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Bound2Burst: Dave's Favourites
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Bound2Burst: Dave's Favourites

This page has been created now because, at the time of launching, Bound2Burst has been in existence for exactly 14 years. On the 16th March 2005, the name was first coined for a free Yahoo site where I posted stories. The site survived about three weeks, because as soon as it started getting traffic, Yahoo decided to try charging me $30 per month for the bandwidth I was using. They locked the site, holding it to ransom. They've never had a very good business model. So, I uttered an expletive and moved on. As luck would have it, a bondage procuder I knew in the U.K. was running his site using a hosting company called Dreamhost, and he offered me space on his account. He even set up the Bound2Burst domain name for me. Very generous. For about a year and a half this arrangement went along nicely, until I started releasing videos. Suddenly, the bandwidth usage shot through the roof. This generous chap (Paul is his name) politely suggested that I might like to open my own Dreamhost account now since he was growing worried that the amount of traffic my site was receiving might start to impact his. Fair enough. Hence was born the site as it exists today.

Fourteen years is a long time, and I want to celebrate by re-publishing the videos that have not only been successful in their time, but are among my all-time favourites. I start with just four today, all enhanced or remastered, but others will be added soon. It's a time-consuming process going back to the originals and re-doing them. The benefits are obvious, but the file sizes are at times large. Several of these movies are supplied in parts because, in HD form, they are massive, and the OC store can't handle that kind of memory demand all in one go. These parts join together seamlessly when you play them back. The teasers are all new and match the full versions in size and bitrate, so you can see what you're getting. The teasers are also much longer, unconstrained by the 1-minute limit imposed by Clips4Sale.

I've dropped the prices so that these enhanced versions are cheaper than the originals. I hope you will enjoying watching them as much as I have enjoyed revisiting them.

Quiz Show
The Wettest Link Remastered in full HD
The Wettest Link Remastered in full HD
Time: 1 hour 53 minutes
In 2015, this classic video was enhanced to create a better definition version for re-release, but it was still 1280x720 pixels because the file being manipulated was just the quicktime version of the export from 2012. Late last year, while trawling through old drives that had been boxed up for storage years ago, I had the happy accident of finding the original, raw recording from that day back in May of 2012. It was full HD! I almost put it back in the box and forgot about, having already re-released this movie once. But the opportunity to work on and enhance this monster (23 GB) recording was too great. I cleaned it up with the tools now available to me, and have finally made it available in full HD. The file has been split into three parts because, even when compressed to 6Mbps, is 5.24 GB in size, far beyond the capacity of the OpenCart store to handle, and well above the publication limit of 4 GB set by Clips4Sale. The three parts link together seamlessly, with no additional captions inserted, so line up the parts in any player and they should run consecutively and seamlessly. The teaser is long and full size so you can see what you're getting. The video features Jasmine, Scarlett, Candle, Dixie, Constance, Shauna, Paige, Becky & Kylee. The girls battle it out to answer correctly as many multi-choice questions as possible to avoid having to drink more water. They all needed to pee to some extent before starting. The entire game is like a real quiz show with the added component of having a lot of women all desperate to pee as they try to concentrate on the questions being posed. Inevitably, there are a number of wrong answers as concentration drifts which results in a lot of water being consumed (some 30 pints altogether) and a lot of squirming and fidgeting. Most of the girls are vocal about the state of their filling bladders, and standing still as they drink the next bottle becomes more and more of a challenge as the game unfolds. The ways in which the models cope with their mounting discomfort are many and varied, with some happy to overtly show how badly they need to pee, while others present a cool facade as if nothing is wrong. The girls have a wonderful time despite experiencing full bladder discomfort and humour abounds.

1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 5,262.9 MB
Candle, Hannah, Carissa & Autumn
Mind Over Bladder Remastered
Mind Over Bladder Remastered
Time: 1 hour 13 minutes
This video is presented in two parts which link together seamlessly with no additional captions inserted. Candle, Hannah, Carissa and Autumn line up for a holding contest to see who can wait the longest and who can pee the most, not necessarily the same girl. Of the four, the first two to lose control will have to wet themselves; the remaining contenders will each pee into a glass cylinder to see how much they were holding. All four women had started drinking fluids before filming began to make sure they would get desperate to pee before too much time passed. There is plenty of chat about pee-related matters, and it is not long before the first signs of squirming begin. Desperation mounts as the minutes pass and it becomes a battle to see who will have to give in first, and who will last the longest. There is also a personal challenge for Candle to beat her previous record of 1.2 litres of pee.

1920x1080 pixels - 5.4 Mbps bitrate - MP4: 3,399.4 MB

Cali Logan & Cadence Lux
Cali Logan & Cadence Lux: Battle of the Bladders Enhanced
Battle of the Bladders Enhanced
Time: 48 minutes 11 seconds
This is another documentary-style video which culminates in a holding contest. As with Carissa and Jasmine, it shows Cali and Cadence soon after they arrived, drinking liquids and relaxing in preparation for the ordeal that is to come. We film a forced stripping scenario, at the end of which the girls, now naked, are seen drinking more liquid and both needing to pee. It's time to break the seal. The camera accompanies them to the bathroom as they sit on the toilet and empty their bladders. They continue to drink and soon we start work on a bondage movie which involves Cali being tied up twice. By the time we get to the end of the first part, Cadence is very restless and again needs to pee, so once again she is filmed using the toilet. During filming of the second part of the bondage video, Cali tells her captor: "I need to pee!" It wasn't just an act; she was informing us that she really did need to pee. By the time the scene was over Cali was extremely anxious to get the ropes off and run to the bathroom. She partially frees herself as part of the bondage video, then she is filmed finishing the release during which she is extremely anxious. When asked how she is doing she replies, somewhat shortly, "I need to pee." Cadence, never one to pass up a bit of fun, moves around behind Cali and briefly tickles her while Cali is frantically trying to get loose. Things don't improve much when the cameraman blocks her way to the bathroom, but not for long because she is getting a bit short. She really does need to pee, and the relief on her face when she does so tells it all. Finally, it is time for the contest to begin. Someone used the phrase "battle of the bladders" which certainly makes for an apt title. By now, the girls have been here for three hours. They had peed twice and consumed a lot of fluid. Cadence is already in a fairly desperate state as the contest gets underway, and while Cali seems to have things under control at first, it is not long before she begins wiggling her legs and squirming around as her bladder fills too. The desperation body language grows more acute as the minutes slip by and it is soon clear that both girls are bursting to pee.

1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 5.4 Mbps - MP4: 2,028.4 MB
Niki Lee Young, Cadence Lux & Laci Star
Holding Contest: Niki, Cadence & Laci Remastered
Holding Contest: Niki, Cadence & Laci Remastered
Time: 48 minutes 33 seconds
Niki, Cadence and Laci get together to see which of them can hold her pee the longest. They start out fairly comfortable, drinking as they chat, and soon the leg wiggling and distressed expressions begin. Desperation builds as we watch the girls squirming and making ever more urgent moves to suppress the urge to relieve the pressure on their bladders. All dressed in black panties and Hustler fishnet dresses with hem fringes, they all look very sexy. They can't seem to resist touching their own breasts as they struggle not to pee, almost as if they are trying to distract themselves from the urgent desire to go. Who loses control first and who wins the contest? Enjoy finding out as you watch these three blondes battling it out.

1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 5.4 Mbps - MP4: 2,032.4 MB

Jayne: Wait For That Call, Miss Jones Remastered (MP4)
Wait For That Call, Miss Jones Remastered (MP4)
Time: 14 minutes 48 seconds
The boss has to go out, but he is expected a very important international call from a client in Hong Kong. His company has a policy of not using an answering machine because it annoys customers so much, so he instructs his secretary, Miss Jones, to stay by the phone until the call comes in, then take down the client's information. He tells her that under no circumstances must she leave the phone unattended. The boss is gone for a long time, and although various calls come in, none are from the important client in Hong Kong. She needs to run to the bathroom but dare not go, so she waits, and waits, until her bladder is about to explode. Crossing and uncrossing her legs helps a little, as does pacing back and forth and pee dancing on the spot, but in the end, her desperation is so acute that she simply MUST GO! Miss Jones is just making a run for the bathroom when, wouldn't you know it, the phone rings and it is the client in Hong Kong. Now she must stand there taking notes and trying not to let him know that she dying for the loo. The client is still talking to her when, despite all her struggles to hold on, she loses control and pee races down between her legs, splattering loudly on the floor. Her stockings are streaked with urine, and her beautiful new shoes are soaked. Poor Miss Jones. At least she did her job as instructed.

1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 690.9 MB
Taylor: She's At Full Capacity Remastered (MP4)
She's At Full Capacity Remastered (MP4)
Time: 7 minutes 22 seconds
Shown in the sequence it which it was filmed, the story is interspersed with behind the scenes footage. It's probably Taylor most dramatic peeing sequence - it came out fast and went on for a long time.

Original description: Legal secretary Taylor has arrived at a client's house, a folder full of paperwork in her hand. She is absolutely bursting to pee and can barely wait to get into the house to use the bathroom. She knocks on the door, pee dancing as she waits for an answer. The her acute distress, no one seems to be at home. Her bladder filled to capacity and right on the brink of wetting herself, she can't think what else to do except to go around to the back of the house and squat down in the man's garden to empty her tortured bladder before it explodes. She dare not pull down her tights and panties in case someone is inside the house and they can see her, so she compromises by lifting her skirt, squatting and letting it all go. The jet of pee between her legs is incredibly powerful, hissing loudly through her underwear and almost spraying her right shoe. She continues to empty her bladder for more than a minute, her expressions reflecting her immense relief. With wet panties and tights, she adjusts her skirt, goes back to retrieve her document bag and returns to her car; she must now go home to shower and change before coming back to see her client for a second time.

1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio 4x3 - bitrate 6 Mbps
MP4: 344.1 MB

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