The Oktoberfest
(Female Desperation)

Written by Veronique

      I was at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Everybody there drinks a lot of beer and so it is a great place to see people desperate for the loo.

      During drinking my second "Mass" (that is one litre) I felt the need to pee increase. I waited until it became serious because if you go too early, you have to go all the time later.

      In the toilet there were many girls doing a pee dance. I didn't care too much because I wanted to go back to my table and to Tobi. I met him earlier this day and I found him very nice.

      Back to the table I emptied my second beer and ordered the third. I was a bit tipsy by this time and the flirt with Tobi became more intense. We kissed a few times.

      We decided to leave the Oktoberfest together, and that I would go home with him to his apartment. So I kept on drinking to empty the third glass.

      I was drunk now, and I found out as I stood up that I also needed a pee. I told Tobi to wait because I wanted to go to the ladies.

      He said: " Come on, you'd have to wait in line a very long time. Look at it. Can you hold it until we reach the station? There must be loos there, and it's unlikely there would be be as many women waiting there."

      I took a look at the ladies. The line was indeed very long, so I decided to follow him to the station without using the toilet. "I can wait," I told him. "It is not urgent." That wasn't quite true, of course.

      On the way to the subway, he put one arm around me and we started having fun together, looking at the very drunk people around us.

      After a few minutes of this, my bladder began sending out warning signals and I felt the urge to pee increase rapidly. That was no wonder at all after a half Mass of beer in 15 minutes!

      "How far is it to the station" I asked a little anxiously.

      "Maybe ten minutes or so" Tobi told me, "Why?"

      "Oh nothing serious, but I will really need to pee by then."

      Tobi didn't comment on this. I wondered if he likes holding games the way I did, but it didn't seem very likely.

      After five more minutes, every step was poking against my bladder. "Please Tobi, can we slow down. My bladder hurts with every step!"

      We stopped walking and I looked around to see if there was a discrete place where I might go to pee, but Tobi interrupted my plan. "Come on we have to reach the subway"

      So I started walking again, gritting my teeth with the effort of holding myself.

      We reached the subway after an eternal walk of seven minutes. "Where are the toilets?" I asked, my words tumbling out. "I really need to use them now"

      "I don't know" Tobi said. " I never used the toilet in this station. It looks like...."

      "It looks like there are no toilets" I finished his sentence, starting to shake because I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. "How long is the journey from here to your place?"

      "The train will arrive in three minutes and we have to go six stations," Tobi explained. "That means about twenty minutes."

      "I am not sure if I can," I started to say, then added, "I think its okay." I tried to sound relaxed, but I wasn't. My bladder was full now and I had major problems just trying to stand still. I looked for a seat, and thankfully found one. I sat down and crossed my legs. Tobi joined me: " You look a bit stressed,," he noted. "Are you okay?"

      "I'm okay," I told him, "but I'm a bit drunk and my bladder is cramping a bit."

      I was wishing I had gone to the toilet before we left. My bladder was now hurting so badly, but I didn't want to tell this to Tobi, because I didn't wanna come across like a little girl who doesn't have any bladder control.

      As the train came in, we stood up and I knew I was in trouble. My bladder ached abominably as I tried to straighten up, so I had to walk slightly bent over. I hoped nobody would notice my predicament.

      We had to stand in the tube. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as discretely as possible, but Tobi noticed and asked:" Are you needing to go bad?"

      "No," I told him, trying to project a confidence I did not feel. "Why do you ask?"

      "Mmh nothing. I didn't want to be indiscrete."

      I tried to stand still and put my hands in the pockets of my jeans. Wondering for the second time if Tobi was actually enjoying my predicament. I took my hands from my pockets so that I would not look like I was too desperate, even though I was, in reality, ready to burst!

      I tried to think about something else, and without even realizing it, I began doing a pee dance again. Tobi said:" It looks really hot when you move your legs like that. And I have to say this now, so don't judge me."

      "You mean you enjoy desperate women?"

      " Mmh yes. I'm sorry but I do."

      "Oh, it doesn't matter, but I am surprised that you told me."

      Now I knew it for sure that he enjoyed it, but, sadly, I was not in the state to enjoy anything anymore. I crossed my legs hard and pressed them together, inserting my hands back in my pockets to control my need. The alcohol wasn't helping either and I was having trouble just keeping my balance as the train rocked from side to side.

      I crossed my legs the other way and bent forward a little more. Oh God, I really was bursting.

      Then Tobi said: "Baby, can I please have your hands?"

      "Why?" I asked in a strained little voice.

      "I want to hold and see them. I like your hands."

      "It's embarassing having to say that, but I need my hands where they are or I will have some serious trouble staying dry. Please don't humilate me!" I pressed my hands deeper in the pockets until I was nearly holding myself.

      I could see how this turned Tobi on. He was standing very close, so I could also feel his errection. My boyfried doesn't have any interest in pee holding, and I found myself starting to enjoy this little affair. However, my pleasure was marred by the fact that it was now really difficult to hide my predicament from the other passengers.

      Tobi said: " I don't mind if you are in trouble. Please give me your hands."

      I did so and he touched them very gently. I felt my heart beating faster. After a few moments, I tried to put my hands back in my pockets because I was almost losing e control, but Tobi grabbed them harder and refused to let them go.

      "Please!" I whispered urgently. "You can have my hands the whole night, but not now!" I had to struggle to keep my bladder shut, hopping from foot to foot and bending my knees.

      My voice trembled: " Please, I gonna pee my pants, really... I have to pee." I crossed my legs as hard as possible and I was not sure how long I would be able to hold back my pee without holding myself through my pockets, "Please, please don't make me wet my pants." Finally, he let go of my hands. I quickly grabbed at my crotch with both hands to hold back the pee, and not a moment too soon. The people around looked at me a little strangely. Happily, it was out stop and, with relief, Tobi and I got off the train.

      Outside, my legs now moving, I managed to regain control and was able to walk without holding myself.

      "Please let us walk hand in hand" Tobi said. Aware that he wanted to touch me and enjoy my predicament, I gave him my hand. "You're doing this on purpose" I said. "You know I need to pee really badly, and you're only holding my hand to make it more difficult for me to wait!"

      " Yes," he admitted. "I told you this before."

      "But you dind't tell me that you were a sadist!" I shouted at him.

      "I think you enjoy it also, don't you?"

      "At the moment... NOT"

      We walked about fifty meters before the next big wave of desperation hit me. "Stop, please!" I yelled, pressing my left hand between my legs and bending forward. My body trembled in pain and it took all my willpower to hold back the flood.

      "Are you alright?" Tobi asked "Can you walk on"

      "Wait a minute, please. I nearly pissed my pants. How far is it to your flat?"

      "About five minutes. Are you gonna make it?"

      " I hope so, but we have to hurry. I'm not kidding."

      We walked on, but I had to keeping stopping to hold myself for a few seconds. I thought I was doing okay, but then, without any warning, my bladder gave way. "Stop! Stop!" I screamed, grabbing at my croth. I bent my knees and walked on the spot like a duck. I managed to hold back most of the pee, but a little spurt had escaped. I tried to start walking again, but my bladder was too full. It hurt in a way that I never felt before.

      "I have to pee now. I'm never going to make it to your house."

      "But there are people," Tobi pointed out.

      "I don't care anybody see me! I HAVE to go."

      "But we are almost there," he told me. "Look, there's the entrance. Please hold it back one more minute. Please. I like it!"

      His door was only twenty meters away, but it looked a long way in my present condition. I opend the waistband of my jeans to take some of the pressure off my bloated abdomen. With tears in my eyes, I walked on, half bent over because it was impossible for me to walk upright anymore, especially not with one hand in my croth.

      We went into the elevater and I fought to hold on to my pee. I vigirously massaged my crotch with one hand while using the other to pull the waistband of my jeans away from my bladder.

      "Please press the button for our floor!" he said.

      "What the fuck is this?" I raged at him. "How should I know which floor you live on?"

      "That's part of our private holding game!" he told me.

      " Please not," I said "I'm leaking. Please just get me to your toilet. I can't stand this any longer. It isn't a game now. I'm afraid I'll damage my bladder if I hold it in much longer"

      With one hand from the front and one from the back I pulld my hands up in my crotch to hang on a few seconds longer. Tobi pushed the button and ,thank God, his apartment was only on the third floor.

      I got out and with absolutly stiff legs and both hands pulling up my jeans as I hobbled to his door. He opened and I almost stumbled in.

      "Where is your toilet?" I demanded. "Please help me take my jeans off! Ogh God!"

      I held on to my panties withboth hands so that he could easily strip off my jeans. When I had to raise my foot to step out of them, however, I felt my control weaken. "Where is your toilet" I screamed, dancing on the spot with stiff legs, both hands betwen my legs, half bent over. "I am leaking. Don't you see this?"

      He looked at me and must have seen that my hands were already soaked with pee. I was absolutly at the end of my ability to wait. I couldn't stop the drops come out, and I felt the gallons inside pressing hard to follow them, the pressure mounting every second I went on standing there waiting for him to answer me.

      "Over there," he said. Moving in the direction he indicated, I tried to hobble along the corridor. Before I had gone very far, a big spurt of pee escaped from me and I had to stop in order to avoid ruining his carpet.

      That was when he grabbed my hands. "Don't! Please don't!!" I protested, but he ignored my plea. Instead, he pulled my hands up and pressed me against the wall. He started kissing me, and even though I twisted my legs into a tight knot, the pee started to gush out.

      " Please stop" I mumbeld again, but than I relaxed and emptied my swollen bladder with great pleasure. When I had finished, Tobi carried me on his bed and we had great fun.

      I awoke in the morning with a headache and a full bladder, only to discover that Tobi had set me up for some more desperation. I will tell you all about this in my next story: Got Set Up.

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