Just Jeans 12 enhanced (MP4) - 53 minutes

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Just Jeans 12 enhanced (MP4) - 53 minutes

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Our twelfth collection of excerpts where models are desperate to pee and lose control and wet their jeans. This video has been enhanced and exported at 1280x720 pixels (the original was 640x480 pixels) and the picture maintains its 4:3 aspect ratio. As with all of these compilations, scenes are typically 3-4 minutes in length, generally showing the last moments of desperation followed by the wetting accident. The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

1. Jayne: No Way In Again
2. Tabitha: Left Helpless
3. Lily: Are You Kidding Me?
4. Jayne: Hunt the Bonus
5. Sienna: Stuck Hand, Full Bladder
6. Jayne: Line at the Ladies
7. Lola: Tickle Me Until I Pee
8. Jayne: Sitting Pretty
9. Lily: Trouble Holding It
10. Jayne: Going Up
11. Tabitha: Snagged
12. Sienna: Hurry This Up!
13. Jayne: I'm Going to Lose It
14. Tabitha: Tickled on a Full Bladder
15. Jayne: Trapped in an Elevator 3

53 minutes 37 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - WMV: 2,870.6 MB

Store: $10.99
https://www.bound2burststore.com/store/ ... ct_id=1514

https://www.bound2burst.net/movies/clip ... hanced.mp4

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