Heather's Day in the Pillory

      Heather couldn't believe she was actually getting a ticket for this. How could the cop call it littering, she had only dropped a cigarette butt on the ground. Now she had to go to court on Friday to take care of the charges.


      Heather sat nervously on the wooden bench in the courthouse waiting for her case to be next. "State vs Heather Williams" the baliff called. Heather slowly walked to the defendant's table and faced the Judge.

      "You are charged with littering Miss Williams, how do you plead?" asked Judge Murphy.

      "Guilty Your Honor" was the meek reply that came from Heather's mouth.

      "Young lady, our community has spent a lot of time and money cleaning up our downtown and parks to make this a desirable place to spend time. Every piece of trash that is tossed on the ground is a slap in the face to all the volunteers and community members that have tried to keep things clean. I feel that I must impose a sentence that will not only change your behavior but also serve as an example to others in the community. Miss Williams, you are twenty years old, you should know better.

      "In order to make a true example of you the sentence must be severe, it must also take place where the entire community can see is taking place. Our county has recently placed use of the pillory back on the books. Heather Williams, I sentence you to be placed in the pillory from 9:00am until 10:00pm on Saturday. During your punishment you will be a prisoner of the sheriff's department. Report to the sheriff's office by 8:00am to be booked in prior to the punishment."


      At the jail on Saturday morning Heather became very nervous as she was fingerprinted and had her mug shot taken, she was only slightly relieved when she was told she wouldn't be strip searched since she would never see the inside of a jail cell, but she needed to change into a jail uniform.

      Heather was taken to a small locker room and handed a uniform to change into, an orange t-shirt with "JAIL INMATE" written on both the front and back, and a pair of blue jeans. As she put the shirt and pants on she realized that the uniform she had been given was just a little too snug for her 5'7" 125 pound frame. Heather complained to the guard but was told it was all they had and she would have to wear it anyway. It took some doing but she finally got her jeans buttoned and zipped.

      A guard came in and finally told her what to expect, Heather listened intently as he explained the day to her. She would be taken to the pillory at the south end of the park. She would stay bent over in the pillory all day with no breaks. The guard told her she would get a glass of water every hour so she wouldn't get dehydrated and she would get a peanut butter sandwich at noon for lunch. The guard told her that the public would be able to come up to her and tease and taunt her in any way they chose.

      With that she was told to stand up, it was time for her punishment to start. As she was led to the door Heather realized that she had to use the bathroom.

      "Sir, may I use the restroom?"

      "No, it's too late for that. You will have to hold it."

      "How long will it be before I can go?"

      "Well," replied the guard, "It's nine now and you get done at ten tonight. I hope you can wait for the next thirteen hours."

      It was only now that Heather realized the term "no breaks" meant NO breaks all day for anything, not even the bathroom.


      Heather was stunned as she saw the size of the crowd surrounding the pillory, there had to be at least 500 people gathered to watch her humiliation. Tears started to fall from her face as she realized that her punishment was just an entertaining spectacle for these people.

      She was ordered to face the crowd. "Twenty year old Heather Williams stands before you today to be punished for the crime of littering. She will be placed in the pillory until ten this evening" spoke the deputy in a loud voice for all to hear. "By punishing Ms Williams in public it is the hope of the court that the entire community will learn from her mistake and be deterred from crime."

      Heather began to remember about her discomfort. Heather couldn't stand the thought of 500 people watching her butt and legs becoming soaked with her own urine. She knew that if she didn't focus on her need to use the rest room she would wet herself.

      "Ms Williams will now be locked in the pillory, she will stay locked up with no breaks for any reason. You may see her there until ten pm." With her head and hands secured firmly in the holes of the pillory the lock was clicked shut. It was the worst sound Heather had ever heard.

      After a little while the deputy brought over a glass of water and held it in front of Heather. Just looking at the water made her squirm and fidget as she thought about how full her bladder already was. "Please don't make me drink it" whined Heather, "I have to pee so bad right now, I can't hold any more water in my body." It was no use, she was ordered to put the straw in her mouth and drink the whole glass.

      As the morning crept on Heather became more and more uncomfortable. As bad as it was to be bent over and not able to stand up or stretch her biggest concern continued to be bladder control. Her problem became apparent to the many people in the crowd. Heather could hear them talking about her squirming and how long they thought it would take before she wet herself. There were even people placing bets on how long it would take before her pants became soaked. Before she knew it there was another glass of water being stuck in her face. No amount of begging could get her out of having to drink it.

      Heather could feel the first squirt of urine escaping her, she slammed her thighs together and stopped the flow before it got out of hand. "Look at her crotch" yelled a lady in the crowd. "She's pissing her pants!"

      Heather's mind raced as she heard this, she must not have cut off the flow soon enough. Heather couldn't feel the wetness anywhere other than the crotch of her panties so she figured the accident couldn't be too big. "At least it isn't running down my legs yet" she thought.

      A little while after her small accident the deputy walked up with a sandwich, he held it to her mouth while she ate it. He then gave her yet another glass of water. She hated having to drink another glass but Heather was relieved to know that it was finally noon, she had made it three hours with out totally disgracing herself.

      As the day wore on the crowd got smaller, by now there were probably only about 150 people standing around watching her. The problem was the smaller crowd had a much larger interest in all the little things she did that added to her humiliation. There was always someone to tease her or say something mean about how her butt looked in those tight jeans. She also kept hearing about what she would look like when she lost complete control.

      As the pressure in her crotch became worse she squirmed more and more, this only encouraged the crowd to tease her more. Heather finally realized that the humiliation would probably be less if she just let loose and soaked herself.

      She tried to relax her bladder and just let loose but she just couldn't do it. All her life she had been told things like "big girls don't wet their pants" and "you can hold it just a little longer, you don't want to embarrass yourself do you?" In fact the private high school she used to go to would punish any girl who wet her pants, Heather remembered watching her friend Martha get a paddling for an accident their senior year.

      "Drink up" the deputy teased as he brought her another glass of water. "Nine more hours to go, do you need to pee yet?" he teased.

      Heather's mind raced, should she let it all out or keep trying to hold it. She didn't want to keep hearing the crowd tease her about the squirming and how her butt wiggled in those tight jeans. Of course she didn't want to wet her pants in front of all those people and hear the inevitable taunts that would come with it. She was also concerned about how uncomfortable the jeans would feel when they were soaked with her own urine. Heather finally decided to keep holding on; the crowd may get to see her wiggling bottom, but they won't see her jeans get stained until the very end.

      Another hour, another glass of water; it was finally 2:00pm, only eight hours to go. Heather's bladder was aching so bad, she just wanted to pee and get it over with but she just couldn't stand the thought of wetting her pants in front of all these people. They would all see her crotch become soaked, and then the bottom of her butt would get wet, and as this was happening urine would be flowing down her thighs and then her lower legs. She had to pee so bad that she knew her pants wouldn't hold it all and she would make a huge puddle on ground as well. Heather just couldn't bring herself to let the crowd see that.

      As her mind was racing she squeezed her thighs together to help control the urge to pee. "Oh God no!!!" She felt the spasm in her crotch and she knew it was more than a little leak; she was wetting her pants. It felt so good to let the pressure out, and it was so warm as it ran down her thighs.

      The crowd went wild hooting, hollering and cheering as they watched Heather loose it. Several people took pictures and Heather didn't even care, she was just happy to not have that huge pain from holding it.

      It was only a few minutes later that the deputy brought her another glass of water, it was now 3:00pm. As she drank the glass she became aware that her jeans didn't feel very comfortable. The warmth of the urine had cooled off and her pants were now clinging to her legs. The urine soaked denim was making her thighs itch. It would be a long wait until 10:00pm.

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