Stay Where You Are (MP4) - Claire Irons

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Stay Where You Are (MP4) - Claire Irons

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Claire arrives home bursting to pee and finds a man in her house, a man with instructions to take her out of circulation for a while and guard her carefully, making sure she doesn't make any calls or go in search of anything she could use to defend herself. He instructs her to descend into the basement where he makes himself comfortable, and Claire is made to stand in front of him. She stresses again that she desperately needs to pee and asks for a visit to the bathroom, but the man will not let her out of his sight. Claire pleads with him, trying everything to avoid the humiliation of wetting herself in front of a stranger, but he merely tells her she will have to hold it. She knows she is running out of time, that she can't hold it much longer, but still she can find no way out of her predicament. Finally overcome with the pressure on her full bladder, Claire loses control, feeling pee snaking down her legs as she stand there, unable to do anything about it. She is so embarrassed, just wanting to curl up in humiliation, but she can't. When it is all over, she still can't leave to clean herself up. She must stand there in her wet panties and tights, feeling wretched.

21 minutes 35 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,008.4 MB

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