Holding Out for the Best Deal
(Female Desperation)

Written by Paul Tester

Author's Introduction:

'Contract for a Piss' by Charles is a re-write of 'Holding Out for the Best Deal' which was an entry to one of Thomas's competitions back in 2000. My story was set in the Middle East and they had to wear jeans, but most of the details are the same. My lady who won a penthouse apartment in London for her pains, but she already had a Ferrari so the stake were higher, so she had to try harder and suffer longer. This, then, is a story of two very determined ladies holding their pee to the very limit, probably setting a new world record for bladder capacity.

      Katrina was only 13 that she first began to capitalise on her beauty. Boys were taking an interest in her developing body, and she was interested in boys by then. Soon she realised that there was more pleasure in the attentions of older boys than in the tentative fumbling of her contemporaries. Intelligent and ambitious as well beautiful, she quickly learned how to get the best from these encounters, and her skill at masturbating her lucky escort became legendary throughout her school and beyond. Capitalising on this, she made it clear that such pleasures were only bestowed on those who could provide comfortable surroundings, such at the back seat of a car, and were prepared to treat her generously. Once over 16, Katrina lost no time in adding intercourse and oral sex to her repertoire, at the same time raising her expectations of the attentions she deserved in return. Only the most affluent 6th form boys could compete with her older admirers who had more money to offer and a bedroom instead of a car for sexual activities.

      By the time Katrina was in the 6th form herself, she would only consider boyfriends who had their own flat, new cars, and plenty of money to spend on her. In return, she was the beautiful, desirable blonde girl-friend they had always dreamed of, and sexual delights she gave left them gasping for more. Katrina could see that it was her body that would provide her with the life-style she wanted, though her brains could be used to maximise her opportunities. She had stayed on into the 6th form because this provided her with more free time than getting a job would have, and she took the chance to go on to University for the same reason.

      Having no interest in pursuing an impoverished student life, she chose a course and college where she would have the greatest chance of meeting rich overseas students, devoting most of her energies in this direction and only doing the minimum of course work. So successful was she at this, that when she had to drop most of her social life for a month in a desperate effort to pass her first year exams, her distraught Indian boyfriend gave her a Porsche in an attempt to regain her affections. Not a 911, but it was an advance on her GTi which had been a parting gift from her previous boy-friend. By the time she had scraped through her finals, the Indian and his Porsche had been replaced by a Malaysian and a new BMW convertible, together with the use of his holiday villa in Malaysia.

      Katrina used this time to consider her next move, concluding that the middle east was where her talents would be most appreciated. Ruthlessly using her Malaysian's business contacts, as a starting point, it took more than a year of hard work, in and out of bed, to get where she wanted. When she celebrated her 23rd birthday, she had finally achieved the life she had been aiming at for the last ten years. She was employed as 'personal assistant' to a minor Arab Prince, living in a penthouse apartment in a liberal Arab state, overlooking the sea, driving a new Ferrari, or she could use the chauffeur-driven Mercedes, had credit cards, dress allowances and 'salary' totalling more than $500,000 a year. In return, Katrina, as always, did her very best to provide value for money, never hesitating to pander to each and every whim of her 'employer', or his business associates. Her natural blonde hair had been died chestnut, as blonde girls were 2-a-penny in the Gulf, and Al Sayed, her 'employer', wanted someone who looked different.

      Katrina had always been a realist, and she knew that she could only keep her job by not giving her boy-friend 'employer' the slightest reason for being unhappy with her. When he demanded that she help him settle a business deal, she unhesitatingly offered to do anything she could, often having to accommodate one or more of his clients. So when Al Sayed arrived in her apartment one afternoon, in a furious temper and cursing 'That Persian son of a whore's dog,' she did not hesitate to offer her assistance, not realising what was in store for her.

      Al Sayed had been negotiating for weeks with an Iranian, Zaki, but they were unable to agree on the final details of their contract. So Zaki had proposed a unique way of settling the deal. His mistress, Angelique, a blonde French girl, and Katrina would compete to see who could hold their piss for longest, the winner choosing which version of the contract they would use. Zaki was confident that Angelique would win, and would have the additional pleasure of seeing these two beautiful girls desperate to piss. Al Sayed had no interest in this sort of thing, other than in winning the negotiation, and expected Katrina to comply with his wishes, holding out for as long as necessary.

      Katrina had been relaxing by her private swimming pool, wearing a long black skirt, but Al Sayed told her to change into tight fitting faded denim jeans as Zaki had stipulated. With some mis-giving about what she was in for, Katrina also changed into a tiny pair of white cotton knickers, and took the precaution of emptying her bladder before they left, wishing she had not drunk two glasses of wine just before Al Sayed arrived.

      The competition was to be held by the pool at Zaki's mansion, and he and Angelique were waiting as they arrived, Angelique dressed identically to Katrina. Zaki took charge of the proceedings, first instructing the girls to exchange jeans and underwear to prevent any cheating. Katrina and Angelique were almost exactly the same size, so their jeans fit the other perfectly, though Katrina was less happy about the minuscule black silk thong that Angelique gave her to wear. When it came to the limit, she thought, the knickers she had given Angelique might absorb a tea-spoon of pee, but this thong wouldn't soak up anything. Both girls then had to pee, watched by the men, to prove that they had not somehow sealed themselves shut internally, and then the competition could begin. The girls had to drink alternate glasses of beer and water every 15 minutes, until one of them succumbed to the need to pee, after which the other had to hold out another 5 minutes to be the winner. They would both have to sit, stand or move according to Zaki's instructions. These detailed preparations made Katrina realise that this was going to be a serious contest and not just a bit of messing about to give the men some amusement.

      An hour later Katrina was wanting to pee quite badly. Her bladder was beginning to ache it was so full, and she was longing to be able to pee and be comfortable again. In normal circumstances she would have been actively looking for a chance to pee. Katrina had never indulged in water sports or holding games, but she considered herself to have good bladder control. Early in her career she had found that once a man is aroused he does not want to be interrupted by his girl having to pee, so she had trained herself to hold on until it was convenient for her to go. There had been times when she had had to hold on until she had been really desperate, but never had she felt in danger of losing control. That was not something that adults did, they always managed to wait until she could get to a loo.

      As she started to drink her fourth beer, Katrina was wanting to go much more badly. Her bladder was really aching, and was so full that she could feel it pressing against her jeans as her abdomen swelled. Now she really did want to pee, and she was conscious of the tension needed to control her bladder. Once or twice in her life she had wanted to pee more than this, but not much more badly. Without realising it, she had been standing or sitting with her legs pressed together or crossed, and she looked to see if Angelique was showing similar signs of desperation. As if she had been reading her thoughts, Angelique was sitting with her legs quite wide apart, blatantly showing her jeans pulled tight across her crutch and implying that she had no desire at all to pee.

      For the first time, Katrina worried that she might not be able to win this contest. The business deal was worth hundreds of millions, and if his version of the contract was not adopted then Al Sayed would lose a lot of face as well as millions of dollars. Katrina had no illusions as to her fate if she was responsible for this happening. Her life of luxury would be gone in a flash, and she would be lucky to get a lift to the airport. She simply had to make herself hold out; after all, Angelique was only human and no bigger than she was, so her capacity could not be any greater.

      They had been sitting for about ten minutes, and Katrina was finding this an increasingly painful position. No matter how she sat, legs crossed or just pressed together, she could not find a position where her jeans were not pressing painfully on her swollen bladder and making her want to pee uncomfortably badly. The best position for her bladder was leaning back with her legs straight out in front, but this was most unnatural and difficult to assume on a straight backed chair. Angelique did not seem to be having this problem, sitting demurely with her legs together, looking as if she did not have a care in the world. Katrina was most relieved when the maid brought the next drink and Zaki ordered them to stand up.

      Angelique was in fact wanting to go just as badly as Katrina, but she had been making the greater effort to conceal her need, trying to gain the psychological advantage. Her bladder was throbbing painfully, and, to make it worse, now she wanted to pee really urgently. She would have liked to cross her legs to ease this need, but that pulled her jeans against her swollen abdomen, which was becoming so painful she could not bear to have anything pressing on it. She pressed her thighs and knees together, but nothing she did made much difference to the urgent need to pee. She managed to remain composed for about five minutes, but all the time she was wanting to pee more badly, and she was involuntary shifting her weight from leg to leg and gripping the pockets of her jeans as she struggled to wait. During her time with Zaki, there had been occasions, which she suspected he had deliberately engineered, when she had wanted to pee desperately badly, so she was practised at both holding her pee and disguising her need.

      Katrina, who had been standing with her legs tightly crossed, aware of the rising pressure within her bladder which was taking more and more effort to control, didn't notice these signs at first, but as the time to finish their drink approached, she saw that Angelique was losing her composure. Heartened by this, she boldly finished her drink in one, then looking pointedly at Angelique and challenging her to do the same.

      After a moments hesitation she did, but as her body reacted to the cold liquid, she squirmed and twisted her legs together, then, as the sudden spasm from her bladder became unbearable, Angelique pressed her hand between her legs, the expression on her face revealing just how desperate she was. She was terrified, as she had been right on the brink of letting go a spurt of pee, and she had as much to lose in this contest as Katrina did. She cursed herself for her stupid heroics in trying not to show her need, when the only thing that mattered was holding back her pee until the other girl burst and wet her jeans. As she pressed her fingers hard between her legs, Angelique resolved that no matter hold badly she wanted to go, she would never allow a drop to leak out.

      Katrina was delighted to see this first sign of weakness, and even when Angelique had regained control and was able to stand with her legs twisted together, she felt she had gained the upper hand in the contest. When they were given another beer to drink, she hoped that this would be too much for Angelique and the contest would be over. She wanted to pee desperately now, and did not want to have to hold on a second longer than she had to. To add to her misery, Zaki now ordered them to walk round the patio, and when she could not keep her legs crossed, Katrina was fighting to control the pressure that had built up in her bladder. After half a dozen shuddering steps, she decided that there was not point in trying to be clever, and pressed her right hand between her legs, relishing how much this simple action eased the pressure on her bladder muscles.

      As soon as she saw what Katrina had done, Angelique did the same, both girls now silently admitting that they were very desperate. Zaki was delighted with the way the contest was going, as it was proving more erotic than he had expected, and the video he was secretly making of the girls' antics would allow him to relive this pleasure. Al Sayed, by contrast, was bored, gaining no pleasure from the spectacle, and concerned only with winning; so long as Katrina held her pee longer than Zaki's woman, he did not care how much she suffered.

      As their contest entered the final stages, Katrina belatedly realised that Angelique had as much to lose as she did, and that both of them would fight to the bitter end to hold their pee. Her bladder was agony now, the bulge in the front of her jeans showing her how much it had swollen, though it felt as if it was sticking out at least 6 inches. As they walked about the room, Angelique, whose abdomen was even more swollen that Katrina's, began rubbing it with her left hand, while keeping the other pressed hard against her crutch. She was frantic to pee, and beginning to wonder how much longer she would be able to hold it back, but knowing that somehow she had to last out until Katrina broke down.

      As they were given yet another drink, the pain in Katrina's abdomen became so intense that she had to double over in agony. For it to hurt so much, she thought, she had to be doing something terrible to her body, but, she resolved, as long as she could hold back her pee she would. So long as she won, she would have all the medical care she needed to put her right afterwards, but if she lost, well... would the National Health treat a burst bladder? For the next ten minutes both girls were more desperate than they had ever been in their lives before, fighting with all their strength to hold back the terrible pressure in their bladders, and to resist the agony of their swollen abdomens. Even Zaki's practised eye could not distinguish who was the most desperate, as each looked to be on the brink of breaking down and wetting themselves. Both girls were leaning against the wall, legs twisted together and both hands pressed between their legs, working their fingers round in small circles, trying to find the spot to press on that would give them the greatest relief. Both were still grimly resolved to fight to the bitter end, though they were now too concerned with their own frantic need to take much notice of their rival. Twice Angelique thought that her bladder was giving way, but by pressing her fingers harder against her pee-hole, and concentrating every ounce of her strength on keeping her bladder outlet shut, she managed to hold it, though the pain in her bladder was becoming so intense that tears were running down her cheeks. As Zaki insisted that she finish her drink, and she needed one hand to lift the glass, so another spasm racked her bladder and this time she was afraid she could not find the strength to control it. She was about to lose the contest!

      Frantic, she dropped the glass and pressed both hands between her legs. Her legs were in a knot, she was doubling over and pressing both hands into her crutch, trying with all her might not to let a drop of pee leak out. The throbbing agony of her bladder was worse than ever, but nothing, she resolved, nothing was ever going to be allowed to escape from it until Katrina gave in. Angelique held on like this for maybe ten minutes, though it felt like a year to her, then the pressure and pain became too much to bear and little dribbles of pee began to leak past her fingers. She tried to press her fingers even harder against her pee hole in one last frantic attempt to stop the leaks, but in vain! At first her knickers absorbed the pee, but then a wet patch appeared on her jeans, and she could not keep this covered by her hands. Suddenly taking an interest in the contest, Al Sayed jumped forward to get a closer look, then delightedly pointing out the stain to Zaki. Angelique was sobbing in despair as she gave up the struggle and let a great spurt of pee go, soaking her jeans almost to her knees, and then, still holding herself, collapsed against the wall, trying to stop herself peeing, but unable to prevent further leaks soaking her jeans. Defeated, she was unable to stagger to the bathroom, but remained leaning against the wall pee streaming past her fingers and down her legs.

      Katrina was jubilant, but Zaki reminded her that she still had to hold out a further five minutes to be the winner. She was fighting with every ounce of her strength to control her bladder, which felt on the point of exploding. The sight of Angelique peeing was only making her own need worse, but closing her eyes, she held her crutch with both hands and willed herself to last those extra five minutes. Her abdomen was rock hard and swollen so much that her jeans were stretched to their limit. She kept repeating to herself that it was always possible to wait a bit longer, and that she was going to be able to last. Then she tried to forget her agony by thinking what reward she could claim from Al Sayed for winning the contest for him. Her own apartment in London would not be too much to compensate for the agony she was suffering, she thought.

      Al Sayed was watching the clock like a hawk, and let out a shout of triumph as the last second ticked past. Making one last super-human effort of bladder control, which took every ounce of her strength, Katrina open her legs and removed her hands for about five seconds to demonstrate that she was still dry. Then, determined to keep some pride, didn't run, but walked slowly into the bathroom, only revealing how desperate she was by still holding herself with both hands.

      Only the haste with which she pulled down her jeans and knickers and the spurt of pee that escaped before she had lowered herself onto the toilet revealed how close to her limit she was. Relaxing completely, even she was amazed at the force of the jet of pee blasting from her distended bladder. Oh! the glorious relief as she let her pee pour out, the pressure gradually reducing as she emptied, though even when she could not squeeze any more out, her bladder was still as painful and her kidneys were also aching.

      Trying to ignore the pain and walk normally, she returned victorious to where a jubilant Al Sayed, and a grim faced Zaki were preparing to sign their contract, and a sobbing, white faced, Angelique, her jeans soaked, was doubled over, clutching her stomach. With important business to settle, neither man had any interest in the girls' welfare, so it was left to Katrina and a maid to help Angelique out to her car.

      Outside, Katrina tried to apologise to Angelique, feeling guilty about the pain she had caused her, but Angelique brushed this aside.

      "Don't be sorry, I would have done the same to you if I could. We both know that the only thing that mattered was winning."

      Katrina knew she was right, she would have done anything short of murder to win and keep her position as Al Sayed's favourite. She only hoped that he was not going to make a habit of resolving his business deals in this way.

Author's postscript:

      Written as an entry for Thomas's Monthly Competition, when we had to write a story using a picture given by Thomas as inspiration. Unfortunately the origin al picture has been lost with Thomas's web-site. The date on the file on my hard-drive was 16 June 2000 which would have been about the time that the story was written and submitted to the competition.

      Only a very tenuous connection with the subject matter, I'm afraid, but if you look carefully you will see that Katrina had dyed her hair brown, and was wearing a black skirt before she changed into her jeans. Perhaps there should also be some sort of 'Health Warning' with this story, like 'Girls, don't try this at home, or Holding your pee to this extent can seriously damage your bladder.'

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