Cadence & Jasmine Set (MP4) - 89 minutes

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Cadence & Jasmine Set (MP4) - 89 minutes

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1. Confined Without A Bathroom
13 minutes 24 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 628.9 MB
Cadence is being held prisoner in a locked room without facilities. She is being watched via a security camera to ensure that she does not make any attempts to get out. She is restless from the start because her captors have not given her a chance to use a bathroom, and now she needs to pee quite badly with nowhere to go. As she grows increasingly desperate, Cadence fidgets and paces up and down, trying to control herself as her bladder sends signals that it needs attention. Finally, in desperation, she starts writing messages and holding up to the camera explaining her predicament. No one comes to help her, so she finally has no choice - she pulls up her skirt and squats down... before pulling her hose and panties down, however, she realizes that she is visible on the security camera. She needs to cover it but has nothing with which to do so. Her only recourse is to remove her shirt and drape it over the camera for some privacy. The only problem is that she is not wearing a bra, so for some seconds, anyone watching can see her exposed breasts. It's a sacrifice Cadence is willing to make to gain relief, and when she squats to empty her bladder this time, pee gushes out in a powerful stream. She has barely finished when one of her captors enters to find out why the camera has stopped working. He removes her shirt and tells her not to mess with the camera again, leaving her with no top to wear and the embarrassment of a huge puddle of pee on the floor.

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Teaser: ... throom.mp4

2. Two Girls About To Wet Themselves

11 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 517.0 MB
Filmed about forty minutes after concluding the quiz, where the girls drank almost three pints of water each plus a few sips of an energy drink. They were both bursting again and badly wanted to get into the bathroom to pee. Instead, they had to spend the next ten minutes acting out a scenario where the come home desperate to pee (!) and have to wait because the bathroom is occupied. The girl inside the bathroom, Lydia, seems oblivious to their plight and just keeps them waiting until they genuinely are in danger of wetting themselves where they stand. Finally, Lydia opens the bathroom door and the girls push past her, each wanting to be the first to use the toilet. Jasmine gets there first, making Cadence stand listening to her urinate, her own bladder bulging under her skirt.

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Teaser: ... selves.mp4

3. Cadence & Jasmine Desperation Quiz
46 minutes 38 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,191.8 MB
While Cadence and Jasmine have worked together a number of times, this is the first time they have gone up against one another in a quiz. They really get into the game no matter how much water they have to drink. Consuming a gulp of liquid every minute or so, and having recently finished "Confined Without A Bathroom: Part 2" (their first video of the day where they both came prepared and were in a hurry to get started), their bladders filled rather quickly. They shows signs of needing to pee early on, and this casual fidgeting grows a lot more intense as the questions unfold and quite a few of the answers are wrong. Soon, they are dying to pee and trying hard to concentrate on the questions, but a full bladder is a huge distraction. Jasmine is enjoying the game so much, despite her increasing discomfort, that she asks for it to continue, despite the risk of having to drink more water. The object of the quiz is to see who can hold it the longest, and that tends to be the person who gets most of the questions right.

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Teaser: ... tended.mp4

4. Confined Without A Bathroom: Part 2
17 minutes 48 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 833.5 MB
Following on from the first part featuring only Cadence, the bad guys have now got two girls to keep locked up in a room where there are no windows and no toilet. They have both been made to drink liquids (of course, they did this to themselves before they arrived, but the effect is the same) and are left there under the watchful eye of a security camera. Cadence has been warned not to cover the camera again. Jasmine is more confused by the situation, having not had this experience before, and wants to know what is going on. Cadence, distracted by an urge desire to pee and not wishing to talk about it, tries to avoid the conversation. As desperation grows, both girls wave at the security camera attempting to attract attention, to convey their predicament to their captors. Naturally, the captors know very well that they will soon be forced to piss in their jeans, or give them a peep show by pulling down their jeans and squatting on the floor to relieve themselves. Neither girl wants to expose herself to the unknown audience and elect to just hold it, until they can't. As soon as one of the girls starts to wet herself, the other is triggered to do the same.

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Teaser: ... part_2.mp4

Cadence & Jasmine Set

Store: $24.99 ... ct_id=1484

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