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My Neighbor - by Maria
Even though I'm married, I've often fantasized about women and watersports. I never had the nerve to try either since these are things that "nice girls" don't do, or so I'd always thought.
Well, I have been attracted to Jennifer since the day she moved in next door. Despite our age difference, she is 28 and I'm 40, we soon became best friends.
I would go over to her house for coffee a couple of times a week when our husbands were at work.
One day, many months into our friendship, we got on the subject of sex and we soon discovered that we had the same feelings for each other. It was a rather awkward moment, to say the least. However, I found myself becoming very horny as we talked. I had to pee and I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I pulled my shorts and panties down and was about to sit on the toilet when I realized that Jennifer had followed me in and was watching me. (I hadn't felt the need to close the door.) She asked if she could watch! I excitedly asked, "Are you into that?" She smiled and nodded her head. My heart pounded with lust!
As I sat and peed, Jennifer bent over and kissed me on the lips. As my flow stopped, she told me to stand up. I did. She knelt down and began to lick me. In less than two minutes, I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out!
The rest of the afternoon was spent in her bathtub, making love in various ways and engaging in watersports fun. Needless to say, our friendship is closer than ever. Our husbands do not know about our special relationship and we intend to keep it that way. When we get together now, it is not just for coffee. ; )
Wetting In The Rain - Anonymous female
I'm now in my mid-forties, but have been into wetting and watersports for many, many years. Some of my past lovers shared my fetish over the years, but my husband does not. So, I've resorted to a little solo wetting trick I learned back in my college days. In fact, sometimes wetting fun can be more erotic when alone. It can be one's naughty little secret.
When I was in college, I thought of a way to wet myself without anyone knowing, even on a crowded street.
I wait for a night when it's pouring rain and go for a walk. I put on a tight pair of jeans with no panties. Sure, some folks who see me must think I'm crazy for walking in a downpour without an umbrella or raincoat. But, who cares?
Within just a few minutes of walking, I'm drenched! Then, I stop and let the pee just gush from me. (One must first drink a lot of water, of course.) Sometimes, I'll even appear to be window shopping while I am actually soaking myself! I have even had conversations with people whilst peeing this way!
When I arrive home, I simply throw my wet clothes in the wash basin. Then, it's off to the bathroom for a good rub of my clit with an intense orgasm! My hubby thinks my habit of walking in the rain is just a silly little quirk. Oh, if he only knew!
Britney In Her Lotus - Anonymous
Britney rounded a tight curve on the winding back road. The Lotus Esprit whistled softly as she reached the top of second gear. She had just arrived at the airport, and was happy to have her car back. Her trip home had been going quite nicely. It was a very hot day. Britney had the top down and felt the hot air grab at her hair. Her tanktop was made of light fabric, and was clinging to her sweaty torso.
She had one regret which had been floating around in the back of her mind for the past hour or so, but now presented itself in quite an urgent manner. She had to pee, and was now becoming desperate. Though it was futile, she wished that she'd peed in the airport. She didn't have to go then, but had recently developed a sudden urge. She removed one hand from the steering wheel and thrust it down into her tight black miniskirt. Her bladder was painfully swollen, and she longed to relieve it. She was about an hour from her house, and seriously doubted that she could make it the rest of the way. She looked to the sides of the road, but knew them all too well. The road was packed with houses all the way to her own. There was no place she could pull over and go without beeing seen. Yet, the fantasy of being seen as she pissed on the side of the road only aroused her more! This was a new thrill for her...
A sudden sensation came over her and her mouth went dry with the realization that she was soon going to pee in her panties, and that she had no control over it. There was absolutely nothing she could do to avoid peeing in her nice skirt and soaking the seat of her eighty thousand dollar car. It was just a matter of time. She became very excited with this knowledge. The pain of her swollen bladder suddenly became beautiful. The same frantic feeling that made her hardly able to sit still with her feet on the pedals now made her nipples errect and her breathing heavy.
The sensation overcame her and she decided to indulge it. Without further thought, Britney opened the one liter soda she'd bought at the airport and drank the entire bottle. The cool liquid felt so good. She hadn't realized how thirsty she was until then. Her comfort, however, was short lived. Within ten minutes, Britney's bladder had taken it's revenge. It was now visibly swollen even through her miniskirt. The frantic urge was uncontrollable. Britney couldn't keep her feet still. She set the cruise control and crossed her legs. She shifted back and forth in her seat. She kept one hand on the wheel, and the other gently resting on her enormous bladder. She was as full as she could get, but continued to fill. She was wet from sweat, but not only because of the heat. She was now squirming desperately!
Quick squirts of pee started to escape her with every movement. She couldn't make herself sit still, but felt the wetness between her legs grow with every movement. She was absolutely bursting with pee that was fighting a brutal war to escape from her control. And escape it did. Britney finally surrendered to the will of her bladder. She hadn't known until then that her free hand had been clenched so very tightly between her thighs, but relaxed it along with the rest of her tense and trembling body. She took a deep breath and let go. A soft hissing noise rose from her clit and wetness began to drip from her seat. She enjoyed the moment of release beyond explanation! It was almost orgasmic. As she pulled into her driveway, she was totally soaked...but smiling and satisfied. Later that evening, as she masturbated to an intense orgasm, she remembered the experience as a very positive one! And one that she would repeat again...and again!
A Walk In The Woods - Anonymous female
My boyfriend and I love to go for walks in the woods near our home. We recently found a secluded trail that is very peaceful and serene. One hot day last summer, we decided to go for a walk. As usual, I was not wearing panties or a bra. I was so thirsty and had been drinking a lot of water. Anyway...
About twenty minutes into our walk I felt a strong urge to pee! It came on so suddenly that I had to tell my boyfriend. I gasped, "Honey, I need to pee so bad!" He smiled and replied, "There's no one around, baby...go over there and I'll take your picture, okay?" (I did not know that he had brought his digital camera along.) I asked myself, "Why not?"
He snapped a photo just as I released my stream. Peeing in front of him really turned me on! (It was a first for me.) Oh...and yes, it felt sooo good! The sex we had when we got got home was even better! I've since peed for him in the woods several times. Now I really look forward to our walks!
New Year's Eve - Anonymous male
On New Year's Eve of 2008, I went out to buy some beer to ring in the New Year. It was about 10:00 PM. Upon returning from the party store, I parked in the lot next to my apartment building. I live in a very old 4-story apartment building, similar to those in NYC. I parked, got out of my car, and walked toward the back alley to enter the building from the rear entrance. Then, I heard something...
As I came around the corner from the side of the building, I heard a girl shout, "I can't believe you're peeing there!" When I got to the back of the building, I saw what was going on. There was a very cute girl squatting with her back against the building. Her short skirt was hiked up and her thong was at her knees. Her girlfriend was watching her, laughing hysterically! The peeing girl shouted, "There's no way I could make it up those 4 flights of stairs! I gotta go NOW!" (There is no elevator in the building.)
When the two girls saw me, the laughing friend said, "Sorry...she had to pee!" I smiled and replied, "No problem, it's New Year's Eve." I wish I could have told that tenant (and her friend) what I really thought! (FYI, yes...they were both very sexy!)
Fountain Blue - by Julie, London
I will relate an incident that occurred six weeks ago when I was driving back from Wales. I'd just passed Birmingham and decided to pull in at some roadside toilets I knew of. I was desperate for a pee by the time I arrived. The lay-by was full of lorries and two or three cars. I went up to the ladies only to find the door bolted and an 'out of order' sign up. A large puddle on the ground in the concealed entrance indicated that other women had been as desperate as me so I thought 'what the hell' and began to lift my skirt. I was just about to drop my knickers and squat, when a man suddenly appeared. I don't know who was more shocked as he stammered in front of me, "Oh, I'm sorry, wrong loo." "It's locked anyway," I said and suddenly realised that my skirt was still hitched up and my skimpy panties were in view. I yanked my skirt down and the man turned and left after another apology. I waited ten or fifteen seconds and, deciding he'd gone, pulled my panties down and crouched with my back against the wall. I began to pee with a quite audible hiss and the urine formed a big puddle when once again the man appeared, catching me in full flow. It was pointless trying to stop so I pushed to finish as quickly as possible. However, doing this produced a loud rasping fart and I nearly lost control altogether. The man was muttering, "Lovely, beautiful" and the bulge in his trousers was huge.
I was very turned on myself, as I tailed off to a dribble I reached down and rubbed my clit, while staying in an open legged squat position. A dark stain appeared over the man's trousers and I suddenly reached my climax.
He smiled at me and said thanks and walked off. After rearranging my clothing and composure, I emerged from the doorway knowing about six pairs of eyes were following me. Once in my car, I drove off feeling very randy and decided my boyfriend Steve would be in for a treat that night!

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