Regarding the Sama Sets

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Regarding the Sama Sets

Post by davidb2b »

I forgot to mention earlier, I have grouped all of the videos containing a bondage element in Set 2.

Because there are thirteen videos here, I decided not to fill up the What's New page with Sama videos, and the same with the front page of the store. Follow the link to Sama's page for the individual titles. In the store, look up Sama from the Movies By Model list and go to her page there if you rather work that way.

Several of these remastered versions are shorter than the originals. Wisdom afforded by the distance in time allowed me to exercise common sense where some sequences dragged on. I've also made it clearer this time around how much of each scenario video is behind the scenes material.

Revisiting Sama reminded me that she possessed above average intelligence and was often quite witty. Funny to think of her now being 35 years old.

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