Plan for the rest of October?

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Plan for the rest of October?

Post by canhcuongle »

Is there any new updates for the rest of October Dave (Who will be in the shoot)?

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Re: Plan for the rest of October?

Post by davidb2b »

At the weekend I am working with Autumn Bodell, and next week we have Jasmine, Cadence and Juliette March working together for one day, then Cadence and Juliette together on the next day. I anticipate plenty of desperation from these ladies.

I also have several solo videos recorded, one with Jasmine and one with Monica, to be released soon. I have also put together Naked Desperation 11, after a break of more than 3 years since the last one. In fact, there's almost enough material for ND12, so perhaps by the end of the year...

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Re: Plan for the rest of October?

Post by Minethlos »

That's a great line-up, I think I am excited to see each of the four models!

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