB

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